Monday, 31 December 2007

Sunday, 30 December 2007

Snatch thieft!

"The FOS bag that being cut,wtf to the snatch thief!"

guys,do u all know in malacca there is a place call jonker street like pasar malam one?alot of things sell there and very crowded there especially weekends..

well,Christina Quah came malacca yterday night and so me and siow wern bring her walk around and go there at night..we leave the place about after an hour then v walk back to the the car,SHIT! siow wern shout,her bag was being cut,and the purse inside was gone..she was damn pretty sad because quite alot money inside and that is a GUESS purse from her sister..

after drop Christina back to hotel,i bring her 2 nearby police station,(guys,i drive with expired license),we make a report then come back home and call to bank to block the ATM card...

all the things had settled down now,and everything is fine now..thats all..

WARNING! especially girls,dun bring a big bag when come to jonker street in Malacca..

Friday, 28 December 2007

Our Christmas Eve 07 In Gurney Drive---> my 1st time nor...

hehehe ^^ crazy man tat nite~
Kjunn TAke camere lo ~

Thursday, 27 December 2007

Christmas Outing

Pictures of the day 25.15.2007 :

after countdown,beside the beach,we looked horible and tired

The view of the restaurant- Taro

Sparkling juice take 1

Sparkling juice take 2

My meal - Taro Chicken Chop RM 14.90

Siow Wern's Salmon Cheese Spegetti RM14.90

A botol of Apple and Berries Sparkling juice RM19.90

well,my friends,i am fine here..

there is nothing special happen here,everythings are just like usual,haha

so,after the long time ago suicide post,now another post of mine about the Christmas outing with siow wern..

rent a kancil RM 5 per hour ( nic,GeN2 expensive la RM15 per hour )

had our dinner in a new restaurant here,the place is quite the prices also not so excessive,want to know more?see the pictures above..
take care there,my friends..i will be back on 6th of Jan 2008

Tuesday, 25 December 2007

merry christmas

pit, zh n yen

evy 1...

we're same tall!!

pit yen n qing.. n the christmas tree

Monday, 24 December 2007

me n my cousin n my cousin's cousin (2 in front eh)..haha..they r tis time trip my speaking improve..kaka..speak non stop eh..their mum in charge of NUS register eh if i can score god, hopefuly she can help lo..
noe wat im doing? hehe..but i noe d style not corect..juz d ting ned lot of strength my hand fa dou..i try rock climbing 2..juz din take photo..din climb finish fal down le..coz v scare n nervous up there.. fel sek sek ma? juz add up bit mist only..haha..

woo..can u guys imagine? i snap tis when playing games..lucky ppl din beat me take without permision..anyway, d gina is so cute n kep playing at there..
erm..met lot of uper eh ppl lo tis time..1st day when check in jiu saw yaw yik le..wearing cot working there..then onther days met hong wei, kean tatt, wei yi, ah keng if i din c wrong..sum working there but sum went 4 holiday.. sum same batch wif them but din study f6 xian mu them nia..stil can go trip 2gether after seperate..hope we can oso o..
however so crowded tis many ppl..n duno i got fel wrong ma..but d cable car so fast ki..make me n cousin al scream when go down..lik roler coaster oso scream u al grandpa so col..we sit pirate ship..then i ask him wan sit which row..he say last..i wif him sit 2nd last..i scream he stil smile there..then sit flying dragon wif us oso..i go paddling wif him..he tired le i cal him put leg aside i paddle..he wan go go lo..lastly i so tired n sweat when we stop..haha..
yo d fod so expensiv nia..hate it..we 15 ppl..breakfast eat rm100++..lunch n dinner rm200++ to rm300++..i almost i noe y i everytim when trip go genting sure din eat much..
n ho i went 2 d 1st garden we went last year..make me thk of many ting nia..mis u al so much o..when can we go again? n got 1 nite i went down at bout 2am++..stil many ppl lo..most r couple..T.T..i noe i dun hv...T.T..haha..
now xmas ady..Merry Christmas ya al breds n pits!!!

merry christmas

so, dun be too greedy in this coming christmas la.. haha... for those bachelor.. pray more!! (include me).. spinster by now... em no nid that much.. (soon wil be occupied).. haha.. n pray evy1 get gud results!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

Saturday, 22 December 2007

latest 1

at asian mix.. this hao la.. dun wan come in

Wednesday, 19 December 2007

this is wat u guys wanna..

wan smore??

