Tuesday, 31 July 2007


remember oo.. no war muz eat banana.. no war de banana more yellow..

Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Tuesday, 17 July 2007

hello.. damn quiet?

hello everybody?? everybody busy busy lazy to post ar.. so i gip nic face lo.. help him post.. haha.... nice also hav u all... miss u all lo.. tho can meet not till 5 or 10 times in 1 yr... but then knowing tht hmm i stil hav u all... vy nice.... thx for evrything...

Sunday, 8 July 2007

Happy Birthday miss Lui!!

happy bday to u!!! sorry.. better pics at jo there

Saturday, 7 July 2007


helo guys..2day is 070707..anythin special ma? 4 me no o..
juz my cousin celebrating his birth then we eat big big choc indulgence..yummy..
o i noe got wat meaning ady...its mean tomoro is wy birth..kaka..
now tel u al sumting bout my trip 2 ipoh yest la..
i go many temple pray o..pray 4 my stpm..although bit early i thk..haha..
then go d 'kong zi' temple..specialy 4 student eh..
got 1 pondok is 'yue lao' eh..i pray 4 tat eng n lc..then take 2 swet..
1 gren 1 red..they muz fed each other so tat can long..haha..
so muz wait lc back 1st..lc, fast back..abo later ant eat ki..wakaka..
when i go i din let mum saw later she thought i got bf pulak..
every adult go tat pondok acept 1 fren eh mum..
i ask her y din u go she say her husband cant run ady..yeng..so confident..god god..
i got help u al pray la..hope u al wil sun sun li li in everythin especialy in study..
then i go in gua tempurung AGAIN..d 4th time ady na..so sien..i wan walk water eh la!!!!!
then i 1.30am juz reach home le..so late..
in bus make me thk back our trip nia..got chance do again na..but hard lor..
u al la go so far 4 wat? lik me ma god lo..hehe..
i eat bu dao grape say grape sour..cam..

Friday, 6 July 2007

Honey, I'm hooooooomeeee~~~~

exactly, honey, im hoooooommmeeee~~~~~~

and its hot in malaysia.... =(

food's nice though......=)

Thursday, 5 July 2007

come come tell story....

wei wat happened?? haha.... can sum1 tel me the interesting tyre pancat story??
haha... i c nick always post only... then everybody always chat in the chat box... so kesian nic lo.... so i ma come post lo.... nick ar.. u muz understand la.. not everyone use streamyx like u.. tmnet dial up need time to load one k.. so ppl lazy..... ahaha....oh ya i wonder.. wan yen noe how to use the computer or not?? does she noe how to use the internet?? to acess this blog.... cos like she the only one havnt leave a name or even her shadow here eh..... [can talk behind her back here... driving no pass de.... thts y tayar also dun want obey her.. pancat... kaka.. jk k...]


months after the memorable genting trip that let us wait in the r&r for hours, happened again the another tyre puncture. this time more hilarious. both drivers sitting in the car, unconcious bout the tyre had flattened... then i wonder why the side of wan yen sank as nian is heavier.. hehe.. tyre punctured!!!!!

candid post. copyrights reserved. look thru the previous post for trademark posing.

why she's laughng??

Sunday, 1 July 2007

who is this?sory har..

hey,kissfloor king,nt mr.kang from UK la,is chek kang,in malacca la..lol..
haha...i eat ikan bakar,so masuk hospital lo..and sory har,can i kno who r u?paiseh har..hehe