Friday, 9 March 2007

Hey guyz..

Nic,help u to reactivate ya..haha..what's up everyone? Nic,tht ice cream...oh my goodness..stop attracting me la.. Huai hao,come help bokk him!! hehe..jz kidding la..By the way,HAPPY BE-EARLIED BIRTHDAY to u,mR Khor Huai Hao!! better to wish u case i cant get online on tht day o..

So,everyone waiting for monday? SPM..don't know what kind of result will come out leh..Qing,we have our holiday on monday lo,so no need absence letter!! haha..i'm going to Penang on 24th March..I call u again la tht time..Remember the Char Koey Teow ya..i miss those crazy food so much..No more Spicy food 4 me !!

Xin tian,miss me o not?? hehe..after PMR,we did our part together again 4 SPM...hope we still can strike the best for it ya!! Let's pray =)

Ying ying n Ling cheik,going to NS ady right?? Hope u 2 enjoy it oo..hehe..

Jolyn oui,miss u too..gaining weight never mind,as long as u r still tht pretty OK ady!! =) Nice to hear u adapt well there..hope can meet u again soon..=)

Hean Wu, i miss ur brain!! Come back help me in study...haha..i'm still trying my best to cope with it lo..Give me some strength o!! But dun worry la,i wont give up that easily =) So u getting fatter o not?? become handsome ki bo? ... ... cant finish bla bla bla if want keep on writing leh...better go to another ppl liao..hehe..take care =)

Zi xiu,so how r u? both of u?? long time din contact ady..Hope will stay in touch soon..=)

Tj,how about u??Erm, that day u sounded like sumth wrong..maybe i misunderstd la..hope u r fine =) n jz to tell u, i'm scared to face the result leh..haiz..forget it forget it.. Enjoy ur life ya =)

So ah NIC tauke,help u in reactivating,any rewards?? tht ice cream leh....hahaha... tht's all la,u take care too..