Thursday, 22 January 2009

London New Year

After such an emo post... we shud hav a happy one rite? Come on lah.... Happy Chinese New Year wei.... HAPPY!!! tats the key word... y go post so emo stuff? haiz haiz...... those wan emo or cry one i encourage u go watch 1 litre of tears. Can cry 1 litre of tears one seriously.... cry till u dry up. need eye-mo.

So.. basically, this post is the long-lost one about the Ang Moh new year celebration in London. If u guys still remember, Chia Khai came over and we had FREAKING AWESOME ROAST DUCK before going to the mall.

Anyway, after the mall we decided to jz head back to my place cuz it wuz oni bout 6pm n the celebrations basically starts at 12(duh~~~). Guess wat we had for dinner?

KFC!!!! yesh.. the familiar old white ah-pek still serves deep fried super oily chicken here. Gosh, dam miss the hot n spicy back home. Theres basically oni original recipe here.... eat alot oso dam sien. =(

We figured that since the celebrations oni start by 12am, we might as well go later abit, so we went at bout 10pm. Mana tau........ well, u guys can see the pics urself.

Its quite dark cuz Chia Khai's camera not realli high quality. Click it n wait it load. Shows the amount of people just oni OUTSIDE the TUBE station nia. We not even anywhere near the fireworks place.

Btw we exited from the tube station called Embankment.

Another slightly brighter one. I think this is kinda like the whole population of Alor Star ald. Haha.

After a short walk from the tube, we came to a crossroad, then spotted these dam freakin' cool police. I mean seriously man... Policemen in horses wei..... DAM YENG!!!

Wen oni can we see our Msian police on kerbaus? then go thru the roads on a cart wif the kerbau in front.. =D

Bad news was that, although we reached at 10pm lik tat, there r ald a whole bunch of ANG MOHS WHO HAVE NO LIFE go to stand at the veiwing area since 6pm. WTF rite?? stand there for 6 dam hours.. siao one....

This caused us to lose the best viewing point at Westminster Bridge. Basically that is the bridge directly facing the London Eye lah...

So we hav 2 walk to the next bridge called Waterloo bridge to watch from there. Naturally, the view from there sux lah... but wat to do? =(

The crowd at Waterloo bridge.

This is seriously water oso kenot pass thru 1 type of crowd. The moment we reach a point n stood there, we cant even move 1 inch at all ald. The ppl jz keep pushing n cramming.

Have to keep checking my wallet + handfon non stop.. >"<

This is the best view me n Chia Khai can get at the fireworks area ald.

Info time : If any of u dono.. tat ferris wheel ting is called the London Eye. The one Msia beh syok go put one in Kl is copy this 1 lor...

Noticed that the building at the left side changed colour n designs? Cuz its the place where they projected images n stuff there. Its the LG building apparently, n got advertisements n stuff kept showing there.

This is the view of the other side of the bridge. Nothing much realli. Ppl mostly focus on the London Eye there.

As we were waiting on the bridge, there was these 2 huge-ass speakers boombox thingy hanging above us. Its seriously as tall as a 1 storey house. 2 speakers saja can hear throughout the whole bridge ald.

They kinda make turned the whole bridge into a clubbing area, play all the club songs wif beat to let ppl dance.

DAM scary wei i tell u guys... wen the ang moh start jumping rite.. then they gao gao zho lao kao go jump trying to match the natural frequency of the bridge.... DAM WTF wei.. those got take physic 1 sure understand lah... Me n Chia Khai can seriously feel the whole bridge resonance wei.... Like the way it felt wen the indonesia tsunami 1 earthquake. Feel like head hin hin abit.. then body sway here n there abit... SCARY shit... =(

Chia Khai say lets zi pai, so i humour him lor.. lol
(I dun usually support this 1)

Dong~~~ Dong~~~ Dong~~~ If u guys click on the pic can notice the building now chg to countdown timer ald.

Yeah... HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! ;D

Selamat Tahun Baru!!!

Xin Nian Kuai Le!!!

Shinnen Akemashite Omedetoo!!!

Yeah, 20 ald people.. haiz.....

Vids are posted below >>>

Countdown to 2009!!!

Yeah!!! 2009!!! Btw, the Bell sound is actually the Big Ben ringing.

Fireworks!!! Sum dumbass people shouting for no reason all around us. There was a hint of chinese sumwhere i remembered.

Yeah all the pretty fireworks.... Hohoho....