Friday, 26 January 2007


1stly,bcoz of sum technical problem,i cant manage to leave my msg b4 i leave on 22nd jan..sorry..

Qing,my life there not bad..wish u the same..Jia you!
Jolyn,u get the bear rite? hope u like it! If cold stil got socks..ha..
Wu,feel like din chat with u so long..i mail u la=)..
HHao,the snow in Star Hill stil rmb? u there sure more nice..take care ya..
XT,bday card i received..thx a lot..frankly speaking,no feeling at all la..sorry ya..
YY,i'm who i'm,ur stuff shi bai pity..

n mayb there's sumth wrong within bredpits gang n me,not interested anymor la..

finally,tj, no ned avoid..i'll b far away from u..anyway,take care..


Wednesday, 24 January 2007

Snow??? So Wat??!!

hey, those guys out there.. dont think we never watch snow b4 la.. korea also got d.. england wan also not nice till where ki la.. ma si white white nia.. then u guys got piss on the spot to turn it into ice?? haha.. hao, u sendiri write 6 subjects 1 na.. not my mistake!!! n jo.. wat la u. go throw snowball at ur teacher?? wat's his or her reaction??

n guys there.. we alor star are working in 3 days time.. carry cola.. haha.. n new year we guys will get ang pau n also.. we guys might be planning to go bali.. 428 bucks only man!!


hey!!its nice...tis is da only day tat snow alot...according 2 da weather forecast..
its beautiful...i manage 2 built a snowman with my fd...upload da photo next time then..wakaka...
i hav a lotsa fun although its freezing...hehe..anyway..i hope u guys r here when we r playing with da sure it will we more fun with u guys!!miss u!!!....n....i accidentaly hit da teacher with a snow ball..opps...hehe....tat me...mong dong....

Walao eh~~~

walao eh..... tats all i can oni say ha nic arr.. its not 6 subjects laa...ish...make ah wu so kin cheong sms me at nite..=.= okokok i tell u all laaa (drum roll......................)

5 SUBJECTS!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahah.............. i took bio chem physics maths n AS english...haiz... wanna peng kui liaoz..><... wei ah wu ah lyn arr.... tell me bout u all de college life laa.... macam im the oni 1 telling oni 1.... =.=

wei guys,,,, IM THE 1ST ONE HERE TO EXPERIENCE SNOW!!!! MUAHAHAHHAHA !!!!! walao.... so nice leh the snow..... its realli like the ones u c fake 1 laa.. like very soft cotton or like bubbles falling down 1.... wah.... den u open ur mouth can actually eat it cuz its sooooooooo pure white u noe?? so nice n white like realli bleached white... den wen u look up into the sky falling snow 1.... omg...... realli indescribable..... realli realli nice........ but 1 ting is its REALLI cold laa of course... even wen i was in my room wif all the heater thermostat radiator all on, still felt tat my feet were all frozen up.....

hei how many ppl still left in as? those ppl working? nic joon realli go be coolie go carry cola boxes arr? walao eh..sad sad...ehheheehh

Tuesday, 23 January 2007

miss u guys !!!

hello guys..ah tian here la..
how r u guys getting on recent?
im taking english courses at british teacher is from uk..
she let us hear 2 d british speak at international speed..
walau..almost al of us in clas cant catch up..
n we always muz speak speak speak in clas..
tomoro im going 2 face IELTS modal test..oh nervous..
ah wu, jolyn, ah hao....face any pro same as me o not in uk?
but i thk u guy wil b fine la..
got fat ki bo? i stay in pg slep god eat god fat fat lo..
i noe its cold there..u guys muz take care ha..
sy, ur birth card i got do eh..but gv kjing eat le..haha..
i wil cal him vomit out..dun wory..
err..i just pass my taekwando head nia la..
kang ah wu..y no contact me? lik one god fren disapear ki liao la..ish..
k la..ned prepare bit 4 exam breds n pits take care ya..
hope 2 c u guys son..mis n love u al..muuuaacks!!!
p/s : jolyn..tat time u say when go oversea wan buy ....... 4 me eh lo..hehe..
nola..kiding..hope u find suit 1..there eh size bigger..kaka..

