Saturday, 26 January 2008

i also post sumthing bout nick....

u all see, nick so cute... at san gai tht time... b4 going to play football... u all see his pok pok de face... wa go picit leh.... haahahahaah....

Sunday, 20 January 2008

old days of ah wu... suddenly discovered i got such pics..

ah wu oooi.. looking gals a??

ain't he cute??

ah wu used to like her!!

rmb this????

last time eh ah wu.. haha

so cute!!! when ah wu was saying goodbye to his crush in a camp i guess.. haha..

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

anyway...the pic is posted up by me...toh jolyn
hahah...dun not juz using his account...
i juz finish my law test 2 day...thn surprisingly...i found something interesting!!!so juz post sure my pits wil noe wat am i toking for not sure she get the point nt,,...since tats she is quite blur..kakaka


Thursday, 10 January 2008

open day 2008

yesterday open day lo... expect wat.. the worst open day ever...
cos preparation in half day only 1..
evy1 rush til gong..
not much to see la.. all xiao di di n mei mei..
mei mei also not nice 1.. haih..
anyway ck came leh..!! n also the white ghost!! haha...
this week only this event lo..
this yr skul havin cross country lo..
n sports day bek to stadium again!!

Tuesday, 8 January 2008

New Year countdown

sori posted this abit late.... but there.. sum nicer pics of countdown 2007 to 2008....

sori now i jz reach my room dam sien realli tired ald so no captions laa..... btw, miss tan quite happy cuz her 1st present of 2008 is 1 box of chysentamum tea from *ahem*.... said wanna go back put formalin frame the whole ting up liao... jz to tell u all... =D

Wednesday, 2 January 2008

attn: CNY gathering

Woo hoo.. starting of the 1st skulling day nia, out the plan of the cny gathering d.. haha..
this yr a bit more grand!! we'll be havin in UNO i guess (if got open) on feb 9th.. means che 3!!
so the gals no nid prepare d lo..
the fees for sure wil expensive a bit.. a bit la.. won toooo 1...

so here's the dressing code....(set by miss tian) <<<< of cos say her name more effective

min. requirement for guys:
-formal shirts!! strictly X t-shirts allowed!! (wear tie, bowtie, tux is encouraged!!!)
-pants no restrictions..

min requirement for gals:
-dress.. no jeans allowed!!
unless u wear 7 inches eh jeans (must get approval from ur daddy 1st)
-must at least some make up..(wan put all white like ghost also can)

min requirements for couples:
-bring ur spouse!! o spouses....
-make sure u differentiate btw ur gal n gf n intro to us if u bring more than 1 spouses..
-couple look is encouraged!!
*this category is open to mr & mrs kee n mr & mrs tan... n some more ppl only..
this category enjoys a special privillege that wil be announced on that day..

attn: mr ewe, u are to follow the guys' requirement n not the couple's 1..
unless u get a gal by feb 9th

also, bring an angpow as angpow exchange.... swt..

leng luis n leng cais are invited....

Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Woooo..Hapy New Year!!!!!

yest my senior (kean tatt) came my house n gv me whole stack of STPM bok..yo so many duno can
finish al in time of u gv me sum suport ya..haha
the last sunset of year 2007!!! ( taken at k.kedah )