Wednesday, 31 October 2007

post post...

halo...just come back from school.. today i so hungry.. i lunch only ate 1.20 only... few mouth of plain rice with one prok spare rib... now eating sum food... haha... now dark d eh.... vy early like 5 now already all dark liao... cos autumn ma..... then leaves all fall down lo... autumn eh.. lonely period for lonely ppl like me... haha... but tis ok la... used to it d ma....

actually got nothing to say de la.. normal school day lo.. just post for the sake for posting... oh ya jus now i also emailed sumone dear to me... but dunno if i am dear to her or not... bit of impossible thingy la... but there's no harm in saying a hi, and then bye what rite...

want go pangsai d.. post shortly nex time la... bye bye...

Friday, 26 October 2007

Half Term lor~~~~~

half term for us lor...... well, the uk ppl laa hehehe.... so the moment i skul finis straight away come down london ald lor.... need to get out of da prison straight away... ahhahaha

yesterday met jolyn jor... waaaaa wan me say onot... now bloated up macam balloon bak pau again liaoz... wakakkaakak.... n her bro also waaa yeng yeng type. but too bad ah wu laaa always busy busy haiya kenot meet..T____T wu arr wu...... how come u even half term stil so busy de.... relax a bit ma...
oh ya btw, the pics i posted down there.... do anyone think the very las pic laaa the girl second from right one... got look a bit like shu yi? i tink so u noe.... sumore i got let my frenz in college see laa they say waaa!!!! how come tat girl look so like cheng yong(tat girl) one???
tell u all laa tat girl is from penang 1..... is banana laaa oni noe english dono chinese.. bt omg man... super ultra genius!!!! (bit like shu yi? XD") she tat day AS level exam she took further maths(6 papers) and physics(3 papers) and guess how much she got???? 100 for each paper!!! tats 900/900 for all 9 papers!!! wah diu....... siao teh 1.. the principal straight away gip her like half scholarship n make her prefect liaoz.... crazy man....

wei...... wen u all going on crazy trips again liaoz.....i wanna join.... make everyone jealous oni... btw y din xin tian go also?

post another pic again... ahahha

this guy right.... original his parents from alor star also wan... ultra rich 1... go ask ur parents n c.. his relatives own the rice mill pek choo geok wan the rice mill near simpang empat there... wakakak he still single leh... any girls want? he is like the nicest guy i hav ever met ler.. always belanja ppl makan 1... even wen ppl say dun wan he stil belanja... hahahaha...

stil in our memories.

Yo hao. Why such pessimistic la u? We stil rmb u n wil always b. Just nowadays we're v busy with our exams n i'm also busy dealin with my stuffs la. Evytime i update blog also thru phone only.

Hao, i stil miss da days that we hv our great time, going paddy field n some private talks. Seriously. Now there's no more in keat hwa. In order to survive in my class, perverting skills are required. Evy1 fightin for useless post, marks, benefits. Frens in kh r so fake (except xt, wan yen, eng, xiu dem nia). Then can smile in da face bt backstab u at da back. I even hv my speakin test's main point kena ppl use, leavin me speechless. How sad. Smore they can pretend to b good bt back in d dark, they'll try their best to pull u down. From simple misundestanding, they can complex it as if war wil happen. I guess takin form 6 gave me a big lesson.

So, dun ever think we'll forget u. We always cherish da moments. Jus that we r stimes busy.. Anyway. Year end hols comin. I guess tian n eng wil post more. Rmb, the blog is a refuge la. Post ur prob n jo them wil help. Kaka..

Thursday, 25 October 2007


Does anyone still remember the existance of a little nice person called Khor Huai Hao? Guess not. Sigh..............................................................................................
Pink Day in my school (support breast cancer 1...)

In case not.... i used to be a person who used to live in Taman Golf and attended SMJK Keat Hwa for 5 years.............................................................................................ok im forgotten.

