Monday, 15 January 2007

Go0dby3 mY lOv3ly Fr3ns~ lOve forev3r!

Hey.. its me.. 1 of the pits..
after jo, wu n hao left.. it's my turn now..
though we got only one and a half hour distance..
it's oversea too rite?? haha... dun feel like punching me pls.. =P
really really glad to have known all of u esp tian, eng, wu, hong... ...
for sure not to forget my "personal driver", joon n nic.. haha..
joon is a good driver, i think so.. but nic.. gambateh lar.. haha..
Frens.. pls remember the sot sot time we have had together..
n also the memorable sweet sweet trip..
hopefully it won't be too long after today till we next meet..
they said i sot sot coz i m just leaving to penang.. haha..
but somehow the "leaving feelings" are still the same rite??
I m gonna miss u all n pls remember me har.. though got bit bit.. .. ...
hmm.. but all "zi gei yan".. so nvm lar.. haha..
so breds n pits, gambateh in everything n all the best!
Hugs n Kisses for u all~

* know my name?
I am Xiao Qing.. =P