Friday, 31 October 2008

redang price list.. going next yr

Budget & price range

Resort Rates from
BerjayaRM 885/588*
CoralRM 540/432*
LagunaRM 518
Ayu MayangRM 445
Redang BeachRM 399
Redang BayRM 398
Redang ReefRM 360
WisanaRM 350
MutiaraRM 349
KalongRM 339
HolidayRM 329
PelangiRM 320
BahteraRM 275

Typical 2008 rates per person for 3D/2N full-board snorkelling package in a twin room on weekdays peak months including boat transfers. * denotes prices for Malaysians, PRs and ASEAN nationals.

The most affordable resorts on Redang are the budget resorts while the upscale resorts like Berjaya, Laguna and Coral round off the higher end of the budget scale. Prices among the budget resorts are competitive, below RM400 for a 3D/2N full-board snorkelling package. Promotional prices can be even lower, starting below RM300 so check the resort's websites for news of promotions. Children below 12 are usually given a discount paying between 50-60% of adult fare. Some resorts have two advertised rates: one for locals (Malaysians, Malaysian PRs & ASEAN nationals) and another for non-locals.

Most resorts have different prices for off-peak and peak periods. Usually, lowest promotional prices are found in March and October during beginning and end of visiting season. At other times, lowest prices are found weekdays from Sundays through Thursdays. Some resorts charge higher weekend rates for Friday & Saturdays. Highest prices are during school holidays and public holidays (including eve of public holidays).

Some resorts also offer room-only, bed and breakfast or half-board packages which are more affordable.

As usual, read the fine print and compare prices carefully as things like land transfers between KT and Merang jetty (for those departing from Merang) and snorkelling equipment rental may or may not be included. Land transfers between KT/Airport and Merang usually cost between RM10-30 extra per adult while rental of snorkel, mask and life-jacket ranges from RM20-40 extra per package. Those visiting the Marine Park Centre will have to pay conservation charges of RM5 per adult (RM2.50 for children).

Wednesday, 29 October 2008


finally xin tian sure d.. tmr she n eng will go antar book hotel d. so v r celebrating christmas in genting d. this time got 10 ppl nw.. haha.. booking 2 hotels with 5 occupants each.. v pack lo... v may be going kl frm 17 dec til 27 o 31 dec.. haha.. hope we'll have enuf money la

Sunday, 26 October 2008

Ok fine...

Ok fine.. lolz... I realli dam long din post anyting ald also.. hahaha

anyway, some cool thing happen the other day.

I was just outside my accommodation, walking alone out.... then at a traffic light junction, i suddenly hear like, eh... got ppl speaking malaysian english leh....

I mean, now that Im at central london, its not that unusual to hear malaysian d laa.. but still, the Malaysia Boleh spirit in me force me to check out who isit... might be a hot girl. Who noes? ;)

So i turn around n guess who i saw...

ONG SHENG JIE ( Kho Kok Yan's ex for those who realli dono)

hahaha... wat the hell man... that was soo freaking random...

Im like eh!!! sheng jie(in chinese laa). sheng jie also quite surprise to hear someone call his chinese name. Haha he even more surprised when he saw me.. =)

Anyway, we kinda exchange fon number n stuff ( n say lets come out together for lunch sumtime, which never happen =/).. so yeah... haha

then 2 nites ago, there is this Msian party for all uni students from msia/singapore. I bought the tickets n went lor.. then, wth, met him there again... lolz.. the world is so small man.

Then he took me around to intro me to his frens. Turns out his frens all my seniors from Concord College pula.. hahaha he also like EH! how on earth u noe all my frens one??

Talk about coincidence guys.... =D

But come to think of it laa.. wat are the odds man, of meeting someone in london, not oni tat u din even noe he is studying here, he is from Msia, actually from Alor Star, Kedah. Summore live in taman golf pula n everyday sit same uncle bus back together... lolz...

Yeah.. so on another stuff. This morning i went to this anime expo at london. Its basically a place for anime + game freaks laa... my fren invited me go, i jz follow lor.

But i tink none of u watches any anime or wat.. so... well, jz let u see laa hahaha

These are ppl cosplaying. If u dun understand, it actually stands for costume + playing. means the person wears the costume of the character they love most. Oni the most fanatic fan would do it.

This is me kena tangkap by the Star Wars Troopers.... T___T

There is seriously a section on this there. Needless to say, I did not wei bei my liang xin and avoided it. =D

This is my friend trying to cosplay as a ninja.

Another fren wif REAL full costume Alien VS Predator, Which was super cool.

