Friday, 9 May 2008

the so-called...

sun bathing..

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Spring (continued)

Derno y blogspot dun let me post more than 6 pics? =(

2 very nice trees just at the entrance of my school.

Awww... the sheeps just outside school r all so cute...


Another very nice pink flower tree just outside my dining hall.

R they sakuras?

Spring Has Arrived!!! =)

On the other hand, spring as arrived in concord at last.. ^^ so happy, or not jz a few weeks back still non stop snow n hailing... dam cold man.... enjoy..^^

The house I live in now

The student kitchen

A kind of flower called RAPE. Seriously.


Dam lots of nice colourful tulips around my school... tats the main hall of my school in the backdrop.

Photo shoot day... AGAIN

Another post about the photo shoot day AGAIN in my skul today... getting abit dam sien ald laa cuz like its always the same few ppl with tat actually noe well n always take photo together ald.... see until loya abit. haha... anyways, heres some pics...

Head Girl from Sabah

My whole class + teachers (note: the woman in the front is Cambridge Natural Science teach me Bio one, while the taller guy behind her is Oxford + Cambridge PhD in Chemistry. The other guy with white hair is my maths teacher, dam funny but good teacher... hohoho)

Apparently the most handsome 2 guys in the new intake.. u guys be judge. Both from KL, both r relatives, both r roommates in college, both take same subjects, both same class, both applying same course, maybe even same unis... hmmm....... make me wonder.... hohoho but both r dam geng sportsman.... 100% won be gay laa hehe dun worry gals... see them play basketball all girls sure melt one.

Prettiest girl of the new 6.1 intake, from KL also... =) but derno y so quiet one in skul. Not bad come our skul 3 months oni ald like 3/4 guys ald advanced on her ald....

Bunch of posers......

Saturday, 3 May 2008

international evening!

tam ciak wu!!curi makan..