Friday, 14 September 2007

Un!f!c@tiOn oF bR3dpIts nE3ded!!!!

alo alo!! all my dear fren..
come give a big big kiss first.. since i rarely come here..
keke.. muaksssssssssss..........
dun wipe off yo!haha..

ok.. first of all.. based on the title written..
i bet u al must b wondering y rite..??
as our very good heng dai ,nic..
he is just like our father rite?
wat thing also he controlling de..
haha.. but tis is a good thing k.. we nit someone like this..

so as i know. he had been facing smt quite serious for him..
hmm... nic u wont mind i say it here kuk??
even tough i din c u but i think ur face gonna looked very can eh..
so as bred n pits.. i hope u all can cheer him up lo..
n most importantly.. teach him the way to fall asleep!!!

haih.. nic ar nic.. i really hav no idea bout ur probs.. seriously!!
n u did talked to jo dy rite? wat in her mind is just the same as wat is on my mind..
the ultimate solution given is the best way i can think of..
consider bout it.. seriously.. no benefits for harming urself.
u r our kai xin gua ok.. without ur happiness we all ma cham.. wakaka..
so b strong n stand up!! tell her tat u r fine!!!
jia you jia you!!

bredpits.. he nit ur power!!!
come on come on!! cheer him up!!
take care guys!! love ya!