Thursday, 31 May 2007

Hean Wu, the reason

Get the reason??

Sunday, 27 May 2007


some 1 back to f6..
prepare to get the news la...
anyway ahppy bday to xq today!!! haha

n tian a..
dun tel others i msg in class la..
wei.. i wan laugh til die..
da bside jane ying eh gal..
yew sin yi..
say i sit bside u in class nia..
is ur boy liao...
i see liao laugh til stomach burst.... haha
nanti in front of u dun wan cai me d..

Saturday, 26 May 2007

Ah Cha!!! taekwando

hello al breds n pits..ah tian here again..
wan 2 share wif u al bout my activity 2day..
i join taekwando competition o..kedah open..ppl come from whole malaysia eh..
err din win la..but try best le so i no unhapy oso..
1st is patern lo..i went in 2nd round..
then is fight de i oso went in 2nd round..
lose mayb is coz i get warning twice 4 punching ppl face..
yo but ppl say punch face more marks ma..kek si..
my sis wont third place in patern..
n ho n ting muz highlight lor......
listen......I MET MY DREAM GUY THERE..
oh god oh god u al noe i how many years din saw him le ma?
so so so hapy so lose oso nvm le la..wakaka..
at there mark mark mark n mark him..nice scenery..

ah nick..yaya u most understand my fel now..
coz we in same situation ma..
thx 4 alway helping me in clas when i cant catch up wat teacher say..
paise stupid is lik tat le..kaka..
n oso thx 4 being my driver sumtim..
finaly i drive 2 schol!! tat day folow my back, i got wat do wrong ma? haha..

zx, eng, nick, xt, wy..add oil 4 f6 2gether ba..
although sum bio sum physic..
both oso v hard la actualy..
n zx a..dun run back half way at schol lar..
xq a..dun sms wif nick lar during clas..
he pn.ho period oso at there scare teacher c..
coz he din realy hide it nicely le..haha..

ah wu, jo n hao, xq..add oil 4 a level !!!
other bred n pit jiu add oil 4 own pre uni lar..
we al sure can go in uni at last de..
wa !!! today so high spirit..

wan bath le whole day at pacific compete din bath..smelly..bye!!! muacks muacks..

Friday, 25 May 2007


F6,i dunno wad to talk much much wrong much later..
hmm,actualy i'm not feeling good these days...many many things in my mind..
being shuyi like me,i think i wont let myself bother it much rite..but sumhow i feel like..i do reali care..
HW,i read again ur msg u wrote last time... it helps me a lot,but too made me realise that i reali miss u much..
in the past,i know i cuo guo le many many things.. n i'm wondering izzit i'm such a nerd for being lik tht...n now i know sumhow sumth is the 1 i wil nvr get back like last time dy..jz like frenship..betwen me n yy..
I always feel like i'm not in the world u all stupid.. jz i dun wanna admit it only.. n actualy many many things,i do care much,but i jz keep quiet...coz i know i tak layak to kira much,n i jz dun like to kira much.. but i know it hurts me sumhow..
Feeling like making trouble again.. ..but i never meant it..sorry..


Form 6 feelings

tian a.. u talk to them = bo talk
they wont know our sadness eh la.. haha
they all wan study abroad eh..
yin chuan also say his matric sucks.. haha
he say all malay..
at least we are better..
wu wu a..
stop ianing ur liu hai pls..
i noe is because there hair cut exp la..
so u can keep ur long hair.. haha
we stil under hair rules la..
shit lim koon soon la..
tian nvm la..
at least stil got some eh la..
dun worry
after skul stil got a gang driving home eh la
not same like last time ma..
new feeling

Saturday, 19 May 2007

ting change by time.....

juz wan 2 say ho..
u al stil remember be4 tis when reces, we al wil gather 2 gether..
til 2 table oso not enuf 4 us 2 sit...
but then jus after half years....when schol reopen..
al ting is totaly diff..
only few ppl left..
one table oso din ful of ppl..
tat fel juz hard 2 describe..
i mis u al..realy mis al those days..

