Thursday, 26 April 2007

aiyo kawan....
i cant sign in again..
guai guai de..
nic ar...
add me again la...
pek cek lo me..
now using hw user..
ai.. host made tiramisu for me leh!tiramisu from vanice,italy!!wakak..
sososo yummy..
da best tiramisu in da world..pit pit...wan bo?/
ill get the recipe though..
how is every1 d??like lost contact laio o...miss ya....n..i wan keep evening coming...need wear baju kurung cai noneed wear tudung.!

Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Holy shit!!!! tat realli looked like 1 of those hong kees from my school lar....
seriously laa.. go cut laaa..... haiyo... long hair will encourage growth of more pimples 1 lor...

Monday, 23 April 2007

reply to wu's post..

yo.. wu a... 1st pic looks very gay la... gay... a bit like tian ying lor.. haha... da 2nd is the typical hean wu... haha..

dun say i din show u all my entao face....

haha... me here.... jus yesterday night i took to show u all... and also to delete off all the negative pictures u all hav of me after looking at jolyn's frendster.... wahhahahaa.....

Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Unlucky yet wonderful genting trip

hey.. finally went genting again after the last we went on december.. nthg change this time.. jus the visitors are half of wat we saw last time... 6 of us include joon, xiu, nian, chuan, j.hao n me went down.. chow chin was unnotified bcos of his lines saying' call me when u reach'. thus, we purposely din notify him n let him hear the sound of roller coaster when we reach..'s called unlucky cos we experienced the sui thing on the way to genting a.k.a tyre punctured.. haha. we discovered the thing st 1.39 n we have to wait for 3 hrs till the another bus reached us at 4.38. then we finally managed to reach genting at 10.. so damn late.. but then bcos of less visitors.. we managed to play all the roller coasters n outdoor games.. hurray.. at nite after watching stupid shows with ' pao hen tao'' a.k.a condom in mixed slang.. we go to the park again... with sparkling juice in hand.. hehe.. dis time the number decrease n the leaving mood couldn't we feel cos i think most of us taking f6.. then we sleep n the next day we had our snow house activity.. damn freezing inside n we still take the fake snow n put inside ppl's shirt.. some even took off the jacket n play inside................. hopefully the next time we can go again lar.......

tyre punctured at 1.39 am in sg.bakap

6 in dinoland!!

sorry hao

sorry la hao.. not we dun wan go out.. but i think we too bz le la.. plus u always say wan go meet family.. no time ler.... next time u back for 3 months time sure bring u go play eh ok???? bring u where also can.. n xt is planning a small gathering for u guys d.. must appreciate her la..

Monday, 16 April 2007


Wei..... im oni back here for <1minute, n I M HOMESICK ALD!!!!!! wei guys..... y??? y?!?!?!? Y!?!?!?!? y las day d dun wan come out de..T_____________________T c u all oni 1 time de.... T__________T

haiz... wuwu n jojo arr..... u all lucky no go back cuz once go back now come home sure 101% homesick straight away de!!!! ish dun feel like going to skul d...T________T

btw, since u all see me ald lor.... so i dun hav pics 2 post d lor^^

Thursday, 12 April 2007


elo.. where everyone go?? no hear from u ppl also.... and this jo lo... so near also din hear from u... where u go?? no sound no nothing also.... haih.... so sad.... how is everyone doing?? hope all is fine with u... and also to hao safe journey home yea.... haha.... i am having easter holidays here.. enjoying as i can... even to the point forgot do work eh.. hhaa.... actually no mood to write here... so bubye la all.... hope to c u all soon... seems like life moved on... like no one ever remembers anyone also.... haih.... or mayb is me isolated... haih haih haih.... lou po.. miss u....

Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Smallest Bday cake

introducing the smallest bday cake.. specially for chek kang.. haha