Wednesday, 24 October 2007

yo wu

So called 'shoe king', wu a. Dun la. U bo collect shoes nia not lik u d. Haha. Quiksilver ok wat. Haha.
Eh forget bout da harshy rude word la. I forgot long time ago le lo. Haha. My maths sucks.. 40 something nia. Bt at least pass.
Anyway i had muet today. Totally sucks. I have my tongue tied up. Kaka. Then smore made a wrong conclusion. Sobs. So i think gotta retake d lol..

Sunday, 21 October 2007

come back d..

jus come back from the one day trip... guess what i bought QUICKSILVER shoes eh.. han you eh.... ahahaha.... anyway thts not the point.. i dun care a lot bout shoes also d nowadays....

my point is when i scold nic rude words??? no leh..ya mayb got la but i forgot d... anyone want help me refresh my memory??? and nic ah paise la.. scold u din apologize.. sorry ha if got..... haih.. like this la....ya la holiday lo... holiday and school day also same de la.... so i dun expect muc... u all also... al the best today i mean when get papers...


Saturday, 20 October 2007

ya la.. wat we pit u??

ya la.. wat we pit u??
u pit us go uk lo..
bt we so so so good bo blame u..
smore say kok..
life's lik dis d..
potato must eat more potatoes..
jus joking la..
bt i hear u go hol with jo d..
not bad la.. sek lam d.. take a break la..
walau he scold me rude words 1 u all also rmb a??
u got bad image d.. haha..
wu hear ah eng eh words la.
enjoy urself in a new atmosphere..
dun always stick to a/s..
n all the others all enjoying their life i think
bo eng post d.. kaka..
k la.
enjoy ya u guys in UK..
n all the best tmr for all in kh (test papers la!!)

aiyoyoyo...skol open le.

to THE CUTEST, MOST HANDSOME, MOST GENTLEMAN, and most lonely de kang Hean WU
wat mean v al pit u?????
wat tat.....
said ttil so lonely time u totally back as when v finish STPM le v 2gather go again la..dun like dis...
v man a ada betrayed u wor.....???
ur life is eat potato de ma..v here is et steamboat de ma...khatulistiwa country is liek dis le la...kakakaz...
dun feel sad din hear our voice there long...tentative in dis blog u hearing our voice frm here...then u ma always here our voice lo..
v al miss ur voice too ma..n scolded nic wif not nice momory in my mind here...
\xmas if reali cant back dun force urself back al interview important lo future lai de dun play play..but i noe ah kang ll noe thk de..
holiday le hor,...enjoy it ya...v skol reopen le got chance i ll up here n post more de la..others bredpits duno al fly where ad diam ki...silent.......
take care ya...
oh ya lastly wu if got cahnce play wif fren try oput play la dun thk much ...frens oli wat dun fell lazy go there mst ch lifestyle to make urself in new environment n enjoy it....jia you!!!

bye bye....

by cutest ah ENG

wu.. chill

take some chill pill wu... chill....
hehe... dun so emo la..
u evyday potato a??? too bad..

not full reunion la.. semi only..
not all la...
gals jus got 3 nia la..
so not considered full reunion..
da pit pit wy busy jamming ma..
wu, fly bek la.. forget bout the interview la..
now noe how to miss me d la.. haha
so do i leh..
my class ppl sucks lo.. left xin tian, wan yen, eng nia can go eh..
all beh ki d.. sigh.....

so enjoy ur mid term hols ya..
cos we now going to skul reopen d..
cant play more liao...
too bad....
bye for now..
all the best..

WAHHHHH SAI......U ALL........!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wa shit lo u all.. damn shit... really damn shit... i come here and visit the blog everyday.. nothing happpen.. yuan lai everyone cabut go play la.. dman shit.. and i dunno a single heck bout tht... U ALL PIT ME...!!!1 HOW CAN U ALL TREAT THE CUTEST, MOST HANDSOME, MOST GENTLEMAN, and MOST LONELY guy like tht???? hiah.... u noe u all go eat steamboat la what receipe la what shit la... i now hungry, fingers also shivering in the cold typing this msg ok... i now 6.45..waiting for dinner.... and shitty dinner lai.. dunno what potato again de la...and green peas lo.... actually i laszy post de.... but c u all go so syok... i feel BETRAYED...!! cos u all din invite me.... and u all PIT ME.... haih.... feel so sad....

