Saturday, 1 December 2007

Nic & hAo,somethinG foR u 2 ^^

Well,currently very tired actually,but stil come to post my precious post here..
Nic & Hao, perhaps u all had forgotten it.. it's still nice though..

familiaR with the road?? Bintang Walk...

Yes,i'd went back theRe this afternoon... and it's still crowded with those ANG MO..

and this,the baR i love the most...
and of course,many photos need to post up dy la..
This time,just me alone,without my sister n both of u... miss the feeling of 1st time be there with u all..haha.. it's always the best =P
k la,tht's the recent ShuYi in KL btw... cheeRs... nitez~~
regards ^^