Friday, 29 January 2010

New Email Address

Guys, my old email address had been hacked by some stupid bastard!
so, just ignore the old address and feel free to add my new email,thanks

new email -

Friday, 15 January 2010

More snow!!!

Yet another snow day in London. This time i took about an hour going around my area taking some pictures...

Lately i noticed that alot of our friends got the photography "poison" already.. all start to buy dlsr here and there...

y so fast want dslr? compact can also take good pics marrr... summore much more easier to carry around also.. =P

i want to prove compact can take good dslr-grade pics also!!! =D

A view from London Bridge. FYI, the bridge that London is famous for is NOT called
London Bridge, its called Tower Bridge.

THIS is called Tower Bridge.

One of the snow-covered statues in my uni.

My uni's 'little' garden

Lots of snow-covered cars

Looks like the tables from fairy tales, Hansel & Gretel,
eating the witch's house which is all made of sweets.



Primary school children playing in the snow.. snow fight!!!




Looks like a looooong green tea flavoured cake with icing on the top =D

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow~~~

Another garden outside my house.

Now for my submission to vs the dslr cameras ----->

Snow on the holly hedge

A berry trapping some snow with its vines

A different angle view of the holly plant

Another berry trapping an even larger globule of snow

More snow covered plants

How? all pictures above taken using a Canon Ixus 800IS that is at least 4-5 years old~~~ =P

Anyway, for the answer to the last Japanese song, its this one :-

F4 - 流星雨

For this post the song I'm choosing is this :-

Kiroro - Mirai e

Okay, thats it for this time, take care!!!

PS: sorry there's 2 youtube clips, but the 1st one abit cacat one, so listen to the 2nd one ya =)

Friday, 8 January 2010

##SUN & BEACH ##

hehe always is Huai Hao post n updated photos, now is my turn!!! haha
some shots of the area i m living n staying now.
miss you guys !=)

my super duper nice hostel

the beach near campus (ops ! the shot was senget, cos i m took it while bus moving)

the parking lots near the beach

the sunset every evening
it's nice
but when you get the chance to see everyday with the same people, it's no more interesting =)

tadaaa, all happened within 10minutes.

people used to jogging there
so i m the sunny girl

tht's small update from me !
passing my cares and loves to everyone of you in all over the world !

Thursday, 7 January 2010



Its snowing in London!!! =) Too bad nobody to Winter Sonata with me =(


Recently got to know that Ah Eng learning Japanese arr... haha Gambateh!!! Always best to know 1 more language!!!

So to make u even more enthusiastic about the language, from now on every time i post something, i will put 1 Japanese song at the end and let everyone guess who sang the chinese version of it...

Theres actually quite alot of people keep singing Japanese songs u noe... =P

Here's the 1st one!!!

平井堅 (Ken Hirai) - Gaining Through Losing

Guess Guess Guess~~~