haha... nice eh u all like tht reunion again... so happy for u while... wish i were there... haih... today the malaysian gang went out to celebrate someone's bday eh... i din go la... except me actually... haih... no mood and lazy also... feel like flying back this christmas... but then still cannot i need prepare for my interview... actually here i no buddies also... got this guy cal wei yuan... cos every time everyone busy la what shit la stay at home al... then end up me and him.... not bad la him... vy good also... but i miss spending time wif u all de ma... even simple things like cycling wif nic in taman golf... go paddy fields...

here vy quiet eh... and now i need to pay to cal back... i seldom cal d... i din talk to my wife for 2 weeks d eh... din talk to ah eng also vy long time d... din talk to many ppl also d... actually just now i got things wanna say de... but cos i c u all so syok.. i too kek d.. al explode out now cant find where to write ..... haih... eh u all thik la...i nvr been out on trip like this wif u all u notice?? except the f5 de la... haih....

erm...i vy happy eh c u all so happy... haih... no matter how said, my gang of frens only u all only la... count here count there c here c there... i also want go back to my nice quiet hometown for gathering... oh ya i rmb d... u noe i now got one week holiday... cal half term ma... then ppl got plans go here go there and what shit... go c musical esp.... the most popular de.. i receive quite a few invitations d... but i dun feel like going eh... go out like tht travel one whole day out... mayb do sum shopping or what.. then watch the musical.... to me vy no meaning eh... i gam buan even if got one hour time let me sit down wif u all and drink coffee talk talk sum silly things.... esp wif the "TENG" DE... haha.... ya i sure miss u all la this half term... bye for now...

i hope my dinner is ready... and i hope they give me sumthing news, of which i can feel full so tht i dun starve at night... bye!!!

Friday, 19 October 2007

report (nic's version)

kaka... pg diaries from guys' views..
oh the drink call ice blended red bean la..
eh who ji niao ha???
got ppl ji niao meh???
oh ya.. they change inside the car easy ma..
won wet the pants ma..
kee put sun block on his dick so that his dick won lut pui ma
bt he really kept the money inside his undies la..
oh ya.. dun say til we like "lu shi yi" la..
my face really funny meh???
no gua???haha
oh.. ah eng wear swimmin costumes leh!!!
wooooooo.. so brave!!! pink in colour 1...
i mean the suit.. not the XXXXXX
wu.. dun so notty n think other way round if u see this...
oh eng is momentum kurang so cant slide down la..

in pg, really got accident meh??
we all sleep till macam pig d..
too tired ma..
bout the steamboat thing..
no controversy btw the gals n boys.. so eng's opinion is dependable..
oh ya.. smtg to add.. after eating.. we wan go gurney drive..
bt we round the whole pg stil come bek to the same spot b4..
so its like we round the whole pg to go gurney drive.. hehe...
then the pang sai part... pls ask kean nian for further info.. haha..
he occupied the toilet at nite til u ying's mum cannot use..
too bad..
busy with his business!!!

oh ya. the next day 1.. only the 2 watch chuck n larry.. others watch the seekers..
nice movie also la..
that day eng bo syok lo..
cos joon n lc go find SHIEH ER.. haha..
kidding la..
bt dunno eng got jealous not...
n nite we bo see leng luis na..
we all loyal eh...
n eng, those stuffs we talk on the car dun tel da gals ya..!!1
n lc gai lo..
drop me n xiu at petronas nia.. dun wan fetch us home..
bt anyway he did a great job d la..

