Tuesday, 27 November 2007

i wan explain somethin but not everythin..

Monday, 19 November 2007

from gay to guy

this suits u better..
gals will like this more..
right, tian???
cos she say ur liu hai toooooo long d..
now can d..
can kap lui..

Check this out guys...



Change is good...

nice?? i cut myself de... firrst time... good experience...

Tuesday, 13 November 2007

eng n tian.. eng tryin to show tian's drawing.. behind is uncle's bus.. stil rmb?? with hot air cond that make us swt!!

tian's dragonfly.. woo...

Monday, 12 November 2007

Bio specimen!!

my cricket..

yo guys.. this is the latest bio specimen of mine..
yeah.. finally i did my bio project after long long time,
having no bio teacher in class..
this is a cricket.. by the time i shot the photo.. it jus passed away peacefully for an hr..
so its 8 something in the nite bt i had my experiment in the morning..
imagine im piercing a living cricket.. omg..
n it was moving with the pins on..
smore it danced.. until i was forced to use the insecticides..
focus on the green spot..
it was its faeces.. it pangsai after i pinned it for hrs...
swt la.. then whole class shock to see it..
i took to bio tuition.. elisabeth smore trying to wake it up.. lol.. bt she kinda cute in waking it..
wan yen have a grasshopper as her specimen..
wan yen terkejut when her grasshopper suddenly resurrect..
i think the chloroform too weak d la..
while tian had a dragonfly..
woo hoo..
so.. this weekend we're going up gunung jerai to have some catching of insects...
tmr i take the photo of tian's n wan yen's specimen..
then give u guys a look k?? haha..

Tuition in bio..

this video clip was taken by mr ng li yong..
in bio tuition of mr chiam
he too free d..
bt hopefully this clip will remind u guys of those tuition days...
tuitions in secondary skul.. haha..
inside got wan yen, tian n me...
also with cang ling.. bird bird lizzie... n han cheng..
guys.. too bad we din record our version of tuition days...

Sunday, 11 November 2007

latest update

so called keat hwa pond.. no fish cos no rain water..


see the platform.. taken from last yr's 5a3

Friday, 9 November 2007

sorry eng

yo eng.. sorry...
v v sorry..
i baru notice tiok after u say..
bt there's no way to correct it.. so.. hehe..
i have to take it down nia lo..
not purposely 1 la..
forgive me la k??
bt no post..
eat also ur routine... then no nid pangsai a, kang hean wu??
kidding only la..dun angry la.. i noe u are..
btw.. eng changed a lot d..
she'll be very sad if she noes u dun understand her..
even wan yen ponteng, eng also bo ponteng a..
cos she dun wan stand super..
haha.. stand super is wat they wil do..
if without certs.. haha
yo hao..
your msg i belum baca..
wil give it a read n reply u asap..
cos these few days.. 12.5% indian bek..
so bo eng keluar..
n for ah pit pit.. all the best in ur exam..
i mean xiao qing..
jo ni... em..
happy slimming la.. haha..

Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Who Dare 2 Forget Me Ha?!!

hello every1..sudenly i apear le..gues wat? i bak ki lo..aiyoyo..wan kep fit again..y gal muz hv tis type of pro le? v sien 1 u noe? but bo huat..haha..paise..talking nonsense..
wei........tis year finish le lo.........next year STPM ady lo..so scare nia..haiz..but nvm coz i noe many wil pia wif me de..although i noe many wan gv up le..but got me as advicor they wake up..yeah..although i oso din score v god nia..hehe..inform u al..although my result quite bad..but my no. in clas improve o..last time is 11 now is 6..fast clap hand while..gv me motivation bit ma..but no.7 eh les me 2 mark, no.8 eh les me 3 mark n no.9 eh les me 4 mark..walau ned so near ma..so horible..if next time relax nia sure pul down by ppl..aiyoyo..those clever eh fast teach me how 2 improve le..i cant gao dim my chem la....T.T
n ho n ho..duno wan type wat la..
ok le la..i wan go do my math le..then slep..then ho tomoro morning go climb hil!!! wif one oso bak ki eh gal..haha..yuan lai hil in pokok sena oso v famous de na..til kh eh club oso wan make it as 1 activity..but ho shhhh....i thk wil c many no stamina eh ppl rest at half way..me le..ah tian jie jie is wel train eh na..not many gal can reach d stamina lik me..haha..cam my nose now high high le..
realy wan stop le la..tata every1..if not my math hw wil lik mountain again..
mis u al....muuuuaacks!!!
let us add oil n pray 4 our qing qing..coz she say history tak sempat study le..haha..

happy deepavali!!

