Monday, 17 November 2008

MMU beta law student top posers

guys,go and vote for me, I am in,haha..thanks alot!

I miss you guys!

good luck tomorrow for those who taking STPM.

Click on the title to the blog.It's organised by my classmate.

Saturday, 15 November 2008

Finaly i stop craving for malaysian food after having this dinner at this restaurant called Awana with yevonn n her dad..and the most prestigious 1...Kelantan Tunku Titi!Oh my gosh...i nv think of having dinner with any royalty but i ned to admit that he is really nice...*doesnt look like royalty*
The food there is really really so tasty!!guys...u ned to try it seriosly!!It does cost a lot but u noe wat...we manage to get 50% OFF because we sumhow get to know the ownwer of the restaurant during one of the Hari Raya Open Day Event in london last months.It suppose to cost us around 200 pounds...
Well...Wat i can say...i nv imagine that I could step in that restaurant... but it really did happened...tats life...all the impossibilities will turn to possiblities.haha..Tats one of the gud point of meeting these "huge " people during events...i meet with JimmyChoo n have meals with his family as well...if anybody noe of him??
ANyway...its juz so happening nowadays..
Hope it will continue to be in that way...
Life is getting better right guys!
Anyway...i suppose to join the hongkies(20+ of them) for karaeok after the dinner..which is at 11pm.. n ye vonn just too tired for any activity and the main point is...we forgot to bring our dun get to go in..aiks..nvm..i tot i could enjoy for the first night in london since i came back...
but i miss out the chance again..
its okay..wat can i say...there is opportunity cost in everything...maybe im juz fated to miss it n also fated to start blogging right now!!
aight late now..gtg..ned to attect for this CTC ceremony tomorrow...hope it will be great..meeting up all the pals...*wink*


Tuesday, 11 November 2008

spaghetti day

hooray.. finally jolyn created her own blog.. bt we also had our whale of time.. today is our spaghetti day!!! me, eng n wan yen cooked spaghetti for lunch in tian's hse.. although the onion a bit burnt.. bt stil taste nice.. haha..b4 this we go buy stuffs in as mall. lots of craps that we joked and ah eng is a joker today.. then ah eng's mum sent some food and we had some crabs.. n stupid story of KING card.. haha.. the card where v heard jian hao kiss yee ping.. siok lo her..
then somebody called... a so called stranger wanted to study in tian's hse.. bt we rejected him.. haha.. n he's a fan of some1.. haha... so that's our today.. frankly we din study much.. bt hopefully we will tmr.. =). by the way tmr at xin tian's hse again n we r going to eat at hai tao ki for dinner!!! enjoying !!! bredpits are really good!!

Thursday, 6 November 2008

last days in keat hwa

bredpits in guru kanan office... haha.. deng leh. v took without bother about the teachers

photos with teachers... no more in skul again after this...

see wat the 2 are doing.. editting teacher's photo

graduation day.. this yr sing u raise me up