Some of the nice posters on sale there.

Another good cosplayer - Tousen from Bleach

One of the main highlights of the event - the cast of TV series Heroes.
Anyone who watches it can identify who is who?

This is the Master Chief from the Halo series of XBox. Anybody knows?

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

malaysia vs others

I tried to point out that many Malaysians always convert and that is
why they say the UK is expensive. In fact, the cost of living is much
cheaper than in Malaysia.
In actual fact, Malaysians are being conned because for such a rich
and resource rich country, the pay in Malaysia is way too low compared
to the cost of living and inflation.

One good example is Singapore.
Singaporeans (average) earns around S$3000 to S$4000 and nearly
everything is half the price of Malaysia. Eg clothes, computer parts,
electronics etc.
But the average Malaysian still earns M$2000 plus and goods are double
the price of Singapore.

This is the same as the UK. If you earn around 2000 pounds, you can
liken this to the person earning RM$2000 in Malaysia. I'll give you
some examples below. Maybe you can understand.

1) Good terrace house
It is more or less the same. If you want a house in KL, it would most
probably be in Puchong and not Damansara Heights. So your house would
RM$200,000. In UK, you can get a decent new house in Zone 6 (still
within the tube) for 200,000 pounds.

If non London, you can get a nice house also for less than 200,000
pounds outside London. The same also applies to buying a house in
Seremban, Kajang etc. You can buy a nice house for RM200,000 below.
So buying a house is the same for the local and the Malaysian.

Renting a place is the same too or maybe cheaper than in Malaysia (I
am not sure of this). A 2-bedroom flat in London is about 750 pounds
(Zone 2).
500 pounds outside Zone 6 but still able to commute to London. A
2-bedroom house in Nottingham is 450 to 500 pounds. A 3-bedroom house
in Belfast is about 300 pounds.

2) A car
A good Wira is RM$55,000. Most Malaysians have to take 7-year loans
and be in debt all the time. If you are earning RM$2000 a month, you
take nearly 3 years saving the RM$2000 with not eating at all just to
buy a Wira.

In UK, the average local earns about 2000 pounds. He saves 3 months,
he can buy outright a good Ford Fiesta or a Vauxhall Corsa without
being in debt.

If buying a second hand car, even better. A 1990 Mercedes 190E cost
500 pounds. My 1996 Mercedes E220 cost 2000 pounds. My friend just
gave me his 1989 Honda Accord (Auto) for free because he said he could
only get 30 pounds for it. I used it for a few months and decided to
give it of for free too.
That alone speaks for itself.

Even if you are kuli or an office boy, you still can drive a Mercedes
or a BM. Yes, kuli's and office boy's get paid quite well.
Average temp/office boy in London can earn about 7 to 10 pounds and
hour. Overtime is 1.5 times or double. A brick-layer can earn 20
pounds an hour.
The same Indon who lays bricks in Malaysia earns RM$50 for the wholeday.

Before I became a doctor, I used to be an office boy and I earned near
300 pounds a week working about 70 hours a week.

My makan was 30 pounds a week.

My rent was 70 pounds a week for a room but I still drove a BMW back
then. I bought the 10-year old BMW 3 Series car for 200 pounds.Amazing
how an office boy can drive a safe and luxurious car.

3) Petrol.
For a UK person earning 2000 pounds, 80 pence a litre/gallon is
cheaper than RM$1.52 paid in Malaysia. If you don't convert, it is
like paying 80 sen a litre in Malaysia

4) Shopping
20 pounds (which is 1% of 2000 pounds) can buy you 1 week's worth of
groceries in Tesco.
RM$100 (which is 10% of RM$2000) can also buy you 1 week's worth of
groceries in Giant or Carrefour.

5) Utility Bills (This is what I pay in UK)

a. Virtually non-stop heating the whole day only 20 pounds a month.

(Only 1% of the 2000 pounds earned)
b. Electricity, I use my electricity maximum only 20 pounds a month.
(Only 1% of the 2000 pounds earned)
c. My water bill also comes to about 20 pounds a month (Only 1% of the
2000 pounds earned)
d. My internet - I get 2Mbps for about 25 pounds (Bulldog DSL) (Also
slightly above 1% of the 2000 pounds earned)
e. Astro Equivalent (NTL cable or Sky) - 30 pounds per month (Also
slightly above 1% of the 2000 pounds earned)

In Malaysia, this is what I used to pay
i. Tenaga Bill comes to RM$200 to RM300 a month with 3 air-cons. This
is more than 10% of the RM$2000 earned)
ii. Water (Puas) comes to RM$40 (This is about 2% of the RM$2000 earned)
iii. Astro RM$100 (if you take Chinese package) (This is about 5% of
the RM$2000 you earn)
iv. Internet Streamyx 512K RM 88 per month (This is about 5% of RM2000
you earn)

6) Books
A good book is about 10 to 15 pounds in the UK. This is less than 1%
of the 2000 pounds you earn. In Malaysia, you have to spend RM$75 to
RM$100 for a decent book in MPH or Kinokuniya in KLCC. This is about
5% of the RM$2000 ringgit you earn.

