Saturday, 29 September 2007

exam sucks

Lol. I also dunno wat's with stupid exam. Cant finish study la. Tmr go skul wan sleep again le. Yo kang. Not same ki ma u. Now ppl can say lines of motivation. Haha. Buck up boy. All da best to ya too. Btw. Pray for us 2. Fxxxing fed up with stupid studies.


Final coming soon rite?f6 people,u all having final or normal test?sory,i m currently no idea for the tests in school now,,for those who r having examination,good luck achive,we believe,haha..

Friday, 28 September 2007

S H I T . . .

damn shit...

aloha! reply using phone.

Yo hao. Damn suck la u. Settle also need so long time. Jo n wu settle so easily.smore can cal me, chat with me, go online.. U ni? Macam sunk into da sea lik titanic.. Gai nia u.
Haha. Me bo su le la. Got two consultant with ultimate solution sure ok de la.. Wait u wan help mayb die d lo. Now only u noe u long time bo drop msg liao leh?
Nowadays c u n chun lei wat miss lai miss ki.. Not bad ma?. Haha.. Ppl wan also bo. Haha.. u there bsides lynette stil got any leng leng de ma?..
Wu says he got latvian lol. U? Indian? Haha. Mai ciun na. I evyday got tai pa time waste na. Dun think u hv only.
Oh england's countryside stil ulu a? Worse den as leh.. Cannot high speed. Haha.. Sui la u.
I dun care. U kena post some photos de. Bo guan..
I post so much. U guys 1 also bo.. Sad nia.

Some pics

Yesterday trip to Edinburgh

Last week's trip to Alton Towers, the biggest theme park in whole UK.

Mushi Mushi~~~

harlow.... wahsai... so long i no come here happen so many tings ald..
aiya sori laaa not tat i dowan online laa.... jz tat 1st week need to settle down n start skul life again ler...
Study..~_~" sienz.......
anywayz, im now sacrificing my sleep time to do this... its freaking 2am here n im doing this... waa my panda eyes dam big ald... hehe
wei wei..... hamisu happen?? nic nic lu hamisu liao? wa ha mi pun tak tau..><" lol maybe cuz too long tak cakap ald.. =/
klaa tell u all bout me now.... i now at last can move into the skul liao.. so got more time to sleep every morening (1 hour extra!!!!!) woot..... onot las time bout 7am nis wake up now 8am wake up tai pa time to waste still... haha....
urm.... lucily i got the best guys' room in college..XD" best house n one of the biggest single rooms still... my room wanna add sleep 3/4 ppl still can lor....
weather here now getting dam cold ald... summore all ppl living in same campus.. walao like got epidemic lidat leh.. 1 person come in college got flu, next week whole block ppl flu ald.... n tat block jz beside my block...=.="
lets hope i dun get... (cross fingers..^^"v)
haiya no new pics show u all laa... i still same laa... lol....
btw, my internet sux... nid to bout my time 12.30am, bout msia time 7.30 am oni can high speed.. haiz.... tat y veli hard to play webcam or even msn if i wan.. sad case.. T______T

Saturday, 22 September 2007

mooncake festival

with candles.

lantern of the year


crazy fellows...

two pits!!!


so nice....

Wednesday, 19 September 2007

apa tu..

sigh la nic..
dat hw ki siao u oso kisiao ar....
wat push up pulak..
tats normal exercize ma...wakaka jooon..
y u never change eh...
at least ur buah besar sikit ma...
hohoho..jkjk..nic them la...inspire me..

im jolyn anyway!

Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Joon's bek!!

hey guys..
baru habis gathering with the siao gina joon...
wu, inform u la..nthg much to tel la..
they also wan help me only say i this wrong that wrong ma..
nvm eh la..
u nvr see me insomia b4 also right??
now u see..
bt i these few days is sleep til lethargic d..
act nthg 1 la..
maybe i think too much la..
so now v v v ok d..
so its lik this nia lo..
get used to the lonely life d..
nobody pop up this stuffs la..
jus a problem since long long time ago lai..
thx for the supports anyway
thx guyz..
n wu a..
dun ever call urself a gentleman la..
i noe u are.. bt not til 9/10 gua..
if the rating so high, the standard must be low..
if u 9/10..
then joon 11/10 d..
dun la..
pit dun wan disappoint u only......
btw, this saturday we're having a mid autumn festival..
n gathering of cos..
wan to noe more.. stay to the blog la..
why jo wan let the 2 buah pushed up..
terlalu berat is it???
she maybe evyday 100 times gua..
next time she bek time maybe lik coconut sharp sharp d..
noe wu.. coconut????
bye for the time..
update soon!!!!
kampete guys!!

Monday, 17 September 2007

ho ho ho...

wa lao... suddenly so lao zhua.... this nick i noe de... sien sien then he will come post d... sad lo u nic.. i so sporting post so muc when the blog reactivation period u din gip me credit for tht.. where can like this de?? har????.... kaka... jk la... anyway bra bra bra bra bra...

kaka... anyway again... haih.. nic first time in his life insomnia... sad only... nick i teach u.. u muz do meditation.... and seriously speaking.... u all say tht most of all the bredpits also nic wat wrong here wat wrong there... i tink i am the only one who is not in the 'most' word lo... cos i only noe the outline only... i only noe y nic cant sleep and y he sad... the rest i ham plang tak tao leh.... so who want giv me detailed report???

haih... say come say go... nic muznt think too muc.. he muz understand tht thinking too muc shang shen and waste energy.. so tel him happy happy always lo... no happy also can learn me lonely lonely lo.... so i tink this is the best thing to do la... kaka...

actually i vy curious eh... y suddenly i come back here 1 week only i mean last week then suddenly pop up this thing de??? who started de ar???

anyway back to the bra thing... lately i din c tiok any bra... i mean i go shopping or jalan jalan also din c... not tht i go c gal de bra la... plss dun get me wrong... i 9 out of 10 mark de gentleman.... where got so chin de??? rite??? ask qing, eng and jo.... haha.. they can say yes yes!! correct!! hean wu is biao chun de gentleman... kaka... the lonely gentleman.... heheheheheh....

anyway no bra news la but got one piece of info vy near bra de.... its called leng...... hahahahahhaa.... tht day waiting tube in the underground.... ah jo touch touch my muscle ma... then i tel her i got do push ups for the chest and triceps ma..... then jo say she also want to do... then i ma tel her say u how do also no use... its always also soft soft de oil ma... then she say no no... do d vy good cos can support the ' dua biji ', or mayb ' dua buah' la.....dun let it xia chui so muc.... kka......hahahahaha... so jo u do how many times d???

thts all lo... i hope this will make u all laugh or mayb at least smile.. to brighten up everybody's sien sien day....

bye bye... till nex time...

the latest pic of us

Sunday, 16 September 2007

wan bra again??

so far ha.. the best topic is the bra topic lo..
wan give it a chat smore??
since evy1 mai chat..
bra again..

Saturday, 15 September 2007

commit suicide!!

ok,the latest news from malacca here..dis incident happened a week ago..
as u all kno,i stayed in an apartment named ixora beside my mmu university..not far away dat is another apartment named emerald park,but the apartment is nt dat high after all,it's jz 5th floor compare to my apartment wich got 18th floor...the indian gal is from emerald park,she used the reason wich wan 2 find her fren and had commit suicide,she jumped from 7th floor..but dey found her slipper in 18th,i tink she planned 2 go 18th floor to jump at 1st,but when looked down,it's to tall 2 jump and changed 2 7th floor...alot of the tenants here stil in trauma including my gf,da gal jumped at her area dere...sounds scary rite..any 1 kno dis news?

nic ask me 2 leave smth here..


credits for chek kang

hey guys..
i jus got to know that our chek kang fren,
normally zhong se qing you eh..,
actually miss us when he saw us gathering lo..
n smore he mention bout us back at a/s when he deliver a speech in english lesson..
think bo leh chek kang..
ping shi so zhong se now can miss his frens..
so guys give him a credit for that.. haha

reply to ah eng n wu.