Friday, 18 May 2007


halo... wa school reopen liao.. heard nic vy sien.... hahahahahahah.... and also saw the pic u all took during joon's wa all short hair back liao.. not tht short la... but still short compared to my nice beautiful liu hai.. wawkakakaakak.... and nc lttle bit no change also... no one change also.... jus like good old days.... but yes,. one thing got change.. i like got notice diff in my bo de hairstyle..... am i correct bo?? nice lo ur hair.. hehe...

sumor this hao there pressure here pressure.. u guy or gal? little pressure here there presure there.... pressure may face only la... wats the big deal?? summor need highlight the word.... haih.. jus be the best u can only ma.....all the best...

bubye for now.....

Thursday, 17 May 2007

pi pi ru pi ru pi pi ru pi

'pi pi ru pi ru pi pi ru pi'.. hao.. this better than ayumi la..
n bcos dis.. spm sucks

Joon's Bday

receiving rm1 as bday present from a malay sitting behind

happy bday to u!!

2nd day in l6s2

yo.. 1st post after days of skulling..
tell u ppl... l6s2 so damn sien.. bredpits only me n xin tian..
so we 2 sit together.. ah pit in s1 with zi hong lo.. xiu xiu in s4.. sigh
today orientation day..
lik shit.. waste 5 dollars suck shit!!
total shit!!! gross!!!
wei u all come back la.. my class 26 ppl onli la..
u noe sien????
sipek sien....

Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Good Luck to all~~~

Yo guys.... i noe now all ppl r a bit stressed? i dono u all but i DEFINITELY am... lol

cuz like u all noe the A-levels AS exams ald started liao lor.... now all those taking a-levels in private colleges sure panic liaoz... =/ includes me.. haha

so... to all those taking a-levels de ppl, GOOD LUCK!! SELAMAT MAJU JAYA!!! JIA YOU!!! GAMBATEH!!! i tink oni me, wuwu n jojo all 3 taking a levels

as for others, good luck in ur now studies lor.. those taking f-6 hope u all happy back in old skul again, seeing old skul teachers faces again.... lol.. n wah!!1 congrats to nick lor.. 1st day back in skul ald whole skul noe him liao.. popular guy lor.. envy envy~~~~

n those get JPA de lor... wen go out of country pslplsplpslpsl mus remember all of us lor... those going to japan arr... ahem.... remember got pics of lenglui or japanese stars musmusmus take n send us o!!! i wan ayumi hamasaki.....XD"

Monday, 14 May 2007

start schol lorrrr.......

finaly de schol le..
tomoro wil b a brand new life 4 ah tian..
erm..during tis long term holiday..i face lots of ting..
also learn 2 grow up..learn 2 b more clever in sumthin..
learn 2 face ting by myself n understand wat frenships r..
since primary everytim open schol i oso wil got bit qi dai but not tis time..
no any feling o..
juz now try d uniform..walau realy lok lik big sis ki..haha..
but i noe lok lik no use de..muz b more mature le..

xiang bu dao last time went schol 2 study we al stil along..
tis time study again al ting change le o..
count count count juz left few only..
bit sad la..haha..howver ntg is 4ever de la..
al breds n pits take care lor...

Sorry lor~~~

paise leh.. lol i like the oni 1 nvr post anyting so far

eieiei i heard lor... a sumone going to ireland n japan arr? waa... next time fish ang mo husband back ald rite shuyi..hahah... n lc lor.... go there nid learn new japanese words teach u laa go there u jz say to everyone BAKA DESU!!!! TEME!!! KUSOH!!!

lol.... wei.. next time wen ireland mus mus mus come to england to find all of lor.... cuz all ur heng tai r here... mus fly to c us o~~~ go shopping n makan haagen daz!!!! XD"

to jolyn n hean wu!!! wei i dam disappointed in u guys arr.. y everytime mus I FON U ALL N NOT U ALL FON ME DE!?!?!??!?! den fon u all d still say wah.... huaihao im proud of u cuz u din 4get me... wth man......=.=U

Saturday, 12 May 2007

Hey bRedpitS =)

Halo everyone..thanks very very muchy....hmm,u all know,every1 heard Ireland,1st respond sure is...wah,very cold de now shuyi everyday sure say,''walau hot die me'',train to stay cool lo..haha..