7) Education.
I think it is about RM$20,000 per year to do a degree in Sunway Monash
and about RM$12,000 per year to send your kid to UM, UKM, USM etc. I
am not sure about this.
But in UK, it is only 3000 pounds a year to send your kid to a great
university. The British are very unhappy that the grants have been
taken away.
Previously, it was virtually free for an English man to send his kid
to university but now, since the grant has been take away, he has to
spend 3000
pounds per year to send his kid to university and less money to get
drunk in the pub.

Well, if you are earning RM$2000 ringgit, sending your kid to UM to
study is quite difficult. If you are earning 2000 pounds per month,
you can easily send you kid to university in the UK.

8) Luxuries
Panasonic Plasma TV in Malaysia about RM20,000. If you are earning

RM$2000 a month, memang mahal! You have to save 2 years your monthly
salary to buy
it. In UK, the same Panasonic ironically, Panasonic plasma is made in
Japan and Japan is close to Malaysia, so the plasma should be cheaper
in Malaysia) is only 2000 pounds.

9) Health
NHS is free. Though the service is slow, quality is still there. You
still can get a top quality by-pass for free although you may have to
wait many
In Malaysia, IJN charges RM$30,000. SJMC charges RM$50,000. GH is free
but as many people know, GH and UH have clown doctors.

10) Assessments to local councils
I may pay high council tax but at least my council assures my streets
are clean and safe, got no holes (pot holes) on my roads, and they
jump and attend to me whenever I call them.
When I stayed in Malaysia, I paid my assessment and quite rent but
MPSJ I lived in Subang) told me to "podah" whenever I asked them to
come and fill up the pot holes, cut the long lalang, put street
lighting etc.

The councils, especially MPPJ and MPSJ, were more interested in eating
nasi lemak and going for 10 teh tariks in a day during office hours
and hardly did anything for their residents.

11) Income Tax
wasted. When I was unemployed in 1997, the government via social
security paid for my 2-bedroom flat for one whole year and I was given
about 100 pounds per week for me and my wife to live on.

I am happy to know that one day if I lose my job, I can still claim
social security and get my apartment paid and food to eat again for
free. It is a good security to know.

The list goes on. Here alone you can see, the sterling you earn goes a
long way in the UK. So your quality of life is far better in the UK
than a Malaysian in Malaysia.

It is just that Malaysians are just too content with what they have.
But you compare apple for apple.

The British just love to complain. They have it made but still they

love to complain. Nothing is good enough for the British. The
government gives the citizens so much but they still seem to want more
and more.

Sunday, 19 October 2008

Facts about using shell citibank credit card. read this.

Are you fancy of getting a credit card that offers 5% rebate on shell
petrol and 1.5% rebate on other purchases?

If your answer is yes, then yo! u are draining your money away!

The newly launched Shell Citibank credit card is not as good as its sounds
- to enjoy the rebate, you must have a carry forward balance. Yes, a carry
forward balance that you have to pay Citibank 18% interest per annum. But
that's is not all, your so called 'rebate' is based on your current month
spending. That means if you have a carry forward of RM10,000 but did not
use the card at all for the current month, you get 'zero' rebate.

To be precise, this 'rebate' card is an old card - it has been around for
about 2 years. But now taking advantage of the fuel cost concern, Citibank
co-branded it with Shell.

This is how the rebate scheme works:
First, you need to have a carry forward balance. The amount of that
carry forward determines the rebate rate (%) that the card holder is

Shell Citibank
Then based on your current month spend, you will get the rebate (as
shown by the rebate table above) - your rebate is not based on your
total carry forward balance. Repeat: your rebate is not based on your
total carry forward balance, but current month spending

In short, to get your 'rebate' you must have at least of RM2,000
outstanding balance in you card AND continue use the card. The outstanding
balance is the net of previous month balance minus current month payment.
If you do that, every month you will be paying RM30.00, or RM360 a year for
the minimum RM2,000 outstanding balance.

