Sunday, 25 January 2009

Winter trip

Hey, i m not going to lose out here. Hehe.. I went for a winter trip to boston, orlando, n miami n ta da~~~!! Here i m to show u guys some photos n tell briefly bout the trip. We reached boston on 22nd. Basically juz walked around boston, visited musuems, MIT n Harvard. Went for ice skating at Boston Common during Christmas eve. Quite fun to skate outdoor with christmas songs playing along. 

These 2 young ladies thought tat they could skate. Hmmm... Though cute, they were quite annoying. Felt like confronting them n say "Can u stop blocking the traffic? Go back!" 


We were juz lik them after all.. can be worse i guess.. 

My fren, who has a great potential to be a korean actress. "anehasayo!! pukimayo!!"

View of boston from the top of Prudential Tower. Ok ok la~ 

Boston jump!!!

Nothing much to do on christmas day. Most of the shops were close. So we went to China Town. Had lunch in a restaurant called Penang, which serves Malaysian food. Got char keow teow, mee goreng, hai nan chicken rice, asam laksa.. The manager is oso a typical malaysian, with the slang n rudeness.. Haha.. 


Went to disney world. Had new year count down there. Awesome fireworks. Malaysia fireworks vs Disney fireworks is like ant vs tiger.

Gimme the angpou~~!!!

This guy has no attitude man. He tried to pick me up with a fight while lining up for a ride. Duh... rough huh.. Like his eyes though

Saw Lucas Scott from one tree hill. He is juz too cool.. xp

Went shopping. Bought this for my upcoming gf. Yes!! this is salvatore feragamo. Dun feel bad, gals. Line up n take number, u still hv the chance. xp

Beach n bitches.. oh yea babey...

Hawt mama's ass.. 

Alright.. tat's it. Some random photos from dunno how many gb of photos. Blogging is really tough man. Nic, u hv the patience, u r the man... Until then take care! N Happy Chinese New Year. 

In case u guys miss me. ^^