Monday, 5 November 2007

raining in a/s... lacks sunshine

talking bout sunshine..
as nowadays always rain.. no sunshine..
neway.. i learned a word call moonshine.. meaning talking crap..
ya right.. gentleman n beauty..
wu.. as u say..
kap lui no nid money, need skill only..
since u boast that ur skill so good..
give it a try..
she haven married yet wat..haha..
maybe she'll consider u....
wu..havin a haircut so expensive a..
cut away the liu hai la... lol..
beaches in europe are not same..
with refreshing breeze.. so invigorating..
haih.. here wil only cause sun burn..
me too lots of stuffs to say..
bt jus cant put it into words... sigh...
neway wu, yesterday i went to take photo for the 2007 graduation..
this year was held in star city leh..
so nice..
unlike ours in silly hall..
this year's very grand.. n high class..
wu, our lil sis, shing zhuan finally graduated..
no more a cute sunshine in keat hwa..
bt i took some photos with her.. too bad she's also unavailable d..
n eng a......
dun so pessimist...
take it easy..
5 yrs d.. so shud be ok 1..
dun think too much as we cant predict wat wil happen.....
waiting to drink u 2 eh 'hei zhau'..
if in bad mood.. i guess bredpits wil be beside u n back u.. right, guys???
oh ya.. i'll attach a photo of our miss wan yen.. cos she's like not in the photo of pg trip..
let u guys hv a good look at her!!

oh ya.. n also the white ghost who were used to be our hot topic.. haha... i took a pic with her..

this is her.. now they call her.. xiao bai..

with zhuan