Friday, 2 November 2007

alor star remains unchanged

aww.. finally sick for a week..
now sparing some time posting...
hao a..
as now stil lik wat we used to see.. unchanged..
jus keat hwa changed a lot..
with a so called 'keat hwa pond'
n keat hwa roundabout...
n keat hwa bus stop n also a slope..
now lik a driving skul d..
i'll post few pics when i took the pics..
so that's sad of keat hwa...!!!
sad of a/s....
nothin is new here..
the latest 1 is san gai..
no more d..
how sad is it???
n trip maybe cant go d lo..
cos no gals going..
a bit sien la..
xin tian wan study la..
now xq is busy..
forgive her for not posting cos she's in finall..
the rest cant forgive d..