Monday, 14 September 2009

Air Asia?MAS?

As you all know
Everyone is flying here n there


chiuuu~~~AS-KL small case,nobody will tell you reach safe or not
but KL-INDIA,KL-LONDON,KL-IRELAND is big case lo..
everyone will tell I REACHED SAFELY after they reach.

now i going to announce
the one who fly
ShuYi safely reach Cork at 12th Sept
hope that she will get 1 nice hostel(stupid management make till she still have to worry bout this n that the day before she depart)

Nic also safely reach Manipal at 14th Sept morning

na...i nonit to say anything le..all he say...

All the best to those who already fly and for those who are waiting to fly
I will miss you all^^
Any gathering photo at Malaysia I will tag you all in facebook!!=P

Thursday, 3 September 2009


Sorry to all friends who are going to fly..
i did try my best plan to go back..
but really crash with my activities..
which are compulsory..
fell so sad..

so to all my dear friends..
i will miss you all so so so much....
i also will miss the day we crazy together..
all the best to you all..

P/S: omg, write till my tear want out jor..

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

For YOU!

for You!

you i mean you you you..
you know which 'You' i meant?


yea you are The Shining One!
the one who passed together with me when i am growing up

the oen who helped me when i faced difficulties
the one who laughed together when we are crazy
the one who done well in Your own path
the one who remember me as one of ur frens
the one who ever made my Days

since You all are leaving specially dedicate this for all of you.
take care whenever and wherever you go.
and do do remember there are friends iN Msia together cheers for you when you are sad,lonley, and support you whenever you needed.
Sure we all will share the happiness of yours Success one day.

ntg much can say CHEERS for better future together

(p.s sorry cant make to send you all then)