Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Joon's bek!!

hey guys..
baru habis gathering with the siao gina joon...
wu, inform u la..nthg much to tel la..
they also wan help me only say i this wrong that wrong ma..
nvm eh la..
u nvr see me insomia b4 also right??
now u see..
bt i these few days is sleep til lethargic d..
act nthg 1 la..
maybe i think too much la..
so now v v v ok d..
so its lik this nia lo..
get used to the lonely life d..
nobody pop up this stuffs la..
jus a problem since long long time ago lai..
thx for the supports anyway
thx guyz..
n wu a..
dun ever call urself a gentleman la..
i noe u are.. bt not til 9/10 gua..
if the rating so high, the standard must be low..
if u 9/10..
then joon 11/10 d..
dun la..
pit dun wan disappoint u only......
btw, this saturday we're having a mid autumn festival..
n gathering of cos..
wan to noe more.. stay to the blog la..
why jo wan let the 2 buah pushed up..
terlalu berat is it???
she maybe evyday 100 times gua..
next time she bek time maybe lik coconut sharp sharp d..
noe wu.. coconut????
bye for the time..
update soon!!!!
kampete guys!!