Friday, 30 March 2007

miku face

Still remember me bo??fatt fatt new name...
miku..dun laugh...juz drop by 2 update u all...

Wednesday, 28 March 2007


kawan!!!i dah tukar telefon number!!
ini dia:


Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Jo.. sending ur cake!!

will give it to u v soon.....
sending to uk IIIIII40%_____ completed
estimated complete date: july 22nd 2007

Thursday, 22 March 2007


attention guys.. pls visit the photo album corner for photos... !!

Sunday, 18 March 2007

Back From Penang

Earlier hours ago we just reached home from penang.. penang.. i think jo will miss it.. this time we went not by bus but just cars.. hehe.. can move along the whole penang.. we go eat sakae sushi!!! n kim gary nia.. nthg much to write d... jolyn.. penang waiting u!!

the only 2 gals that followed us down... perhaps the only photo they took...

candid shot in the car!!


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Friday, 16 March 2007

bye for few weeks..

halo bred n pits i goin for ns tml so jz take care n pray for me la if u al wan ..hehe
jz to tel u al i hv another contact no 0134909812.if my 0124302415 din open try dis i ll oli use my fon when thursday friday n oso sat noon..

good bye my frenz

Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Jo's Photo

Ah Wu n Me

Calvin, Me, Julia, Tianying, Anderson (I suppose u'll noe dy)

Tuesday, 13 March 2007

pit men..

yo!finally can sign in d..fed up,,.
yesterday took result d o....wat gan got wat gan xiang kok....
ma si like tat lo...>.<
congratulation 2 all da bred pits who score well....
keep on da pace ....we all surely can do better...!
saya kat sini ok jugak...juz smtimes really pressure n busy o...kinda miss da time we spend 2gather...nvm..time passes very quickly..i can c u all soon d...
jia yau!ge wei ah breds ah pits!

after a long silence......

halo everyone.... how's everybody doing?? ahahah.... after a long time of silence.... here i am at last..... ahahaha......

spm results jus came out rite... and as many of us noe, a mixture of feelings, frustrations, sadness, disappointedness, happiness and sum like me... feel oh ok, my results... like this lo.... cos the happpiness and the sadness already imbang ady.... haih..... but still like wat i always say, life goes on.... its always time to move on and dun let our past impede our future....

to those who got good results, like shuyi and joon and ling cheik and tian and zi hong and xiu and dunno who tht i din mention, sorry, i wish u all all the best and congratulations.....!! to those who feel frus with theirs like hao ar, nick ar(nothing in me except sadness-wat nick said...hahaha), and etc etc... dun dwell on it.... jus move on.... sumthing i need to remind myself always..... and we do ppl de ren shen dao li we must kan kai a little bit, and jus continue travelling on this one way road... remember ah jo wat i told u?? life is tooo short to dwell on these things, we got far more greater things awaiting us frens, so lets jus do it.....

frankly speaking, i feel quite disappointed bout my chinese.. tht old, stupid, damn b3 ruined and tainted the whole streak of 1as.... so shitty....but i knew tht after all i jus deserve it and all i can do is to blame myself for not putting in more effort than i shud hav.....

and ya ppl.... i miss nasi kandar eh.... NASI KANDAR.....!!!!!!!! and i miss fu chok soup, this ah jo la... say want cook for me also din cook.... i miss the sun, i miss the football field, i miss the paddy fields, i miss my home, i miss taman golf, i miss cycling in the warm tropical weather, i jus miss home i miss mama i miss papa..... but yet..... all things hav to b put aside....

and ya hao... happy birthday.... all the best..... may God bless u and prosper u in all u do... and find a gf quick hahahah...

nic..... eh all the best in gettin the gal of ur dreams,.... wil support u morally but not physically.... ahahahah.... but i will surely feel vy happy for u de....

joon ar, u vy damn passive eh.... din cal me also, din post on the blog.... din online.. din email..... haih.... so sad.... but nvm la,... u like tht de... haha.. eh futsal..... this time go back i diff level d... ahah... u wait me..... hehehe... wakaka...

