Wednesday, 7 November 2007

happy deepavali!!

1st of all.. happy deepavali.. haha..
esp to our '12.5% or 1/8 indian' fren, mr ewe teng joon..
oh.. need to clarify for ah eng's dont knowness..
the gold was actually the masterpieces of form 5 ppl..
they use sum bamboo sticks, korek the faeces from toilet n put on the staircase..
eh eng a..
have u ever see dog o cat's faeces so so so big n smelly 1 a??
their motive??
proving themselves to be jerks..
n experimenting form sixers' eyes function..
thos who did these are koh jing fei n his frens..
wu shud noe who the hell these fellows r..
lame right kh's form 5??
not this only..
omg.. the computer rooms inside fully equipped with high quality servers n computers..
laser ink jet.. bt let form 2 play games inside..
omg fuking..
then stupid hm n his assistants having lcd screen to do office works..
eh.. dun jus post short comment <<<<<< la..
post here...
n shu yi.. ur ceo is come enjoy online is it?? haha