Let's do a simple math here:

If you spend RM500/mth on shell petrol and your classic card has a RM2,000
outstanding balance, at 1.5%, you are getting RM7.50 as 'rebate', while at
the same time, paying RM30.00 for the interest. The 'nett' profit for
Citibank is RMRM22.50. Your are essentially "over paying" 4 times the price

To 'break even' (so that your RM30.00 interest payment = rebate value), you
need to pump RM2,000 shell petrol a month, or charge RM6,000 a month for
non-shell related purchases.

a place in kedah that we dont noe

when i start read bout it, i amazed.. mana ada tempat seperti ini di ulu kedah.. bt the fact is.. there is a place like dis, its call waterfall of sungai jagong kedah.... deng leh?? wanna go guyz??

from the top of burj (dubai)

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

hey hey hey....

i m here....After long silence...i m back............................................. how evryone there?? Uk de how ???USa de ni?? KL De ni?? malacca de ni??? n other place ok MA???surely as de aiyo no c u al one day miss u al nei.... today i m here cos i planning to skip my tuit later...don wan sleep ...not don wan oso la is cant sleepp..... cos my mood extremely bad today...... hear me a while pls.... today morning in skol do a small test cant even do it although studied to do arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr den back home my bro phone me n heard sumthi nonsense abt my family....extremely hot n sad.......... who can help me....i thk no....only myself...duno how to continue although left few months but reali reali duno how say oso...bside scare stil scare

sorry o abt like tht my story....long time din post, post nia sad thi...haiz...wa oso dun wan de...hope evrythi well on evryone of u al..... take care n jia you.... don worrry i ll stil continue my best ...................jz tat i need express out my feel.....miss u al..... AL juz PART OF MY WONDERFUL LIFE..... IS PATH N NEEDED FOR ME TO PASS THRU =)
(post together wif my latest pics)

read this.. wat u can do when u're bored in malls

14 things a man can do at Hyperama while his wife is taking her time
1. Get 24 boxes of condoms & randomly put them in people's trolleys when they aren't looking.
2. Set all the alarm clocks in Housewares to go off at 5 minuteintervals.
3. Make a trail of tomato juice on the floor leading to the ladiestoilet.
4. Walk up to an employee and tell him/her in an official tone: 'Code 3 in Housewares... and see what happens.
5. Go to the Service Desk and ask to put a bag of M&M's on credit.
6. Move a 'CAUTION - WET FLOOR' sign to a carpeted area.
7. Set-up a tent in the Camping Department? and tell other shoppers you are sleeping over and invite them in if they bring pillows from theBedding Department.
8. When a clerk asks if they can help you, begin to cry and ask: "Why can't you people just leave me alone?"
9. Look right into the security camera, use it as a mirror and pick yournose.
10. While handling large knives in the Kitchen Dept, ask the clerk if he knows where the anti-depressants are located.
11. Dart around the store suspiciously, while loudly humming the themefrom Mission Impossible.
12. Hide in a clothing rack .. . . and when people browse through, say:"PICK ME!!! PICK ME!!!"
13. When an announcement comes over the loudspeaker, hit the floor and assume the fetal position and scream "NO!...It's those voices again!!!"And last but not least:
14. Go into a fitting room, shut the door and wait a while... then yell loudly: "There's no toilet paper in here!"

boobs are no longer wan shin's pride...

boobs are no longer gal's trademark... haha
Grab Two Boobs today!

topless calender

Dunno which is bigger boobies or belly!
Would you want them on your office calender?
Works been like shit! Time to be topless!

wan some sushi?

tian says she like raw sushi and she never c the photo of consequences.. now let her see this..

Do you still want to eat Sushi? Think TWICE!!
This is a true case of a Japanese man from Gifu Prefecture who incessantly about a persistent headache. Mr. Shota Fujiwara loves his sashimi and sushi very much to the extent of trying to get them as "alive and fresh" as can be for his insatiable appetite. He developed a severe headache, but for the past three years had put it off as migraine and stress from work.
It was only when he started losing his phsyco-motor skills that he sought medical help. A brain scan and x-ray revealed little however. But upon closer inspection by a specialist on his scalp, the Doctor noticed small movements beneath his skin. It was then that the Doctor did a local anaesthetic to his scalp and discovered the cause! Tiny tapeworms crawled out! Major surgery was t! hus immediately called for and the extent of the infestation was horrific!
Remember : tapeworms, roundworms and their eggs which abound in all fish, fresh or saltwater, can only be killed by thorough cooking and/or freezing the fish to between -4 deg C - 0 degsC