eng a...
so wan ppl thx u for wat..??
man chien kuih???
dun wan le..
buy to tuition let me sia sui only..
sobs sobs..

n wu..
finally free to reply ur whole msg..
although exam jus around the corner..
bt i really cant study..
so jus reply u..
sad being a loner..
blog now as if only for sadder..
thos happy eh forget us le..

tu jo n hao dunno where le..
bo post anything also...
nvm la..
i believe jo wil post 1 soon..

n lastly, hao..
pls get ur news in the blog.. fast fast..!!

any tips to treat insomia???

hey guys got anything that can treat insomia???
i wake up so so early lol..
bt cant sleep bek lo...

tq frens..

won wipe off la...
i'm not so old to be a father gua...
i where got control all ni???
nid some1 lik this???
sure bo??? haha

yaya quite serious..
v serious tim..
its like nearly whole gang eh ppl noe d right???
nvm la. i dun mind..
fan zhen its like nearly solved by the time i read this..
my face look v can bt actually my heart is bleeding..
yaya guys.. must teach me a way to sleep..
i forgot how to sleep d..
i got insomia for weeks d..
i can actually chat with jolyn le..

qing a..
i also no idea with my prob lo..
by the time i write this..
the situation changes again liao..
i've tried ur ultimate solution hours ago..
bt i dun think its solving n going in the right way by now lo..
i'm not harming myself..
i'm jus doing wat i like, bt opposition dun like....
seriously, i nvr felt like this b4..
nvr nvr nvr..
nvm la..
i wil always n forver u guys de kai xing guo..
nvm la..
my happiness won affect my frenship..
i will always put frens 1st..
i stood up...
i tel her i'm fine..
bt i'm not..

i enuf fat le la..
stil jia you ma lik barrel d..
cheer me up..
dun disturb me up...
love ya pit..

Friday, 14 September 2007

Un!f!c@tiOn oF bR3dpIts nE3ded!!!!

alo alo!! all my dear fren..
come give a big big kiss first.. since i rarely come here..
keke.. muaksssssssssss..........
dun wipe off yo!haha..

ok.. first of all.. based on the title written..
i bet u al must b wondering y rite..??
as our very good heng dai ,nic..
he is just like our father rite?
wat thing also he controlling de..
haha.. but tis is a good thing k.. we nit someone like this..

so as i know. he had been facing smt quite serious for him..
hmm... nic u wont mind i say it here kuk??
even tough i din c u but i think ur face gonna looked very can eh..
so as bred n pits.. i hope u all can cheer him up lo..
n most importantly.. teach him the way to fall asleep!!!

haih.. nic ar nic.. i really hav no idea bout ur probs.. seriously!!
n u did talked to jo dy rite? wat in her mind is just the same as wat is on my mind..
the ultimate solution given is the best way i can think of..
consider bout it.. seriously.. no benefits for harming urself.
u r our kai xin gua ok.. without ur happiness we all ma cham.. wakaka..
so b strong n stand up!! tell her tat u r fine!!!
jia you jia you!!

bredpits.. he nit ur power!!!
come on come on!! cheer him up!!
take care guys!! love ya!

Thursday, 13 September 2007

so quiet.....

it seems that out of all the bredpits... i am the only one so free to pop by, sign in and post something... look slike everyone's so damn busy eh??? is it?? or u all no heart only.... hmmm.. bo sim lo u all.... kaka... jk la...

keep on rolling lo u all..!!!

row row row ur boat, gently down the stream, merrily merrily merrily merrily, life is but a dream....


Tuesday, 11 September 2007


bredpits.. wo you lai le..

dunno y so long no log in here..after they back to uk i thk i need to log in here n noe al abt them in there...pit jo ,wu n hao take care there ya n dun ever try not to misss any bredpits here o...

hao should almost reach liao kua...wu n jo jia you in cuming term lo..

for bredpits in msia but outside as ni gambateh for u al de study oso o..i noe u al sure can do well de abo u al now oso wont b there liao..jia you too...

for bredpits in my lovely f6 n kh skol ni..haih..evryday meet de la..but u al oso need jia you in exam lo hope the coming exam in less than 1 month v al wont fei lou again in any subj liao la...pray for u al n oso myself need jia you oso la dun giv up zai bo?although v cant leav as v cant lose de coz v wan pia go most good de u after 2 yrs time...

who else no liao kut anyway nic i reactive here liao fast thx me ban jian kuih for me next week!!!

kep in touch guys...

