Sunday, 19 October 2008


Resorts World Bhd said...

3 June 2009

Dear Bredpits

We refer to your blog sites known as of which you have shown one incident purportedly to have taken at Genting Highlands vide the form of photographs, entitled Genting Cable Car Fell Down.

The Site embarked on an unjustifiable attack on the reputation and credibility of Resorts World Bhd (‘RWB’). The title of the Site is false, untrue and as a whole, highly defamatory to us.

Your actions may and could to a certain extent, create doubt and mistrust in the integrity and professionalism of RWB in the eyes of its shareholders, investors and the community at large.

You will be aware that since the date your blog was first published on 19 October 2008, the Site has been accessed/circulated widely.

Given the above, we hereby demand that you carry out the following within ONE (1) DAY from the date of this letter:-

(a) delete/remove the Site from the blog and any other websites in which you have published or caused to be published with contents which are identical to or similar or materially similar thereto;
(b) you shall not at any time whatsoever, further publish or cause to be published the photographs in whatever manner.
(c) publish a full and complete withdrawal of the Site and an apology, in terms to be approved by us, in as prominent a position as the Site complained of herein.

TAKE NOTE that we reserve our rights to claim, among others, damages from you whereupon, if you fail to agree to the above within ONE (1) DAY from the date hereof.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us directly at 03-6105 2008.

Yours sincerely

Public Relations & Communications