Saturday, 15 September 2007

tq frens..

won wipe off la...
i'm not so old to be a father gua...
i where got control all ni???
nid some1 lik this???
sure bo??? haha

yaya quite serious..
v serious tim..
its like nearly whole gang eh ppl noe d right???
nvm la. i dun mind..
fan zhen its like nearly solved by the time i read this..
my face look v can bt actually my heart is bleeding..
yaya guys.. must teach me a way to sleep..
i forgot how to sleep d..
i got insomia for weeks d..
i can actually chat with jolyn le..

qing a..
i also no idea with my prob lo..
by the time i write this..
the situation changes again liao..
i've tried ur ultimate solution hours ago..
bt i dun think its solving n going in the right way by now lo..
i'm not harming myself..
i'm jus doing wat i like, bt opposition dun like....
seriously, i nvr felt like this b4..
nvr nvr nvr..
nvm la..
i wil always n forver u guys de kai xing guo..
nvm la..
my happiness won affect my frenship..
i will always put frens 1st..
i stood up...
i tel her i'm fine..
bt i'm not..

i enuf fat le la..
stil jia you ma lik barrel d..
cheer me up..
dun disturb me up...
love ya pit..