peng you!!!

er bread n pigs...
my hp num is 07903003291 la....dun call da wrong num o....tat nic lo...people already far apart from u still wan 2 cat people..wan die ho...when i go back ten u will kena..
2 my lovely pits...
how r u guys there??eang ah eang...u miss me bo???i miss u so much lo....n when i saw da keep on reminding me bout r u leh??start ur schol d??
ah pit n pit pit...i noe u both very b o eang rite..jamming lo...siok nia...another one kisiao for 2...hate lo...da dictionary is my best fd now....
bless me men!!

Sunday, 21 January 2007

Reply To Those Bread-Addicted-Pits In UK

Hey.. u guys so serious there a?? everyday cheese n bread..?? schools dominated by chinese?? 6 freaks subjects??? anyway those in malaysia still normal here.. waiting for job n only one pit feel v sien down in penang!! haha.. she deserved it la!! haha..

miss toh a.. u shud be enough to handle the cold weather with the adipos u have so cut down on the intake of high fats food.. so do mr kang.. he's more than enough.. mr khor can take more but not too much too.. haha.. wat phone models that miss toh n mr khor u guys signed?? din tell us too.. only mr kang that told us his..

u guys pls pls pls upload a photo la.. se w850 is for snapping photos 1.. dun just noe how to write.. we want ur actual face n body size la..haha... wan see mr khor's FUR got grow bo... wan see hean wu's eyes got get bigger bo.. n also THE MOLE.... THE MOLE..... not drama eh.. but its jo's eh.. haha

all the best ya!!!

Couples Of Problems..

this post is to tell all the bredpits.. we dun forget anybody at anytime. just sometimes somebody isn't suitable to appear on specific occasions.. so everytime we r trying to avoid any unhappy scenes to happen but actually we do not forget anyone or trying to make somebody down.. bcos it happen to be after serial unnecessary act, it came to a consequences that the possibility of the happening of unhappy scene to be very high n this is wat we are avoiding...


Yoyoyoyoyo guys... miss me bo? i tink im the next to post laa... who m i? hahaha of course the most handsome the most yeng the most popuplar bred pits!!!!! (drum roll..................)


hahaha....kidding laa..(but got some truth in it too laa..=/) wei.... how u guys there.... hhahahah.... 1st of all... guess how many chineses r there here in my college? let u all tink..hehehe.... now how many ppl left in alor star oni..... haiz... all went study ald? aiyoyoyoyoo........ miss u guys lar.... n its oni like 1 week here... haiz

PS: MR KANG HEAN WU N MISS TOH JOLYN!!!! WEI U PPL LO..... CHG FON D DEN DIN MSG ME THE FON NUMBER!!!! FAS MSG ME!!!! btw guys, now for the moment my number is 00777816012851... sooo.. anyting wanna can msg me laa...but im gonna chg soon laa.. after chg i will post again lor^^

anyways.... me too like miss toh laa... 1st week here sooooo crazy!!!!!! walao ehh.... i took not 1 not 2 not 3 but 6 freaking subjects!!!!!! walao ehh.... i dam crazy liao

Saturday, 20 January 2007

Jo's In The Blog!

ah bred ah pit.... miss me alot bo?/
guess getting fatter u noe..all da food is cheese...n bread!!
my favourite....
wei nic a...invite me in da blog la...i post msg oso kena use heanwu eh lo..qi cam nia./...
anyway...i went for my law class d...
everything is going wrong 4 da first time..oh gosh..#im in my own world tat time....
so hows u all eh life?/ wuwu .

Tuesday, 16 January 2007

Alamak!! Chen Xiao Pit!!

chen xiao pit.. really wan punch u lo.. apa la u.. over sea?? over the narrow strait got la.. alamak who dunno the ah pit that always emphasize that penang is over the sea is xiao qing... aiyo.. an shi that me not a good driver on the blog.. aiyo.. i kena ppl bang de hao bu hao?? eh.. u forgot a new driver kok.. the 1 that fetch u to jitra on ur last outing ni.. din thanks him a?? bo sim o u.. k la.. wish this fren that go 'over-the-sea' all the best la!! haha

Monday, 15 January 2007

Go0dby3 mY lOv3ly Fr3ns~ lOve forev3r!