cheik and eng.... eh u 2 still good..?? muz love each other ya... i want find gf here aslo no one want eh... so sad...

tian oi.. where u go??? so long din hear ur news on the blog...

shuyi..... congrats straight 1as eh... keat hwa history.... ahah...

and last but not least... my lou po......!!!
how u doing??? hehe... hope u ok there and also dun go find other guy or let other guy find u la..... u got ang d lo... i will envy and jealous de u noe.... haha.... miss ya...

and jo... haha... c u in college...

alll in all, God bless u guys... and all the best....!!

life is short,
dangles precariously on a chord,
on this lonely road i trod,
into the unknown i prod.

to all those i meet on my way,
this i would sincerely say.
every true friendship i feel thankful,
and every deed,thoughts and kindness i am grateful.

Hey guyz..

watashiwa ah eng la..
kakaka..i oso noe a bit bit r u al geting on?
yesterday 12mac our result out ad lo..
how ur feel u al now? stil ok?
jz testing testing 123

Friday, 9 March 2007

Hey guyz..

Nic,help u to reactivate ya..haha..what's up everyone? Nic,tht ice cream...oh my goodness..stop attracting me la.. Huai hao,come help bokk him!! hehe..jz kidding la..By the way,HAPPY BE-EARLIED BIRTHDAY to u,mR Khor Huai Hao!! better to wish u case i cant get online on tht day o..

So,everyone waiting for monday? SPM..don't know what kind of result will come out leh..Qing,we have our holiday on monday lo,so no need absence letter!! haha..i'm going to Penang on 24th March..I call u again la tht time..Remember the Char Koey Teow ya..i miss those crazy food so much..No more Spicy food 4 me !!

Xin tian,miss me o not?? hehe..after PMR,we did our part together again 4 SPM...hope we still can strike the best for it ya!! Let's pray =)

Ying ying n Ling cheik,going to NS ady right?? Hope u 2 enjoy it oo..hehe..

Jolyn oui,miss u too..gaining weight never mind,as long as u r still tht pretty OK ady!! =) Nice to hear u adapt well there..hope can meet u again soon..=)

Hean Wu, i miss ur brain!! Come back help me in study...haha..i'm still trying my best to cope with it lo..Give me some strength o!! But dun worry la,i wont give up that easily =) So u getting fatter o not?? become handsome ki bo? ... ... cant finish bla bla bla if want keep on writing leh...better go to another ppl liao..hehe..take care =)

Zi xiu,so how r u? both of u?? long time din contact ady..Hope will stay in touch soon..=)

Tj,how about u??Erm, that day u sounded like sumth wrong..maybe i misunderstd la..hope u r fine =) n jz to tell u, i'm scared to face the result leh..haiz..forget it forget it.. Enjoy ur life ya =)

So ah NIC tauke,help u in reactivating,any rewards?? tht ice cream leh....hahaha... tht's all la,u take care too..



Guyz.. Blog Reactivation pls!!

guyz.. this is nic here.. free to blog again!! hao.. let me show u 1 thing.. i'm sure u wil miss it.. the new version of fondue!!

hao... still remember we took it at starhill?? when u coming back?? we go again with the others!!
dunno why mood still nice with results out soon... very soon.. no signs of nervous also lo.. maybe new year jus passed i think.. guys, in new years time we had a gathering at junn's house.. then we had birthday celebration for every1 except the 3 of u.. hao.. birthday soon le right??. wu n jo.. wait slowly la.. hehe.. so i continue with that.. we cut n blow the cake for 12 times.. till the cake is full of saliva n we dump it without makan.. then nite at 11.. we go futsal.. wu.. miss futsal?? but too bad.. chow chin injured... maybe all stomach full with food.. no 1 was in form except khai jing.. then all went xq's house.. n i think wuwu phoned us that time.. right wu?? then just simply watch liverpool vs barcelona.. as liverpool scored... joon jumped like a monkey out from a cage.. imagine wat a liverpool fans!! bout the photos of the gathering.. i lost my camera cable.. so i'll upload later.. all the best!! n hopefully every1 pass spm with flying colours!!