Monday, 12 November 2007

Bio specimen!!

my cricket..

yo guys.. this is the latest bio specimen of mine..
yeah.. finally i did my bio project after long long time,
having no bio teacher in class..
this is a cricket.. by the time i shot the photo.. it jus passed away peacefully for an hr..
so its 8 something in the nite bt i had my experiment in the morning..
imagine im piercing a living cricket.. omg..
n it was moving with the pins on..
smore it danced.. until i was forced to use the insecticides..
focus on the green spot..
it was its faeces.. it pangsai after i pinned it for hrs...
swt la.. then whole class shock to see it..
i took to bio tuition.. elisabeth smore trying to wake it up.. lol.. bt she kinda cute in waking it..
wan yen have a grasshopper as her specimen..
wan yen terkejut when her grasshopper suddenly resurrect..
i think the chloroform too weak d la..
while tian had a dragonfly..
woo hoo..
so.. this weekend we're going up gunung jerai to have some catching of insects...
tmr i take the photo of tian's n wan yen's specimen..
then give u guys a look k?? haha..