Hey.. its me.. 1 of the pits..
after jo, wu n hao left.. it's my turn now..
though we got only one and a half hour distance..
it's oversea too rite?? haha... dun feel like punching me pls.. =P
really really glad to have known all of u esp tian, eng, wu, hong... ...
for sure not to forget my "personal driver", joon n nic.. haha..
joon is a good driver, i think so.. but nic.. gambateh lar.. haha..
Frens.. pls remember the sot sot time we have had together..
n also the memorable sweet sweet trip..
hopefully it won't be too long after today till we next meet..
they said i sot sot coz i m just leaving to penang.. haha..
but somehow the "leaving feelings" are still the same rite??
I m gonna miss u all n pls remember me har.. though got bit bit.. .. ...
hmm.. but all "zi gei yan".. so nvm lar.. haha..
so breds n pits, gambateh in everything n all the best!
Hugs n Kisses for u all~

* know my name?
I am Xiao Qing.. =P

Sunday, 14 January 2007


Look the stars......

Snorkelling... the water is cool in malaysia.. will it be freezy in UK??

Can we take this ride to UK??

Open Day 2007

Today is open day o.. many that went back to skul o.. n the 1st thing that we do in skul is makan the malay nasi lemak. dunno hean wu still remember the nice nasi lemak??? hope u do ya.. after that all go chat with ban heng a.k.a henry.. he's still a funny joker of all.. then we just go round n round.. nthg special n so few that would even recognise us.. then just go for makan in uno nia... habis liao... for those in uk.. this is a quite detail report le la.. n tomolo we r going down jitra again to makan o.. hehe

Saturday, 13 January 2007

Guys On The Beach

Yo.... We are four in-sane.. We're on the beach. Featuring Wu, Joon, Nic n Jo!!

Pinkies Vs The Blues

Pinkies n The Blues in ipoh if i'm not mistaken!.. since when Shu Yi get into the three musketeers ?????

The Best Lovely 'Couple'

So lovely.. dunno whether they are acting or going underground!!

New Look New Mood

Observe the new look of Jolyn. U may find something different!!!

Friday, 12 January 2007

Voted The Best Gay n Les

Aint shim look so sexy???

They're so intimate!!!

The One And Only Photo Of BredPits Who Went Out Daily

5 guys, 2 gals n 1 unidentified... sorry ya jo.. just kidding!!

Thursday, 11 January 2007

The Last Dinner Trip (Crazy Feast)

Dinner at Arizona Pizza where we booked the whole restaurant. (8.45pm 08/01/2007)

Supper at Hup Seng, Ji Tiao Lor where we kept talking. (10.45pm 08/01/2007)

Last visit to Alor Star Airport where we have a illegal racing n free roller coaster. (11.40pm 08/01/2007)

The Last Breakfast

The last breakfast in Chia Bee (9.10am 10/01/2007)

Wednesday, 10 January 2007

2 Breds n a Pit leaving malaysia

For the moment, huai hao n jolyn are on their way to leave malaysia n head for uk. We have our last gathering this morning n visit the two skuls that we have our primary education in. Everyone's planning for some activities after the leaving of bredpits but in my opinion the activities will nobe that fun as it used to be.. hopefully the last gathering will always deep inside our memories.. all the best!! n let us pray for the bredpits in UK

Tuesday, 9 January 2007

Konichiwa To All The BredPits

Hi BredPits.. salam sejahtera i wish.. haha the purpose of me setting this blog is to connect n relate all the breds n pits together again in every corner of the world.. to the two breds n pits outside in uk.. this is where we share n reminisce!! Do share all u experience etc meet a nice guy, fall in love, marry someone or even having kids in this blog ya.. The blog will be refreshed every week for the moment but as the skul starts it may change to every month i think... Do share ya n all the best to all the school leavers!!!