Thursday, 18 October 2007


16 oct 8.25am car come le..i went up da car...start journey..mana tau i 4got bring my lovely jacket...
aih....them la make me kin cheong till 4get nia..
our jorney start after fetching me coz tat tj suddenly sick wor.....
they said wan go Gurun eat breakfast wor...mana cai go eat tat red red scary bean...woooooo..i no eat red bean de la.....(next time mst noe le)
nvm lo al eat same de...but reali sorry i stil cant accpect da bean...i oli eat da milo on da top wan...i 4get they call dis drink wat name ad...
finsh breakfast...yoyoyo...totally start journey frm gurun...head for bukit red wan..not green wan...not bukit hijau..

on da way ntg much happen those guys stil same you suo you siao...hahaha..bu zhi bu jue we reach our destination...
oh ya b4 v reached...suddenly got 1 guy ji niao...v fast fast stop for him go toilet lo coz guy cant ren wan...hahaha..

finnaly reali reach le BUKIT MERAH LAKETOWN sum da guy ni even so happy til chg pant in da car...they al reali GAL SX ah...they almost thk ah eng mo tou 1 lo..
after in ah eng ma take out wat protection she brought lo...
wat block block wat oil oso put on her leg hand la...
tat ah kee summor make funny put sun block on his private point wan protect frm sun burn wor...after nic buy ticket v go in le..RM 21 each..okay le hor v ma walk go toilet lo...shun bian c c da locker..mana zai suddenly nic oepn a locker c blue blue paper..oh wastage oli la mana tau is lui lai eh lo( RM 3 lo...)
although tat money not us (lu bu shi yi is one mei de) but tat money put there oso no ppl ll find back de al of us deciede take to pay for lockers la..each one RM 1..kakakaz..
den v take paly after chg clothes..go walk around c which one suit for us..walk wlak they go play tat big ballon 1st...6 guys play til bu yi le hu..haapppy...i c oli coz i m duo yi de...hahah..den go play tat 180 turn de...i no play la kia lo..c them ho wshout n how kia...nic face reali funny ..but no camera tat time abo can share wif u al le..ah kee, yc ,jian hao n lc shout like gals..
den walk go play tat terowong without using float...omg my sia sui time lai liao...
tat game hor can wear t shirt when play any ppl tat wear mst take off guys tak ape la i m gal lo..the only gal kok tim i ma follow lo..but u al thk la eh eng not slim ma,den al percik out lo...paiseh lo. ah eng sumoor cant slip down in certain terowong...
den v go play big ballon again yc v good dis time don wan play let me play..v found i more ringgit in da pool...2day de locker totally free le..
after sum time below da big sun v back no eat lunch yet..tat time is 3.30pm le..
heading to pg island..

on da way left few gina awake including me n driver for sure..coz when v slow down watched accident no ppl noe osos.....mny cars pang pang pang on de hor traffic jam on da brigde lo..den after tat v go find youying n den wait khey junn finsh exam in tesco extra...den v go yummy yummy....wa pit jo ah..noe ur saliva out ad..u noe tat steamboat reali 9s summor can panggang..wa nice...
pic hor..can c dao rite???each 1 RM 19.90
eat til al da guys hot hot n full full ah..summor got ppl eat till half go "lepas sikit"(P.S) n back continue eat..after eat ni..v go gurney drive lo..walk walk til go up GSC wan watch movie but no one nice de...b4 v go GSC got 1 pic is v sit on da staircase1 tat is wat v do(NIc wrote ad)....
walkmdown big in car...heading back yy house..near USM one by one go bath n den sleep le.....quite mny mosquitoes although in 13 floor...i baru noe yuan lai mosquitoes got so mny strength fly so high de..
her grandpa n grandma v re qing lei..always 'sit la sit la'...her parent oso v good prepare bed n blanket for us le..

next morning wake up 9 oclock i wake lc n nic wake up take turn bath baru ask other 5 gina wake up..den pit xq ad reached queenbay wif "sick' tj...said wan eat breakfast 2gather noth then jing rang go secret recipe eat..gai..v go food court eat oli...yesterday de steamboat stil inside..damn full ko nei..after tat GSC movie..they go watch the n i go watch gay movie..18 SX 1 tat ppl even check my ic ...(hAHahah coz she thk ah eng under age) i not v mature or can say i seemed not so old la..kakakz...but da movie damn sien eh ah nic c da interesting part but in cinema ad cut ki liao..