Tuesday, 18 December 2007

at the end of the day..

end up in the hospital...

Monday, 17 December 2007

yeah smile of finish d race only..

some souvenirs...

on the beach

woo.... like lady leh??? XY 1 la.

saja let u al c c pretty gals..

hahahah...i paiseh again liao..i mean eh pretty gals is side ah eng de guess n c in dis 5 gals who got tat type of face ll kahwin most early??

Saturday, 15 December 2007

New comer`~

dis is ah eng latest pic wif small small pimples la...hiak hiak paiseh nia...(my face wan sleep le)
early Merry XMas to u al 1st la...
can u al guess dao where is it??A beautiful place in Msia o..nv thk of msia sky can b so beautiful..

some pic to let u al c cos i noe how to post is a boring sat..nearly wan sleep liao...tml is a new week pulak..skol almost reopen sien la....

hiak hiak...

testing testing...

something to post... i just feel like it.... bored...

so i had no choice but to post leng zhai de picture....
bo pian...
leng zhai wu still as leng zhai as ever...
and also still as lonely as ever...
but yet still as gentleman as ever...
and also with his as ever charming smile...
haih... no need say liao....
makes him the envy of so many guys....
and of course...
oh shit bredpits sure say ah wu siao ki liao... zi lian... hahahaaha.... nvm la...
want go out celbrate fren bday d... bye bye.. always rmb the leng zhai wu eh u all.... kakaka....

Wednesday, 12 December 2007

1 sad ting...

Tuesday, 11 December 2007

alright then.....

By popular demand..... the last pics is all the malaysian guys laa.... got from kedah(me of course) to penang to kl to johor to kuching, bintulu, sibu n miri wahhahah..... so i go to east malaysia also will have free places to stay lor^^

Friday, 7 December 2007


Waaaa so long no post ald also see all u all so fun so happy i also post laa...

this 1 is last week my skul christmas dinner one.... post the currently 2 leng lui of my skull... (drools~~~~)

From Singapore

From Hong Kong

So cool man... hehehehe.....

Thursday, 6 December 2007

high high eh kjunn..

sory i duno how 2 turn over..hehe..u al turn head la ha..bluek!!! :-P

ah eng!!

ah eng!! edited by shu jou 1.. haha.. purposely took from ah eng's friendster...

and he's so HIGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ah eng so happy.. closeup in public

and he's so HIGH!! too high d.. beyond logical expectation

Tuesday, 4 December 2007

finally 18!!! legal to..... d la eng!!

bday of eng in ebox.. so romantic

cake!!! love shape

pit eating... woo.. no more image!!

ppl so happy la.. on escalator also take photo!

** khey junn gettin hyper high... bt i dun hv the photo.. tian will post soon gua.. haha...

Sunday, 2 December 2007

just in case...

just in case i foget, today is 2nd december, may be very busy in the next few days, so just in case i forget( most likely wont la) wanna wish kang ying ying a BIG BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY...!! yea 18 liao... no present but got hugs to give if u want. no kisses yet cos first kiss havnt given out. haha.. anyway take care...

Saturday, 1 December 2007

Nic & hAo,somethinG foR u 2 ^^

Well,currently very tired actually,but stil come to post my precious post here..
Nic & Hao, perhaps u all had forgotten it.. it's still nice though..

familiaR with the road?? Bintang Walk...

Yes,i'd went back theRe this afternoon... and it's still crowded with those ANG MO..

and this,the baR i love the most...
and of course,many photos need to post up dy la..
This time,just me alone,without my sister n both of u... miss the feeling of 1st time be there with u all..haha.. it's always the best =P
k la,tht's the recent ShuYi in KL btw... cheeRs... nitez~~
regards ^^