Sunday, 25 January 2009

Winter trip

Hey, i m not going to lose out here. Hehe.. I went for a winter trip to boston, orlando, n miami n ta da~~~!! Here i m to show u guys some photos n tell briefly bout the trip. We reached boston on 22nd. Basically juz walked around boston, visited musuems, MIT n Harvard. Went for ice skating at Boston Common during Christmas eve. Quite fun to skate outdoor with christmas songs playing along. 

These 2 young ladies thought tat they could skate. Hmmm... Though cute, they were quite annoying. Felt like confronting them n say "Can u stop blocking the traffic? Go back!" 


We were juz lik them after all.. can be worse i guess.. 

My fren, who has a great potential to be a korean actress. "anehasayo!! pukimayo!!"

View of boston from the top of Prudential Tower. Ok ok la~ 

Boston jump!!!

Nothing much to do on christmas day. Most of the shops were close. So we went to China Town. Had lunch in a restaurant called Penang, which serves Malaysian food. Got char keow teow, mee goreng, hai nan chicken rice, asam laksa.. The manager is oso a typical malaysian, with the slang n rudeness.. Haha.. 


Went to disney world. Had new year count down there. Awesome fireworks. Malaysia fireworks vs Disney fireworks is like ant vs tiger.

Gimme the angpou~~!!!

This guy has no attitude man. He tried to pick me up with a fight while lining up for a ride. Duh... rough huh.. Like his eyes though

Saw Lucas Scott from one tree hill. He is juz too cool.. xp

Went shopping. Bought this for my upcoming gf. Yes!! this is salvatore feragamo. Dun feel bad, gals. Line up n take number, u still hv the chance. xp

Beach n bitches.. oh yea babey...

Hawt mama's ass.. 

Alright.. tat's it. Some random photos from dunno how many gb of photos. Blogging is really tough man. Nic, u hv the patience, u r the man... Until then take care! N Happy Chinese New Year. 

In case u guys miss me. ^^ 

Thursday, 22 January 2009

London New Year

After such an emo post... we shud hav a happy one rite? Come on lah.... Happy Chinese New Year wei.... HAPPY!!! tats the key word... y go post so emo stuff? haiz haiz...... those wan emo or cry one i encourage u go watch 1 litre of tears. Can cry 1 litre of tears one seriously.... cry till u dry up. need eye-mo.

So.. basically, this post is the long-lost one about the Ang Moh new year celebration in London. If u guys still remember, Chia Khai came over and we had FREAKING AWESOME ROAST DUCK before going to the mall.

Anyway, after the mall we decided to jz head back to my place cuz it wuz oni bout 6pm n the celebrations basically starts at 12(duh~~~). Guess wat we had for dinner?

KFC!!!! yesh.. the familiar old white ah-pek still serves deep fried super oily chicken here. Gosh, dam miss the hot n spicy back home. Theres basically oni original recipe here.... eat alot oso dam sien. =(

We figured that since the celebrations oni start by 12am, we might as well go later abit, so we went at bout 10pm. Mana tau........ well, u guys can see the pics urself.

Its quite dark cuz Chia Khai's camera not realli high quality. Click it n wait it load. Shows the amount of people just oni OUTSIDE the TUBE station nia. We not even anywhere near the fireworks place.

Btw we exited from the tube station called Embankment.

Another slightly brighter one. I think this is kinda like the whole population of Alor Star ald. Haha.

After a short walk from the tube, we came to a crossroad, then spotted these dam freakin' cool police. I mean seriously man... Policemen in horses wei..... DAM YENG!!!

Wen oni can we see our Msian police on kerbaus? then go thru the roads on a cart wif the kerbau in front.. =D

Bad news was that, although we reached at 10pm lik tat, there r ald a whole bunch of ANG MOHS WHO HAVE NO LIFE go to stand at the veiwing area since 6pm. WTF rite?? stand there for 6 dam hours.. siao one....

This caused us to lose the best viewing point at Westminster Bridge. Basically that is the bridge directly facing the London Eye lah...

So we hav 2 walk to the next bridge called Waterloo bridge to watch from there. Naturally, the view from there sux lah... but wat to do? =(

The crowd at Waterloo bridge.