(wrote 8 sept but duno y cant post up)...try again...

Monday, 10 September 2007

ho ho.. ah nick....

aiyo.... here dun hav a lot of leng lui la... except u consider jolyn leng lui lo....( din say later she beat me lo) kka..... anyway okla... got one two i always siam here siam there only.... to keep things interesting ma... bo coege life so sien damn sien lorrrrr really de... esp now my new accomodaton also dun hav internet access de... damn lor.... erm...... currently while i am typing this i am sitting directly opposite a chinese gal from china de.. vy leng leh... not vy la..but i think considered leng la... from jan i ady kap till today d.... kaka.... and todya in canteen i also saw say i tel u de tht latvian gal... wa today clearer view.... her po vy big lo... even jo also say.... jajaja...

anyway i know bout the question they ask u d la... qing told me.... wa lao.. sad story come can like this??? haih... i think muz let go fast fast lo.. if not ur life will b more sien.... last time i also went thru same thing wat.... erm... not tht same but sumthing like tht lo... so learn from the expert la... haha.... and ya like tht lo i can c... c open little bit... enjoy live.. enjoy being lonely la.... kaka..c now i here also loner.... alwasy go here and there alone... kaka.... i also dun hav housemate.. ma find things to occupy myself lo... sumtimes its hard la.. but wat to do ar... lke tht lo.... so erm... ma like tht lo...

and want say wat summor har? oh ya even sadder de is like we are the only ppl taking here eh... haih... dunno everyone go where.... kaka.... anyway.. i got noting else to say d... so bye bye la....

take care lor.... dun think too muc.... its happy being lonely...


Saturday, 8 September 2007

miss u all la

ai yo..
wu.. lik dat also wan jealous ma??? need lik that meh??
oh dat ques.. better u dun noe..
say tiok it nia....
sad liao.. hehe..
yaya u v clever lo..
so bo sien liao meh????

why not fair de..
u all always met leng lui..
me ni evyday c same gals..
i wan kao also bo chance..
so wu.. enjoy it alone lol...
me got no eye candy la..
hall's many nia..

Tuesday, 4 September 2007


oh like this la nic.. miss jo din miss me.. sad la... cry d...and wat question u all ask nic?? come come share and c la... i also want to noe wat... sien wat sien la u all.. sien here sien there.. sien ur head la... sien is sien la... but then wat to do ar.. in this situation d... so we make it not sien lo.... rite rite??? c i so clever.... akakakakaka....

haha... actually sien also la... sien in malaysia when u all studying, sien in uk when i studying... but its ok la... cos i always find ways to entertain myself... kaka...

haha.. tel u all.. eh today i saw a vy beautiful latvian gal eh.. she bumped into my chem class asking for sum other history teacher.... wei joon and nic... tel u all.. really teng de... all nice nice.. leng sai!!!!!
kaka... not bad also lo.. i here got a few eye candy let me wash eye everyday.... ahhahaahaha....

thts it for now la... all the best....!

take care...


Monday, 3 September 2007

too much of missing us d la

too much of missing us d la..
so only wil reluctant to them.. haha....
we miss u too..
v v much..
its like this..
we also hate the days without u.. hehe

Sunday, 2 September 2007

"back" jor..

alo balik uk d..
ah wu should be arrived d last nite...
damn miss malaysia eh..
sien lo back here..
da boring life style starts again..
n pak pia again...
2day i met half of my cousemate d.
bt then i got such a feeling like reluctant 2 c them..
or am i turning 2 dislike them..
i dunno..
juz that..
i miss u guys!!!
ok lo..
enuf for tis time..