after tat, both da secret gina bring us eat holiao..."Go FRIDAY whn wednesday"----> til duno how mny hundred 6 ppl oli ,other guy go eat wind..den walk in queensbay buy dis n tat..den sien le wan back le...go gurney you ying wan back as early so she no follow us le..big rain when v send her back home.. tat funny umbrella stil do dao jian hao wet al his pant...
they go played pool.. pit xq n i go buy earrings...we said v long ad zhong yu buy dao le...
after tat go ''kuan na kak" eat da guys busy finding leng luis...walk here n there not to buy food but to kap leng lui...905pm start journey back...
not mny cars lo..reach as at 1010pm.. sumthg like dis la my report( nic ll edit for me if go any i 4get)

bye for now....take care al brepits...

prepared by,

diaries of pg trip..

digi!!! always the smarter choice...

siapa belanja???


digi ambassador walking with digi balloon along gurney drive..

2 leng lui's

sweet couple havin sweet choc mud!! too sweet d.. ants evywhere..

in friday on wednesday.. havin a great day!!

see eng!!!

"which gal better???.. indian o malay???"

in bkt merah..




waiting nian finish his business.. in gurney plaza, 10.30 pm.
all faces turn red cos sun burn!!

Monday, 15 October 2007

recently in bali bali hai

Sunday, 14 October 2007

mobile blogging

guys.. if u guys not free to post on9..
can post thru phone by using emails..
the size is jus 1kb which is jus few seconds to send..
the email add to post is
post more ya guys!!

selamat hari raya

selamat hari raya to u 2, jo
n wu n hao
here macam tak de raya eh feel also 1
finish exam..
but not really relax la
quite stress smore actually..
jo a.. i tak marah u la..
i jus cal u update nia ma..
tat ah pit really bo eng gua..
why scold her til lik dat??
me is too sien only evyday on9 la
u tot i so suka on9??

mr.kang trying 2 act cute

mr.kang trying 2 act cute

Saturday, 13 October 2007

im back

ei kawan....
sekamat hari raya...
apa khabar semua...??
finish exam d...feel relax jor rite??
tadi kena nic marah d..
so mai sini update kejap..
aiyo..recently eh life damn boring la..
busy those ucas stuff..
sien lo...
tat ah pit ar...dun wan 2 call her d..always bo eang..abo nobody answer...+ no online..
kek si wa....nic better...always on9..
wakakaka jo..not nic

Friday, 5 October 2007


hao.. not we dun wan post..
exam lol..
wait next week we got gathering 1st la ..
now bo gathering la..
yesterday pa i cant finish da paper..
so do wan yen them lol..
bo tak chek kok la..
next week la..
many coming bek..
so can hv gathering n photos for u..
n hao a.. lynette not v nice nia la..
jolyn better than her..(make jo happy 1)..
wan continue study d..
next week i'll update a lot..!!

Wats Rong??

wats rong wif everyone??? waa... lik tat laa now.. oni wen i start to have internet can start post stuff everyone start hibernate pula... ish ish.... ok. fine.. heres more pics from my college.

This is my roommate, Tony. He can burn in hell.

This is Head Girl 2007/2008 Eva Lau.

This is Lau Yu Zhen, da girl follow me at KLIA one.

This is Head Boy 2006/2007 Benson Chong.

And this is Lynette.

Far far look ok ok laa... but look for more than 5 minutes or nearer not realli nice....

Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Happy Birthday Nick!!!

Happy birthday!!! heres some pics to keep u happy... btw, i posted sum pics ald but cuz of time difference, the post is waaaaaaay dooooooown there..... jz came back from edinburgh trip tat day so posted sum pics.. heres more....

Edinburgh city..... ultra beautiful man....

Friends tat went together to Edinburgh. Tat leng lui on the most left one is our head girl. hehe. (She's 19. AND RECENTLY JZ BROKE UP!!!! hehe)

best seafood lunch ever eaten in my life.... those pots actually contain ONE KILOGRAM of MUSSELS each!!! super duper ultra nice.... wah diu everyone ate nearly 1 pot each!!!

Posers..... hehe....

the LV shop in edinburgh is in the freaking BUS STATION!!!! its like having a gucci/prada shop in our Shahab Perdana... =.="