This is seriously water oso kenot pass thru 1 type of crowd. The moment we reach a point n stood there, we cant even move 1 inch at all ald. The ppl jz keep pushing n cramming.

Have to keep checking my wallet + handfon non stop.. >"<

This is the best view me n Chia Khai can get at the fireworks area ald.

Info time : If any of u dono.. tat ferris wheel ting is called the London Eye. The one Msia beh syok go put one in Kl is copy this 1 lor...

Noticed that the building at the left side changed colour n designs? Cuz its the place where they projected images n stuff there. Its the LG building apparently, n got advertisements n stuff kept showing there.

This is the view of the other side of the bridge. Nothing much realli. Ppl mostly focus on the London Eye there.

As we were waiting on the bridge, there was these 2 huge-ass speakers boombox thingy hanging above us. Its seriously as tall as a 1 storey house. 2 speakers saja can hear throughout the whole bridge ald.

They kinda make turned the whole bridge into a clubbing area, play all the club songs wif beat to let ppl dance.

DAM scary wei i tell u guys... wen the ang moh start jumping rite.. then they gao gao zho lao kao go jump trying to match the natural frequency of the bridge.... DAM WTF wei.. those got take physic 1 sure understand lah... Me n Chia Khai can seriously feel the whole bridge resonance wei.... Like the way it felt wen the indonesia tsunami 1 earthquake. Feel like head hin hin abit.. then body sway here n there abit... SCARY shit... =(

Chia Khai say lets zi pai, so i humour him lor.. lol
(I dun usually support this 1)

Dong~~~ Dong~~~ Dong~~~ If u guys click on the pic can notice the building now chg to countdown timer ald.

Yeah... HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! ;D

Selamat Tahun Baru!!!

Xin Nian Kuai Le!!!

Shinnen Akemashite Omedetoo!!!

Yeah, 20 ald people.. haiz.....

Vids are posted below >>>

Countdown to 2009!!!

Yeah!!! 2009!!! Btw, the Bell sound is actually the Big Ben ringing.

Fireworks!!! Sum dumbass people shouting for no reason all around us. There was a hint of chinese sumwhere i remembered.

Yeah all the pretty fireworks.... Hohoho....

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Happy Chinese New Year.

hi everyone, just want to wish everyone a happy and prosperous Happy CNY!!! its been a long time since i last posted anything on this blog. i think probaly a year plus liao kut. hav always thought of writing somthing, but nothing meaningful to say. not that this post holds any meaningful meanings, well i just felt its been time i contribute a little to the existing posts. haha.

i am going to celebrate CNY this year this weekend. starting on a friday evening with my hall mates, we going for steamboat; saturday afternoon probaly going to some UCL CNY carnival, saturday evening having reunion dinner with my CTC friends; and sunday lunch with my brother and sister. *got angpau from my parents leh* haha. Monday Che 1 go for lectures, tuesday and wednesday no school. a midweek weekend which i have been waiting for all term. so ya la. this year i celebrate and go out more with friends cos my parents are not here. cos they came last november and my bro went back in dec, so there's not muc point in them coming in january. for the past two CNY while they were here i was spending most of my time with them. so its something new celebrating CNY without them around. weird enough, come out 2 years plus already, this is the first time i am celebrating CNY more with my friends.

i also miss spending CNY with u all i guess. always wanted to go back for the CNY gathering more than all the other gatherings u all have had. i dunno why, but i really want to go back lor. jus to makan makan, hang out a bit would be enuf. but sadly i wont be able to do so for the next few years, and when i can do so, i think probaly we all will be scattered all over the world and it will be quite hard to meet up again. anyway, i also want to take this opportunity to wish everyone a prosperous year of course, happy new year(english version), merry belated christmas, all the best of luck and goodness in the year to come and in everything and anything you all were to do and will be involved in, be it work, studies, love life (this one very important), relationships, family, business, one night stands(for ah joon)... and err.. i think this is wat i can think of at the moment.

you noe, there are lots of things that can be said, and a lot of things that can be done. but staring at the screen thinking of what to say or do, i cant really think of anything. the only thoughts that come to my mind is how much i enjoyed my few years with you all, and looking back through the times, i thank you all for being such nice and good friends to me, for accepting me for who i am and putting up with my personality. and i guess i just want the best for everyone in their lives cos i tink thats the best i can hope and wish for for u all. heh. gtg.