HW,i received ur voicemail dy,thanks o..i ll jia you jia you,then pia go Ireland,then ma can meet u all there dy =)

Pit JO,2 years later u post me a pair of socks from UK time muz ask u how u stay outside there 1 small little tiny gal go there,sdkt sbyk oso got bit scare scare leh...hehe..

LC,oik guy,going to study soon rite?? wish u all the best!! go Japan so nice...Jia you,learn more Japanese ya...ush ush ush!! hehe...

n all who going to start schol,jia you too..=)



Friday, 11 May 2007


kawan oi...taniah 2 u all leh...especially sy n lc...
shuyi ah my turn 2 give u socks as present d...keep u warm warm..ireland 2 cold d ...hehe...
ei nic ar...nt my hair like grass i make it curl la..belakang..cant i do look like grass in da u win lo...
anyway...i wont cut my hair until i go back..haha...
i wan 2 keep it then now already like lao ah ma..
cam cam...
who langger gate??wan yen ar??
xq drive i fang xin la..better than wan yen ..wakaka..sorry o pit...
2day my mood so gud lo...noe noe many fds get jpa...jia you ya bredpits!!
ei teeth crack leh...wait for u ya...


halo.. everyone so happy i also happy la... happy for u all tht get offers to study here and there.. get matric and stuff.... all the best in the future.... congratulations to syi and lc... haha.... make full use of the chances and opportunities..........

wei..... u guys in as... dun here last there last la....... then i go back tht time how ar??
who want acc me come out ??? i still wanna play futsal de lo....

haha..... really din open blog 2 days so many things change d and happen.. haha....

nothing to say also la... happy to c tht everyone has moved on....

all the best.....


tudio shu yi.. no need go perak.. u really eh lo.. change 3 places.. then now u can go find pit pit them in eng d.. haha...

congratulation 2 MISS SY !!!

congratulation sy!!!
wat oso let u get diok..geng..
however here 2 years 1st rite?
which here eh schol u going?
oh ya..when go there muz balut many many..
coz ho my relativ say v v v v v cold lo..
they run back after work 2 weks nia..
however i thk u can get suit 2 it de la..
future eh dentist, add oil la!!!

??????..... Shuyi AgaIN...!!!!!!!

Come on ppl,hav a look....

No Kad Pengenalan 891211025518
Nama Penuh GOH SHU YI


???!!! wad's my feeling now??? hahaha....

so shuyi now is not going to PERAK ady....stay at home again..

btw,Nic,i chang fon num 012 525 5980... start using tomorrow...coz i change me update at the list there ya...thanks...

Thursday, 10 May 2007

tudio.. so many updates in a day

tudio.. suddenly all take initiative to post bout themselves lo.. i this morning open mail..all flooded with bredpits new update..

xt, not a few days.. these updates are jus in few hrs..

sy, wan to fly to perak.. this time fly further so cant come back frequently d.. haha..

xq a.. i jus kidding nia la.. din mend to 'perli' u la.. haha.. u also quite 'professional' d ma.. haha.. can drive myvi. dun learn our two frens go bang their house gate can d.. haha..

btw, who voted not dare to sit wy's car??? haha.. i think she'll b sad for that.. anyway she also bo log in this blog eh.. gai nia her.. all brainwash her ya!!!

yo eng oi... lama tak jumpa finally jumpa u liao la.. f6 start d.. everyday kena jumpa.. so no need say here d..

xiu finally masuk blog.. although he jus posted some craps.. haha...

