Thursday, 10 May 2007

tudio.. so many updates in a day

tudio.. suddenly all take initiative to post bout themselves lo.. i this morning open mail..all flooded with bredpits new update..

xt, not a few days.. these updates are jus in few hrs..

sy, wan to fly to perak.. this time fly further so cant come back frequently d.. haha..

xq a.. i jus kidding nia la.. din mend to 'perli' u la.. haha.. u also quite 'professional' d ma.. haha.. can drive myvi. dun learn our two frens go bang their house gate can d.. haha..

btw, who voted not dare to sit wy's car??? haha.. i think she'll b sad for that.. anyway she also bo log in this blog eh.. gai nia her.. all brainwash her ya!!!

yo eng oi... lama tak jumpa finally jumpa u liao la.. f6 start d.. everyday kena jumpa.. so no need say here d..

xiu finally masuk blog.. although he jus posted some craps.. haha...

joon is turning 18 this coming sunday la.. eh.. wan give him wat? a slap on face?? haha

finally jo.. upload a pic d a??? haha.. ur hair lik grass d o.. can cut liao.. there cut v exp hor?? haha. so cam shy.. i tot u cam whore lai??? haha