Thursday, 8 January 2009

Day 2

Haha... so, sorry for delay abit, wuz busy preparing exam.... which in the end also useless all i studied nvr ask also.. haiz.. =(

oklah... as for 2nd day, we woke up quite late cuz nite b4 played Metal Slug X together. OMG GUYS U ALL HAV 2 REPLAY TAT GAME WEI..... DAM AWESOME N BRINGS BACK SOOO MANY MEMORIES!!!

so wen we woke up ald afternoon liaoz... so jz decided to go out for lunch lah. my neighbour fren concord las time was in town n invited us out for lunch. So we ma go together lor..

My fren suggested we went to this place :


Scenery of street of Bayswater.

Note : to those who do not know, if u r ever in London, just mention to anyone (Chinese preferably) that u r going to Bayswater, its a universal knowledge here ald, that u r going there to.................................................... (anyone wanna guess wat?)


To eat chinese food!!!
N not normal chinese food wei... notice the dish on the left side. wat do u guys think it is?

ROAST DUCK!!!! Even whole Msia can't find roast duck as AWESOME as this. Believe me.
All the KL ppl also says so.

Yeah guys... look at that duck wei... look at the gravy... can u imagine the taste?
let me describe it.

1st, wen u bite it, ur tongue will 1st taste the sweetness of the gravy, slowly trickling down ur mouth, the aroma of it slowly rise into ur nose, ur olfactory nerves sending signals straight to ur brain.

Next, when u really start to sink ur teeth into the meat, then the REAL heavenly part starts. The duck fat starts seeping out, bombarding ur mouth n noses with the most FANTASTIC aroma of duck. The oil is not oily, mind u.. its duck oil, its just slightly more viscous than water. But the smell, oh my god... undescribable...

After that oni u bite into the meat.... the meat texture is just nice, slightly more tough than chicken, but not as tough as pork.... just the correct texture to chew on....

oni 1 word to describe : ORGASMIC


(Disclaimer : if u dun understand any word from up there better not find wat they mean, u might be quite disappointed + surprised n dun sue me pls ><)

Random pic wif my frens in his Hilton hotel room.. rich boy.. =.=

After lunch, me n chia khai went to explore some new places in London. If any of u read newspaper daily, sure have heard of this new shopping mall that opened in London rite? Its called Westfield, the 'largest' mall in whole of Europe, apparently.

The whole mall is only 2 floors high.

View from the sidewalk of the mall. Theres an open section area oni for food, kinda a lil like The Curve

One of the entrances of Westfield. They realli took alot of thought into decorating the place leh.

The moment u step inside, straight feel like u inside a place tats like combination of Midvalley + Pavillion. The concept is kinda like midvalley, but whole ting is white, so reminds me of pavillion.

Pretty lights + decorations (take 1)

Pretty lights + decorations (take 2)

The ceiling is also half see-thru. Theres alot of brands available there. Even gucci, prada, LV everyting lah. I wanna post much more pics 1, but so dam ma huan leh this blogger... 1 time oni allow me post 5 pics then hav 2 wait forever.. Nic got anyway easier to post tings onot one???

This is the view from the 3rd florr, which is just like 1/8 of the place have oni. Ppl from kl go there all say its smaller than 1-U. Dun ask me..

(NOTE THE SHIRT I AM WEARING!!! 5A3 class t-shirt!!! M I patriotic or wat?)

i nvr been 1-U b4, even chia khai also dono cuz he dun go 1-U oso... but then, length-wise, its longer than midvalley lah, but midvalley hav 4 floors, this oni hav 2... so its still smaller lah....

but still its worth to come over to this place. the shops all acquire at least 2 lots, and all of them are 2 floors high.... haha quite big shops, like pavillion in a sense.. =)

Haiz... i used 1 hour ++ to make this post.. =.= ISNT THERE ANY PROGRAM TO MAKE POSTING BLOGS EASIER???

Guess i have to do the countdown 1 on another post ald... this totally drained me... ><