Monday, 2 February 2009

Happy Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year to all lor..... hhahaa how's everyone now?

Walao i see nick's pic he upload one... all the girls dress up so leng lui guys so entau... when all suddenly become like stars one... lol

Anyway, last nite sumting special happened..


According to BBC, its the 1st time it snowed this hard in 20 years in London!!! at about 11pm last night can really see snowstorm.

So, naturally, everyone came out to play with the snow lor.. so fun^^

At night, huge snow fight outside my apartment.

By morning, when i woke up, this is what i saw outside my window :

Looks exactly like the in cartoons right? SSooo pretty... lol like the house made from cookies $ sweets from fairy tales last time.

My school instantly covered in snow.. so.. NO LECTURES UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE!!! YEAH!!!

And lastly, for the girls, (sori lah guys), a sneak peak of my super entau ang moh flatmate


Haha Jolyn last time came my place din get to see him. =/

As for the guys.. haiya too bad lar.. the pretty one wen i wanna take pic of her, my camera go to run out of juice.. haiz.... sien.
NVM!! tomolo if snow again im sure we gonna play again hahaha..... more pics then

Stay tuned for more updates.. (if possible)