Monday, 24 December 2007

me n my cousin n my cousin's cousin (2 in front eh)..haha..they r tis time trip my speaking improve..kaka..speak non stop eh..their mum in charge of NUS register eh if i can score god, hopefuly she can help lo..
noe wat im doing? hehe..but i noe d style not corect..juz d ting ned lot of strength my hand fa dou..i try rock climbing 2..juz din take photo..din climb finish fal down le..coz v scare n nervous up there.. fel sek sek ma? juz add up bit mist only..haha..

woo..can u guys imagine? i snap tis when playing games..lucky ppl din beat me take without permision..anyway, d gina is so cute n kep playing at there..
erm..met lot of uper eh ppl lo tis time..1st day when check in jiu saw yaw yik le..wearing cot working there..then onther days met hong wei, kean tatt, wei yi, ah keng if i din c wrong..sum working there but sum went 4 holiday.. sum same batch wif them but din study f6 xian mu them nia..stil can go trip 2gether after seperate..hope we can oso o..
however so crowded tis many ppl..n duno i got fel wrong ma..but d cable car so fast ki..make me n cousin al scream when go down..lik roler coaster oso scream u al grandpa so col..we sit pirate ship..then i ask him wan sit which row..he say last..i wif him sit 2nd last..i scream he stil smile there..then sit flying dragon wif us oso..i go paddling wif him..he tired le i cal him put leg aside i paddle..he wan go go lo..lastly i so tired n sweat when we stop..haha..
yo d fod so expensiv nia..hate it..we 15 ppl..breakfast eat rm100++..lunch n dinner rm200++ to rm300++..i almost i noe y i everytim when trip go genting sure din eat much..
n ho i went 2 d 1st garden we went last year..make me thk of many ting nia..mis u al so much o..when can we go again? n got 1 nite i went down at bout 2am++..stil many ppl lo..most r couple..T.T..i noe i dun hv...T.T..haha..
now xmas ady..Merry Christmas ya al breds n pits!!!