Thursday, 1 January 2009

Langkawi, a nice place

Just got back from langkawi and i am too tired after weeks of outing & camping, still i am going penang for countdown tomorrow. some more, i am driving, so i can only spend some little time blogging here.
Langkawi is interesting & nice. so i just briefly describe through photos about what we did today

langkawi geoforest

we need cable car to get up there

sher minn & I, in case u dont know, we have a complicated relationship.. Haha. find out yourself

with preacher

he is a handsome guy right??

bunch of camwhores

taking speedboat to the beach from langkawi port

some people on the bridge.. including me

forcing someone into the water

sher minn as a sand statue.. lol

eagle preying.. nice capture

in lake of the pregnant maiden, swimming & diving

who is the hairiest??? lol

in the boat..

below are what i bought in the 3 days..

duty free chocs..

i bought the most quantity

before going back home, i managed to get a starbucks drink to pay back what i missed out in KL. guess what, its duty free & its buy 1 free 1. those drank in KL sure am teh. so i gave the cup to sher minn as she won a bet.. LOL, i bet there's no starbucks in langkawi..

other photos of camp will be up soon.. i'm tired.. going to sleep