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Im back,, mis u al..
wasai after so so long din post here..suden add so many ppl name ki..welcome welcome..
n wan shin so sexy nia haha..

nowadays..juz can say..stres stres stres stres..
every nite slep late stil nvm..
when evening wan take a nap oso cant slep wel..awake easily by noise..
haiz..pray hard tat i can stand til d end ba..

ah wu..i realy ned ur help le..
d attachment leter we duno how 2 write la..
gv me sum points..lik wat is ur tujuan..
besides, anyone noe attachment malay cal wat?
got ppl say 'bekerja sambil belajar'..
but v funny n weird la..

h.hao, confirm ady..
STPM is recogniz whole world include england..
hehe..i check those uni thru net le o..

d genting ting..anyone who wan come along..
register wif me o nick ASAP..haha.. bo eng upload photo ady..wait after exam la ha..

k tats al 4 now..i wan continue my organic chem ady..
every1 take care o!

Monday, 13 October 2008

SMM dota tournament!! ^^ team HXS...强吗?but we lost to dirty hands....

oh my!! i can believe it!!

still rmb who's her.. still noe her??? she's the joker of us......
miss big boobs tan wan shin.....pretty leh?? collector's edition a
wu... next time if u c her in the lingerie,
i think u'll lie down impatiently.. haha.. joking joking..

Christmas celebration in GENTING

yeah. finally xin tian say we are going genting for christmas liao.. hooray.. cheers!!
this yr's christmas must be quite fun n v r celebrating with so many ppl.. bt then room's now i'm under priority waiting list lo.. dunno can get.. hopefully can la..
em.. who wan to join us can post n tell on the blog la.. by the way v r going kl in this period of time la..
wan go out together also can.. that time i'll update the blog daily.. haha.. look for the details then...

Sunday, 12 October 2008

cctv in skul

smjk keat hwa nowadays got lots of cctv.. dunno is to surveillance student o teacher..
they install at evry block, even student car park also got, teacher car park bo la.. haha
v so privileged..
n keat hwa got spm, pmr countdown timer.. evyday update eh tim..
advance bo????
bt then nw teachers cannot let us ponteng d.. so ko lian lo.
evryday must full attendance.. even self study also banned.. hao n wu long time bo post d hor.. photos pun bo upload..

the nuffnang

guys, try out nuffnang.. a way to earn money easily... its just beside.. register it n be member.. nice la..

Shah Rukh Khan Bestowed Datukship For Promoting Melaka Through Movie

MELAKA, Oct 11 (Bernama) -- Leading Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan was conferred a Datukship because he has helped promote Melaka as a tourist destination through one of his movies, Chief Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam said Saturday.

He said the actor had shot scenes of the "One Two Ka Four" Hindi movie at the A Famosa Resort in Alor Gajah several years ago.

"One of the songs in the movie was filmed at the A Famosa Resort. Millions of people who had watched it came to know about Melaka," he told reporters after the investiture ceremony in conjunction with the 70th birthday of Melaka Yang Dipertua Negeri Tun Mohd Khalil Yaakob at Ayer Keroh, here.

Shah Rukh Khan is among the 77 people conferred the Darjah Mulia Seri Melaka (DMSM) award which carries the title "Datuk". The date he is to receive the award has yet to be decided.

Mohd Ali described the conferment of the award on Shah Rukh Khan as an investment without cost which would eventually reap a huge return on investment.

"If we were to produce a film on Melaka to be shown to millions of people throughout the world, it will cost us millions of ringgit.

"Melaka has many tourist destinations like the Melaka River, the Taming Sari Tower and the Eye On Melaka as well as historical attractions for the shooting of Hindi films. Melaka has not been portrayed extensively like other places," he said, adding that the conferment of the award on Shah Rukh Khan was the idea of former finance minister Tun Daim Zainuddin.

Mohd Ali said Daim had proposed the idea to Mohd Khalil so that the actor could help further promote Melaka through his films now that the city was recognised as a heritage site by Unesco.

"Daim will make arrangements to fly Shah Rukh Khan to Melaka to receive his award, maybe in a month's time," he added.

In his speech earlier, Mohd Ali laid out a 10-point agenda for Melaka to stimulate the economy and improve the well-being of the people.

The agenda included wooing investments, strengthening domestic demand, getting bigger federal allocations, and enhancing biotechnology, information and communication technology, selected industries and agro-based industry.


wei u guys promote england got get MBE?? haha... stupid malaysia right??/

Friday, 3 October 2008


the weirdest faggot right??