joon is turning 18 this coming sunday la.. eh.. wan give him wat? a slap on face?? haha

finally jo.. upload a pic d a??? haha.. ur hair lik grass d o.. can cut liao.. there cut v exp hor?? haha. so cam shy.. i tot u cam whore lai??? haha

hano hano...

halo again i lai le.

xt lo,
reali mst take care i noe ur feel now reali v ci cam de...
take gud care of urself jz can help us do thgs ma wahahaahaha....

pit xq ma...
long time no no no c u liao..miss ur cubi face...mature hope so..
but after mature nia is old liao..i don wan old so fast la..

yaya agree wat u said n i understand but the time v seperate oli hv tat feel coz v al reali face 2gather evry pagi til late nite 2gather kena marah ,training almost i n half month the memory reali good..but al pass tense try to momerize in mind n continue my studies oli now...

pit jo
u need so piseh when take tat pic ma..but tat custom reali nice...waiting to c u again..

kang kang lo...
u mst take care la n miss us always gambatei..!!!!!

i think so....

harlo harlo harlo....

half die eh ah tian

wa..i din on9 few days only suden add so many post ki..
breds n pits a..oon ah tian wan die ady la!!!
since secondary schol i nv fever ady lo..
but tis few days i seriously sick..
fever n headache.....realy sufering..
cant do anythin always ly on bed slep only......
even now typing i stil v v hin..later wan slep again..
force myself go tuit but half die at there..
duno y suden lik tis ki..
realy hope can recover son..haih..
eat wat oso les taste eh..n whole body sem v suan..

Wednesday, 9 May 2007

baju kurung

abit cacat..paiseh...

here i come!

hey hey..
all breds n pits..
how ya everyone is doing??
quite a long time i din came here n talk dy..

so lately still the same..
go school back home play do hw sleep eat...
but u know i got a stupid indian lecturer who loves to give us homework..
summore everytime he take a long time to mark our paper..
this friday gonna hav econ test..
wakaka... first test.. hopefully the result wont let me faint..

tian oi.. dun bra dy lar..
i think ur bra is enough to make a dress for u to wear dy lor.. hahah..
n tat day i really so exicted to c u..
dont really mean to horn u..
so sorry..

nic i where dare to boost..
u all got licence n "profesional" dy..
me this illegal driver kuk..haha..

eng eng eng!!!
finally u comme back dy lor..
sure become big gal dy..
must say mature dy.. haha..
hope to hear ur laughter n c ur smile soon!!

shuyi long time no c lorr..
so far so good??
tat day said wanna go eat breakfast at last also cancled..
make sure next time al of us not going to put aeroplane lor..
so taken ur focus?? wakaka.. sure very nice..
remeber let me hav a look ok! hehe..
by the way when r u leaving to perak?

eh joon ,
i thought 13th of may form 6 will start eh lor..
now delay dy canot go dy.. so sien nia..
tat day gonna stay at home whole day again..
wakakaka.. no more outings nowaday..

ang oi... u lar dunno dissappear where..
mail also dunno how to reply.. kek sim nia..
then call also talk talk talk bout .. .. ..
hahahaha... tell u all..
he wanna to divorce with me soon dy..
cry dy lar.. how can u treat me like this!!!!

k lar.. wish everyone here happy always..
have a nice day!

WTH----> heAven or hEll??

Apa ni... y pull me down pula???

Hmm,tell u all, shuyi now kena pampered like crazy,very very scare hot sun dy i think mayb it will b HELL for me at the beginning..but dun forget shuyi can adapt anyth well,n of course i belive it ll b HEAVEN after that...

Jz like last time i hate to go AIMST,but then at last feel reluctant n sad to say bye bye.... ...haha..always like that de..but sy ady use to it,n take it easy dy... so kang ying ying,it's jz part n parcel of life to say bye with fren...the wonderful time that passed wont come again, jz keep it as a nice memories.. everyone ll have their own hectic lifes soon...n everyone r going to have their own story,new memories,n fairy tale... esp those far away from us...we cant stick together always like last time,do support XT to have at least a gathering will do..haha..that's the time evey1 can share their stories rite??