1st of all.. happy deepavali.. haha..
esp to our '12.5% or 1/8 indian' fren, mr ewe teng joon..
oh.. need to clarify for ah eng's dont knowness..
the gold was actually the masterpieces of form 5 ppl..
they use sum bamboo sticks, korek the faeces from toilet n put on the staircase..
eh eng a..
have u ever see dog o cat's faeces so so so big n smelly 1 a??
their motive??
proving themselves to be jerks..
n experimenting form sixers' eyes function..
thos who did these are koh jing fei n his frens..
wu shud noe who the hell these fellows r..
lame right kh's form 5??
not this only..
omg.. the computer rooms inside fully equipped with high quality servers n computers..
laser ink jet.. bt let form 2 play games inside..
omg fuking..
then stupid hm n his assistants having lcd screen to do office works..
eh.. dun jus post short comment <<<<<< la..
post here...
n shu yi.. ur ceo is come enjoy online is it?? haha

beh tong abt KH changes....

wa c u al said dao kh chg hor...i reali wanna write long long n post here ad..tat stupid skol hor reali beh hiao siong..donate la donate result ma like dis lo..
summor low quality roof for the so call "platform"
the pic nic upload too long ad. now chg more...
sumor two sound bit MALAY style tiang in the entrance....
nic this sunday mst bring camera go le coz i reali cant wait to tell al the bredpits outside abt kh...
halo..huai hao r right....tat toilet lo..reali beh ki u noe...even mirror no in boys toilet n need sixth form society to upgrade it!!!!
when i heard abt it...
i reali full of question marks lo..wat goin on... six former is wat?? workers for upgrading the skol toilet???
summor 1 day i n xt go toilet at malay canteen there omg...the toilet full wif....
don wan say le abo if u al read dis while eat u al sure jiak beh lok!!!!n summor ah mostly the wall beside the class1 de picture change ad...they asked thos e form1 n form 3 student paint al again..lousy al them like play play wif the walls...so call ''mural"

n then the blok f6 evryday u go skol u mst awake when walking up the staircase...full wif gold....omg...the skol lo shud use the money n ask ppl catch the animal n do prevention ma so tat the animals wont produce so much gold...
i reali cant stand wif it stil got 1 yr need to go wif the blok...n al the road in skol bcome pothole cos by constuction work..oli when sultan come the skol ll look ok now no more......
a proper parking place for motorcycle oso no ah...
dun too eager bredpits i ll take al the pic for u al c...

i thk lei the skol shud thk abt dis small small thg abt our students fu li ma....so v jz can study in a condusive environment so v jz can help them get well know in our acedemic presentation ma....

Tuesday, 6 November 2007

keat hwa driving school n fishing pool pte. ltd.

new guard house n roundabout in front of skul.. skul offering 300 dollars for winning decor design..

beside the hall.. by now is already done the job.. a good shelter for rain n sun

keat hwa pond... a big big pond!! can fish d..

car park of keat hwa.. there's a slope there

single lane in.. double lane out..

this is wat i get from keat hwa website la..
the latest i'll update soon..
when im able to bring camera to skul.. haha..
so keat hwa like driving school not??
got roundabout..
n pool....

Monday, 5 November 2007

raining in a/s... lacks sunshine

talking bout sunshine..
as nowadays always rain.. no sunshine..
neway.. i learned a word call moonshine.. meaning talking crap..
ya right.. gentleman n beauty..
wu.. as u say..
kap lui no nid money, need skill only..
since u boast that ur skill so good..
give it a try..
she haven married yet wat..haha..
maybe she'll consider u....
wu..havin a haircut so expensive a..
cut away the liu hai la... lol..
beaches in europe are not same..
with refreshing breeze.. so invigorating..
haih.. here wil only cause sun burn..
me too lots of stuffs to say..
bt jus cant put it into words... sigh...
neway wu, yesterday i went to take photo for the 2007 graduation..
this year was held in star city leh..
so nice..
unlike ours in silly hall..
this year's very grand.. n high class..
wu, our lil sis, shing zhuan finally graduated..
no more a cute sunshine in keat hwa..
bt i took some photos with her.. too bad she's also unavailable d..
n eng a......
dun so pessimist...
take it easy..
5 yrs d.. so shud be ok 1..
dun think too much as we cant predict wat wil happen.....
waiting to drink u 2 eh 'hei zhau'..
if in bad mood.. i guess bredpits wil be beside u n back u.. right, guys???
oh ya.. i'll attach a photo of our miss wan yen.. cos she's like not in the photo of pg trip..
let u guys hv a good look at her!!

oh ya.. n also the white ghost who were used to be our hot topic.. haha... i took a pic with her..

this is her.. now they call her.. xiao bai..

with zhuan

hi there, seems that no one wants to post anything, i will make the move and post some pics i took on the beaches of bournesmouth, south of england. i went there with amylia, she's a very nice girl but too bad unavailable d. taken. haha. anyway i look good in the pic rite? hehe. nice smile rite, the gentleman's smile. kakakakaka.

i got a lot of things to say, but its just........ i don't know how to put it. so just let it be. i wanna share this song with u all. i love it a lot.

you are my sunshine, you are my sunshine,
you make me happy, when skies are grey,
you never know dear, how much i love you,
so please don't take my sunshine away. . .

take care ya all... ciao...

Friday, 2 November 2007

alor star remains unchanged

aww.. finally sick for a week..
now sparing some time posting...
hao a..
as now stil lik wat we used to see.. unchanged..
jus keat hwa changed a lot..
with a so called 'keat hwa pond'
n keat hwa roundabout...
n keat hwa bus stop n also a slope..
now lik a driving skul d..
i'll post few pics when i took the pics..
so that's sad of keat hwa...!!!
sad of a/s....
nothin is new here..
the latest 1 is san gai..
no more d..
how sad is it???
n trip maybe cant go d lo..
cos no gals going..
a bit sien la..
xin tian wan study la..
now xq is busy..
forgive her for not posting cos she's in finall..
the rest cant forgive d..