Happy Chinese New Year again ppl!!!
Xing Nian Kuai LE,
Gong Xi Fa Cai,
Wan Shi Ru Yi,
Nian Nian You Yuu,
Cai Yuan Guang Jing,
Shen Ti Jian Kang,
Kuai Gao Zhang Da,
Xue Ye Meng Jing,
Hong Bao Duo Duo,
Fu Ruu Dong Hai,
Shou Bi Nan Shan.

dunno la simply crap.. haha.
till then. byeee..

Ah Wu :)

Saturday, 17 January 2009

Let me remind you this.

Since there are some friends away from hometown, let me show u smtg different now.

Still remember where is this??
we used to pass by everyday...
Just now something is different, can u figure it out??

Thursday, 15 January 2009

Attention to all who are attending CNY gathering

for safety reasons,please for those who are driving,fasten ur seat belts before driving ur way to city plaza...remember if u r fetching the ladies pls help them fasten up theirs...n ATTENTION!!!PLEASE PARK UR CARS ON THE 6TH FLOOR...ROOFTOP I that we could watch each others back when we r going's dark out there ^^ and is for the safety of the ladies....those who disobey this double for buffet!!! oh ya!!one more thing is pls do inform others bout dis as most of them wun b looking at dis!!

What's going wrong??

when i was looking thru facebook, see if there's anything interesting, suddenly i saw this
"chin is no longer listed as in a relationship 10.37am - comment"

can anyone tell me what's going on now????

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Oven fresh new blog

Our mr dota man, a.k.a. chang jian hao has come up with a brand new blog of his, named The colourful life of a Dota maniac.
click photo to his blog. visit his blog for new updates on dota!! everbody is blogging today. U guys can inform me if there's a new blog up & i will link u guys.

Monday, 12 January 2009

new advertisement blog

i've created an advertisement blog.. for u guys to advertise watever t shirt o craps for free.. make full use of it yeah!!

here's the link, advertnic

大哥by wan yen in halo cafe

snapshots of wan yen singing.. nice??
大哥by wan yen in halo cafe 
while i am showing jolyn her sing through webcam.. sorry for some jolyn's sound ya guys!! haha.
hope u guys enjoy her sing.. its nice!!!

Thursday, 8 January 2009

Day 2

Haha... so, sorry for delay abit, wuz busy preparing exam.... which in the end also useless all i studied nvr ask also.. haiz.. =(

oklah... as for 2nd day, we woke up quite late cuz nite b4 played Metal Slug X together. OMG GUYS U ALL HAV 2 REPLAY TAT GAME WEI..... DAM AWESOME N BRINGS BACK SOOO MANY MEMORIES!!!

so wen we woke up ald afternoon liaoz... so jz decided to go out for lunch lah. my neighbour fren concord las time was in town n invited us out for lunch. So we ma go together lor..

My fren suggested we went to this place :


Scenery of street of Bayswater.

Note : to those who do not know, if u r ever in London, just mention to anyone (Chinese preferably) that u r going to Bayswater, its a universal knowledge here ald, that u r going there to.................................................... (anyone wanna guess wat?)


To eat chinese food!!!
N not normal chinese food wei... notice the dish on the left side. wat do u guys think it is?

ROAST DUCK!!!! Even whole Msia can't find roast duck as AWESOME as this. Believe me.
All the KL ppl also says so.

Yeah guys... look at that duck wei... look at the gravy... can u imagine the taste?
let me describe it.

1st, wen u bite it, ur tongue will 1st taste the sweetness of the gravy, slowly trickling down ur mouth, the aroma of it slowly rise into ur nose, ur olfactory nerves sending signals straight to ur brain.

Next, when u really start to sink ur teeth into the meat, then the REAL heavenly part starts. The duck fat starts seeping out, bombarding ur mouth n noses with the most FANTASTIC aroma of duck. The oil is not oily, mind u.. its duck oil, its just slightly more viscous than water. But the smell, oh my god... undescribable...

