Tuesday, 3 February 2009

read start frm down there....rooooolllll downnnnnnnn

finish report..[hAPPY BAI tian Kong for those Hokkienes ]

at last nic face nt much smile whole noon i saw him black black n sien sien..he sum even say ''dxx'' better lo..yo fren ar fren u al say say him la wei le love zhi de ma...
nic look wide bit la outside uni more gals ko lo...

yea our kaM OVER there..at 1st is in straight line one lo..


REady to ''pau KAm''

MAke a wish..^^

eat bside the river too bad... eng so hungry. c nic face..?
smile wide bit la..

C our mum take food for us de..

STArt to do ah sam thi...take tupperware 1st..

3rd pic ..My bridge today! oh yea..

2nd pic -the road is mine today !!

Yes today is chu 9 as gt a function in pekan cina (tat brigde mny ppl jump de ar)wahaha lol..
aiyo forget take the pic of big papan there last few post nic ad post la anyway ..but dis time more leng cos ad hv lights ma...
since Nic stil nt in condition since i oso bit eng so i help him post la....
at 1st xt nic n i go ask redang thi de but the results...too bad v mostly no go redang ad detail i ll type in my next post la.
den v go ss house cos gt ppl 1 do big thi so call visit la.
den suddenly nic mumy sms come said gt thi to c in pekan cina v chg station.
Dis is Our 1st pic on the Bridge.(xt missing ss took1 )