Sunday, 14 January 2007

Open Day 2007

Today is open day o.. many that went back to skul o.. n the 1st thing that we do in skul is makan the malay nasi lemak. dunno hean wu still remember the nice nasi lemak??? hope u do ya.. after that all go chat with ban heng a.k.a henry.. he's still a funny joker of all.. then we just go round n round.. nthg special n so few that would even recognise us.. then just go for makan in uno nia... habis liao... for those in uk.. this is a quite detail report le la.. n tomolo we r going down jitra again to makan o.. hehe


QinG~ said...

pit pit jo!! u miss the malay rice??
haha.. so nice lor.. still the same stupid aunty who looked very bu nai fan always.. tomolo going jitra oo.. miss ur tomyam leh.. hhaahha..
nvm har..
i help u eat.. =P

Nic said...

n this time no more lao sai after tom yam.. haha.. jo eat bread there...