Monday, 14 May 2007

Sorry lor~~~

paise leh.. lol i like the oni 1 nvr post anyting so far

eieiei i heard lor... a sumone going to ireland n japan arr? waa... next time fish ang mo husband back ald rite shuyi..hahah... n lc lor.... go there nid learn new japanese words teach u laa go there u jz say to everyone BAKA DESU!!!! TEME!!! KUSOH!!!

lol.... wei.. next time wen ireland mus mus mus come to england to find all of lor.... cuz all ur heng tai r here... mus fly to c us o~~~ go shopping n makan haagen daz!!!! XD"

to jolyn n hean wu!!! wei i dam disappointed in u guys arr.. y everytime mus I FON U ALL N NOT U ALL FON ME DE!?!?!??!?! den fon u all d still say wah.... huaihao im proud of u cuz u din 4get me... wth man......=.=U