After that oni u bite into the meat.... the meat texture is just nice, slightly more tough than chicken, but not as tough as pork.... just the correct texture to chew on....

oni 1 word to describe : ORGASMIC


(Disclaimer : if u dun understand any word from up there better not find wat they mean, u might be quite disappointed + surprised n dun sue me pls ><)

Random pic wif my frens in his Hilton hotel room.. rich boy.. =.=

After lunch, me n chia khai went to explore some new places in London. If any of u read newspaper daily, sure have heard of this new shopping mall that opened in London rite? Its called Westfield, the 'largest' mall in whole of Europe, apparently.

The whole mall is only 2 floors high.

View from the sidewalk of the mall. Theres an open section area oni for food, kinda a lil like The Curve

One of the entrances of Westfield. They realli took alot of thought into decorating the place leh.

The moment u step inside, straight feel like u inside a place tats like combination of Midvalley + Pavillion. The concept is kinda like midvalley, but whole ting is white, so reminds me of pavillion.

Pretty lights + decorations (take 1)

Pretty lights + decorations (take 2)

The ceiling is also half see-thru. Theres alot of brands available there. Even gucci, prada, LV everyting lah. I wanna post much more pics 1, but so dam ma huan leh this blogger... 1 time oni allow me post 5 pics then hav 2 wait forever.. Nic got anyway easier to post tings onot one???

This is the view from the 3rd florr, which is just like 1/8 of the place have oni. Ppl from kl go there all say its smaller than 1-U. Dun ask me..

(NOTE THE SHIRT I AM WEARING!!! 5A3 class t-shirt!!! M I patriotic or wat?)

i nvr been 1-U b4, even chia khai also dono cuz he dun go 1-U oso... but then, length-wise, its longer than midvalley lah, but midvalley hav 4 floors, this oni hav 2... so its still smaller lah....

but still its worth to come over to this place. the shops all acquire at least 2 lots, and all of them are 2 floors high.... haha quite big shops, like pavillion in a sense.. =)

Haiz... i used 1 hour ++ to make this post.. =.= ISNT THERE ANY PROGRAM TO MAKE POSTING BLOGS EASIER???

Guess i have to do the countdown 1 on another post ald... this totally drained me... ><

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

CNY house visitation

che 3 - ampang/tmn berjaya area

house included: joon, eng, khai jing, lee ai, you ying, shu yi

che 4 - desa seraya/bb park/tmn saga/derga jaya/kampung pisang/tmn habshah/tmn golf area

house included: zi hong, wan yen, hooi ann, yin chuan, soon han, ling cheik, jane ying, jian hao, kean nian, chek kang, bai qin, zi xiu, khey junn, xiao qing, nicholas, jolyn, huai hao, hean wu

che 5 - pokok sena area

house included: xin tian

anytime - wei jack's hse

due to che 3 nite party, houses that day are reduced

***any name that i left out, pls remind me in comments

happy birthday bredpits!!

bredpits blog is going to have its 3-year-old birthday on the 9th, 5 days to go!!! unbelievable??? ya.. its turning 3.. 3 years since we all been apart!!! cheers!!! for we can still keep in touch.. good luck guys... 1 day we will still gather around and crap right???? guys in uk... say yes!!! in kl.. say yes!!

lets sing this!!!

"Run, baby, run
Don't ever look back.
They'll tear us apart
If you give them the chance.
Don't sell your heart.
Don't say we're not meant to be.
Run, baby, run.
Forever will be
You and me.

Check yes Bredpits
I'll be waiting
Wishing, wanting
Yours for the taking.
Just sneak out
And don't tell a soul goodbye.

Check yes Bredpits
Here's the countdown
3... 2... 1... now fall in my arms now
They can change the locks
Don't let them change your mind

Lace up your shoes
Eh Oh Eh Ohhh
Here's how we do

Run, baby, run
Don't ever look back
They'll tear us apart
If you give them the chance
Don't sell your heart
Don't say we are not meant to be
Run baby run
Forever we'll be
You and me

We're flying through the night
We're flying through the night
Way up high,
The view from here is getting better with
You guys by my side"

Joon & I sang it when we mentioned somebody lol...
n i did change some part of the lyrics.

so guys.. just run.. n wait for that day!!

