Thursday, 27 December 2007

Christmas Outing

Pictures of the day 25.15.2007 :

after countdown,beside the beach,we looked horible and tired

The view of the restaurant- Taro

Sparkling juice take 1

Sparkling juice take 2

My meal - Taro Chicken Chop RM 14.90

Siow Wern's Salmon Cheese Spegetti RM14.90

A botol of Apple and Berries Sparkling juice RM19.90

well,my friends,i am fine here..

there is nothing special happen here,everythings are just like usual,haha

so,after the long time ago suicide post,now another post of mine about the Christmas outing with siow wern..

rent a kancil RM 5 per hour ( nic,GeN2 expensive la RM15 per hour )

had our dinner in a new restaurant here,the place is quite the prices also not so excessive,want to know more?see the pictures above..
take care there,my friends..i will be back on 6th of Jan 2008