Kang ying ying, kiri kanan last time i pusing till scare dy st john de,dun forget..haha..i jz lke that PANG PANG PANG--M16!! haha..i dun think i can touch it in my life lo..

Well, Appreciate n B thankful to GOD is what i learnt lately..hope u all too ^^

eng.. welcome back

tudio.. 1st line nia self boasting d.. perasaan betul... haha..
oh too bad.. wan out??? wait after stpm d la.. haha.. now all having.. last bbq, last futsal, last cyber cafe, last gathering, last lunch.. etc..
tudio.. so many activities.. then u got slim tiok???
or dark ki liao???
kanan kiri kanan a??? last time in kh got d lo..
many kadet eh ma
shower with sarung.. clean meh?? got any place gatal bo??? haha
tudio baju kurung... u shi wen.. alamak.. dunno how to imagine....'
later u cal tel me in tui...
shu yi.. dun kena bluff.. inside is hell lai.. not heaven.. haha

kang ah eng!!! wo lai ye aah.......

hello firstly...i m kang ying ying who is the 'cutiest' pit among so mny pits...

finnaly i m back miss me anot...
i miss u al lo...miss time v hang ont time n v go play play time...when ll it come again??
i thk ll long time to hv it again coz everybody is goin 2 end d long holiday n start new studying thg..haiz...

don talk abt sad thg ad..
2ndly i m back frm kem DUSUN MINDA RESORT ,kuala is a nice n cool place..
da kai da kai tel u al wat i hv having in dis few weeks la..
v got ex everypagi in 6.30am n then got modul character building/kenegaraan lesson in the pagi mayb sumtime is chg to modul fizikal coz the sun not so big in the pagi..
modul fizikal include high element low element,etc...
for modul fizikal..i m proud to tel u al..
i hv played 2 times flying fox,kembara halangan,water confident,kayak,rakit n surely coolest part in NS ----------M16
the sound pang pang pang so cool so yeah...hahahaha
i thk al bredpits ll nv hv chance to do so..wakakaz..don jeolous..i ll try to tel u al the experince in Padang Sasaran Gurun when meet...

ll u al hv walk here n there wif koman ''kiri kanan kiri'' i done it everytime there whenever i out frm cottage(my sleep place).
for al pits ni hv u al try to mandi wif oli sarung wif mny ppl around 1 kolam...n play perbarisan when in shower n on bed wif frens..??
i oso hv a chance to sit side road n eat lunch using hands....v oso hv chance to eat mata kucingas mny as v can without paying 1 cent but ll get bad consequence after it...ll sick.....hehe dis wat i kena last time...reali good memory for me..
pit jo jo i oso wore baju kurung b4 mst shi wen shi wen when wear it make me so difficult when sit down...haha got chance let u al c the pic la...

for sementara is like dis la ....
n can u al tel me wat u al doin?? in this period i was in the heaven{p.s shuyi there reali nice place if u got the chance for hv it la not jail o reali...}

bla for bra. bra for bla.

kang hean wu.. although u noe me well. dun burst my thing out ma.. i dun wan serious in skul can not??? v pressure eh.. do serious in skul...
fool around better ma... aiyo....
tudio i wan stop bra topic also cant...
mother of all bomb kena involve in mother of all bras.. my god...
haha..... shu yi.. dun hear hean wu pang pui la.. i bo serious eh la..
eng out d.. finally.. outta jail... to get eng's new figure.. visit blog tmr... for update


This is the 2nd untitled post i write today.. hmm,HW,u shot the point...heart to heart talk,it's impossible to all of us now i think..n tht's y,no1 ll understand anyone bit confusing wat m i writing actualy.. today read a news,suddenly realize something.. jz realize how i behave from last time...

Nic,i noe sometime u r serious,n i noe in certain thing u wont treat it as a laughing matter..jz u keep it in ur heart ma...i noe i noe...

KANG YING YING,welcome back!! i stil remember i call u lik tht everytime i c u..hha..

