Wednesday, 9 May 2007

here i come!

hey hey..
all breds n pits..
how ya everyone is doing??
quite a long time i din came here n talk dy..

so lately still the same..
go school back home play do hw sleep eat...
but u know i got a stupid indian lecturer who loves to give us homework..
summore everytime he take a long time to mark our paper..
this friday gonna hav econ test..
wakaka... first test.. hopefully the result wont let me faint..

tian oi.. dun bra dy lar..
i think ur bra is enough to make a dress for u to wear dy lor.. hahah..
n tat day i really so exicted to c u..
dont really mean to horn u..
so sorry..

nic i where dare to boost..
u all got licence n "profesional" dy..
me this illegal driver kuk..haha..

eng eng eng!!!
finally u comme back dy lor..
sure become big gal dy..
must say mature dy.. haha..
hope to hear ur laughter n c ur smile soon!!

shuyi long time no c lorr..
so far so good??
tat day said wanna go eat breakfast at last also cancled..
make sure next time al of us not going to put aeroplane lor..
so taken ur focus?? wakaka.. sure very nice..
remeber let me hav a look ok! hehe..
by the way when r u leaving to perak?

eh joon ,
i thought 13th of may form 6 will start eh lor..
now delay dy canot go dy.. so sien nia..
tat day gonna stay at home whole day again..
wakakaka.. no more outings nowaday..

ang oi... u lar dunno dissappear where..
mail also dunno how to reply.. kek sim nia..
then call also talk talk talk bout .. .. ..
hahahaha... tell u all..
he wanna to divorce with me soon dy..
cry dy lar.. how can u treat me like this!!!!

k lar.. wish everyone here happy always..
have a nice day!