Friday, 9 March 2007

Guyz.. Blog Reactivation pls!!

guyz.. this is nic here.. free to blog again!! hao.. let me show u 1 thing.. i'm sure u wil miss it.. the new version of fondue!!

hao... still remember we took it at starhill?? when u coming back?? we go again with the others!!
dunno why mood still nice with results out soon... very soon.. no signs of nervous also lo.. maybe new year jus passed i think.. guys, in new years time we had a gathering at junn's house.. then we had birthday celebration for every1 except the 3 of u.. hao.. birthday soon le right??. wu n jo.. wait slowly la.. hehe.. so i continue with that.. we cut n blow the cake for 12 times.. till the cake is full of saliva n we dump it without makan.. then nite at 11.. we go futsal.. wu.. miss futsal?? but too bad.. chow chin injured... maybe all stomach full with food.. no 1 was in form except khai jing.. then all went xq's house.. n i think wuwu phoned us that time.. right wu?? then just simply watch liverpool vs barcelona.. as liverpool scored... joon jumped like a monkey out from a cage.. imagine wat a liverpool fans!! bout the photos of the gathering.. i lost my camera cable.. so i'll upload later.. all the best!! n hopefully every1 pass spm with flying colours!!