HW, i din kira much la...i dy said i 4get bout tht incident long time ago..when XT start the topic only i recall it back..haha..chinese got a proverb,''old 1 din go, new 1 wont come''rite?? so i can buy new 1 nice...hahaha.. n i think now every1 busy preparing to go back to school kut..i myself c those doc then start yawning dy...haiz..

~end~ -_-

Tuesday, 8 May 2007

bra bra bra.... bla bla bla....

wa hahahahahaha... talk bout bra also din cal me.. so syok eh.. wa long time no appear d lo... cos busy ma.. mayb also la.. dunno busy doing wat... haha... so how everybody doing?? hope everyone has moved on and doing well... haha... haih... dunno wat to say also.. jus wanna drop by to say hi only... and also take care la everyone.... haha..... and urm congrats to those kena matric de.. and also congrats to those entering secondary school... and also to nick... eh tell u all.. nic actually is serious guy lai de.... jus tht he act not serious only... u all muz understand him.. u noe last time i heart to heart talk to him he hor.. wa he serious till cannot serious ar,... tell u all.. mai siao siao.. haha... ok la... gtg now... and y u all always talk bout bra?? but vy nice la hear u all say ... and syi ar.. mayb is poor ppl steal ur bra la.. ppl no money buy ma.... then u ma kira donate to them lo ... haha.... hahahahahah.... and also jo eh.. y the bra topic so hangat here u no come and add de?? i thought u mother of all bras de ar?? ahhaahahaha.... hmmm.. let me think wat i can say summor??? erm...... hm.... life is really interesting at the moment... got pressure and pleasure... quite balanced and fairly sorted out... interesting... got time go back only slowly tel u all la... and also my bo dunno go where d... din hear from her also... ish u lo bo ar...!!!!

k la... bubye for now... take care... God bless u all...

Monday, 7 May 2007

no more BRAS pls!!

xiu say all bra bra.. sien la.. so he suggested to start a new 1.. haha
oh.. u dao mei la sy.. gai lo.. say ppl's like ah ma's.. haha.. wan go out a??? bt all macam no time la.. hehe.. preparing skulling.. haha em.. try la.. oh.. i will serious a bit la.. hehe

Oik,stil bRa?? -_-

Haiyo,i jz mention a small tiny little line,so many responses..haih...bredpits reali is bredpits.. reali can beh liao beh liao...

Hmm,XT,jz take it easy la..get stolen jz me ''dao mei'' lo..i think not my housemate did it,is the workers go repair or dunno do wat,then my bras hilang dy..crap man...i think is male de..forget about it dy lo actualy...haha..if not mistaken,my housemate 1 which are plain pain like ah ma use de,stil hang nicely me reali suai lo..haha..aft tht i jz hang in my room dy,never hang at the washing area there...

Oh ya,btw,Shuyi now quit AIMST...leaving to Perak soon..going to join matikulasi...ceh meh de..not only tht,stil have to accept the fate n have a new life...haiz...hope it's a start of something new,n i can adapt it well...

XT,when ah eng come back? long time din contact dy,n oso zi hong...if can b4 i go perak we find a day come out meet n ba gua a bit oso not bad kut? haha...depends la..c u all how..

Nic,when it's the time to be serious, pls try to be serious la..18 dy lo tis year...for ur own good la..but at bredpits here no ned too serious..haha..

~end of the post~^^

Bra again?????

tudio.. ko zai bra!! haih.. bra collector a. get a fren who is underwear collector d la... wan colourful??? u sell sweets a??? haha.. bra too big dun put orange.. our gang got ppl dun like orange eh!!later he avoid u.. wakaka.. put balloon better..
oh give malay steal.... then they sniff.. like sniffing cocaine.. haha.. later they give dog smell n dog can find u.. kidding.. haha.. sy, use a padlock to lock ur bras!!! haha
tian a... i kidding only la.. i paise n worry sit ur car la.. kidding.. haha... ppl joke u serious pula.. i when got serious b4 eh?? all i talk are craps.. oh tat gina?? got white myvi lo.. smore honk ppl.. beh hiao time she wan boast time all pretend dunno.. wy??? she say her driving skil is safe.. but guaranteed 50% only.. i where got dare.. haha... so u drive better..

