Friday, 26 October 2007

stil in our memories.

Yo hao. Why such pessimistic la u? We stil rmb u n wil always b. Just nowadays we're v busy with our exams n i'm also busy dealin with my stuffs la. Evytime i update blog also thru phone only.

Hao, i stil miss da days that we hv our great time, going paddy field n some private talks. Seriously. Now there's no more in keat hwa. In order to survive in my class, perverting skills are required. Evy1 fightin for useless post, marks, benefits. Frens in kh r so fake (except xt, wan yen, eng, xiu dem nia). Then can smile in da face bt backstab u at da back. I even hv my speakin test's main point kena ppl use, leavin me speechless. How sad. Smore they can pretend to b good bt back in d dark, they'll try their best to pull u down. From simple misundestanding, they can complex it as if war wil happen. I guess takin form 6 gave me a big lesson.

So, dun ever think we'll forget u. We always cherish da moments. Jus that we r stimes busy.. Anyway. Year end hols comin. I guess tian n eng wil post more. Rmb, the blog is a refuge la. Post ur prob n jo them wil help. Kaka..