Friday, 26 January 2007


1stly,bcoz of sum technical problem,i cant manage to leave my msg b4 i leave on 22nd jan..sorry..

Qing,my life there not bad..wish u the same..Jia you!
Jolyn,u get the bear rite? hope u like it! If cold stil got socks..ha..
Wu,feel like din chat with u so long..i mail u la=)..
HHao,the snow in Star Hill stil rmb? u there sure more nice..take care ya..
XT,bday card i received..thx a lot..frankly speaking,no feeling at all la..sorry ya..
YY,i'm who i'm,ur stuff shi bai pity..

n mayb there's sumth wrong within bredpits gang n me,not interested anymor la..

finally,tj, no ned avoid..i'll b far away from u..anyway,take care..