Monday, 5 January 2009

Details about cny gathering 2009

28th of January 2009 (third day of cny) 7.30pm till 11pm

-City One

~Sharkfins Soup

-Mixed Garden Salad
-Coleslaw Salad
-Tuna & French Bean Salad

-stewed lamb
-sweet n sour fish
-ayam rendang
-honey pepper prawns
-fried mixed vegetables
-ostrich black pepper
-american fried rice
-singapore bee hoon

-mixed fruit platter
-swiss roll

-Orange squash

-RM 32.00 per person

Dress Code
-smart casual (shirt for guys, dress for girls)

More info
-contact Xin Tian

Those wanted a partner for chauffeuring, kindly find your partner a.s.a.p.

For futsal players, please bring along your sports attire.

Saturday, 3 January 2009

Happy New Year!!!

Hei guys..... sorry for the slightly late post... =/ Busy busy.. haha

So how is everyone in the new year? we have at last touched the BIG 2-0 ald lor ppl (save for the few little pts jumpers... dun worry urs will come sooner than u tink).

We r now old old ppl ald lor.. mature d must tink mature, act mature, tok mature d... NOT!!

hahahahaha.... I'm sooo not ready to giv up playing yet. =/ So, hows the new year celebrations in msia? post some larr... i wanna see.. =(

Anyway, back here in the cold upper north.. ntg much happen, but a certain Mr.Lau came over to pay me a little visit for the last few days of last year.. At least i did not pass the new year alone this year. =D

Heres some pics as usual.. >>>

Day 1
Mr Lau arrived from Birmingham at bout 5pm, so he came over my place and rested awhile before going out for dinner.

And where else to take him out to dinner than...




(hint hint : nic & joon ;D)

The burger I ordered >>> Chicken Avocado and Bacon

Menu says : Fresh breast of chicken, avocado, streaky bacon, salad, mayonnaise and relish.

Oh god the chicken is pencil and ink also kenot describe (see! i have not lose my chinese roots yet =D). Fried to perfection i tell u. the size is 2 times the chicken they serve at the sad KFC at Jalan Stadium there one. For those who dont know, GBK burgers like this, normal people can't even open mouth big enough to fit into ur mouth.

Chia Khai's burger >>> Kiwiburger

Menu says : 100% Aberdeen-Angus Scotch Beef, beetroot, egg, pineapple, cheese, salad, mayonnaise and relish.

This burger is even larger than mine. Enough said. Dont worry, forks n knives r always supplied for those uninitiated n00bs hahahah.

The drink that we both ordered >>> Oreo milkshake.

Again, this is jz dam awesome. REAL oreos with frozen milk i tink n cream n stuff. The metal cup is twice as big as any cups u have seen before. They even froze the metal cup before serving us, so the drinks are forever cold.

We posing with our food. U guys can kind of see how huge the burgers n drinks are. And wat i meant by normal people mouth sure kenot fit the burger one. Heck, even holding it is a problem.

Our plates after we have finished with everyting. =D

Of course, good food never come cheap though. =(

But luckily, i got a voucher, we get 2 burgers for the price of one. So what was supposed to be bout 11 pounds per person ended up just bout 7 pounds per person.

I noe... u all 101% start counting in ur head ald. 7X6 = 42 ok...... So RM42 for 1 meal. But think bout it, even if u all went to places like Chilli's or TGI Fridays, it would be even more exp rite?

I rest my case.

After dinner, we just went out for a stroll. We went to a place called Canary Wharf, which is the place where all the dai-lou of the business world open their headquaters in UK. So all the buildings quite nice lah and modern.
Too bad none of us had any good cams so the pics are mostly not tat nice.

Btw, tats Barclay's Bank, the bank sponser the EPL one rite.. one of the banks here lah.. Behind it is actually HSBC HQ, but got covered.

Behind me the little building wif a dome shaped roof is actually the underground tube station here.


Oklah, Day 2 I post later... ald 2.30am I am dying ald.. ><

BTW, this is PAYBACK for posting all the food u all makan at KL for ME to SEE.