bra bra bra bra

wakaka..c la..i start d bra topic now we al discusing..
however realy gatal wan buy le..
if not me as BRA COLLECTER eh name ma bo ki..bluek!!!
c my cupboard al color suden add few not colorful de..
realy bo siok la..
but jo a, there eh size lik mend biger rite?
wait i ned put orange inside ma cam..kaka..

sy, u muz careful wif ur bra bra..
if not gv those malay steal jiu...............
yer geli when thk..
coz mine 1 oso get stolen be4..
kek si wa..waste my money..

nick a..not i dun wan 2 go fetch u la..
is i realy duno where ur house..
n i not sek wif there eh road yet ma..
bo wy fetch u..
o tat gina who horn me a..haha..

Saturday, 5 May 2007

jo.. jia you

jo.. jia you to u.. shu yi, u shud do a poster to find the criminal.. search for bra stealer..

Friday, 4 May 2007

Pit JO..

Pit Jo , JIA YOU JIA YOU =) have faith, i know u can de... dun too pressure,coz it wont help.. all the best to u ya...think of bredpits, have a smile =) yay..go gO GO !!!

* btw, 2 of my bra kena stolen in hostel...too bad...haha..

it rhymes, jo!!

apa la u jo!! shud be buka sarung, tangkap burung la.. haha..i do feel u r crapping.. if moody ma post here lo.. hehe i think we'll more than happy to share with u la.. haha.. miss home a?? sabarlah.. stil left 1 month nia can see u d.. haha

balik kampung,makan jagung,mana jagung,dalam kampung

i mis home liao la...really eh....really really eh...
cam exam sumore...ka laio lang ho bbo???
i very bo ho moody these few of do nth...ish...dunno wat am i craping la...

Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Adui mak

adui mak.. ini tian betul...
bra also wan colourful.. can b bra collector.. keep it as antiques n sell when u old.. antique bras..
wear to f6 also nvm eh la.. da most only let some fren see.. haha
form 5 time also got ppl wear other colours eh la.. haha
haha.. ian can drive la.. drive fast la..
eh.. call her fetch me also dun wan leh.. chiun lo..

tang tang tang !!! ah tian is here !!!

hello hello hello hello
long time no al breds n pits recently?
me at here so so lo..ntg special..
juz waiting 4 f6 schol reopen..
ah wu, jo n hao..when u 3 coming back?
gathering..................waiting 4 it

wu, many hapen 2 me lately..
eng in camp n sumtim i duno can talk wif who..
oh ya tat day when went visit her
she cal me tel u she v ok le..
bout detail if wan 2 noe ask me in mail la..

jo sufering lo..
tat day went 2 buy bra juz can buy plain color eh
cant touch colorful eh
coz mum dun alow i wear go schol when f6
oh god c d color color eh prety prety eh aside i cant chose
T_T....crying in my heart
those i buy v v v v not nice de..
however if saw many ppl wear color color eh in f6
then mayb i wil change back o..haha..
err..i oso keping fit now so add oil 2gether la

oh ya oh ya
hapy 2 say tat my driving improve lot
n now ady can drive 2 as 4 tuit without parent aside..
drive quite fast til get scolded by dad
haha..can compare wif those guy le
gals boleh!!!
no la not ian juz wan IMFORM u al ma..

Jo a!!!

noe u got ho liao eh tiramisu la.. dun ian la..
if wan ian .. froze some n take it back la..
readd u d la.. if still cannot complain to blogger la.. dun find me la..
me admin saja, not technician la..
eh.. ur ah pit pit wan bday d lo..
wan come back celebrate for her not??

Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Wat happened after Kean Nian farted!!

Wat happened after Kean Nian farted!!
Suffocating n gasping for fresh air!