Sunday, 9 May 2010

Can you smell it?

Can you smell it? Spring is here!!!!

Well, technically was already here for 3 months and it should be summer-ry now, but as usual, 2012, world temperature fluctuation etc so it is still very early-springy as of now.

Chia Khai said UK is like a fridge, U open the fridge, can see the light shining brightly, but still feel the cold draft up ur neck. Couldn't agree more =)

One of the main reasons im here writing this is cuz
I'M T-O-O B-O-R-E-D FROM S-T-U-D-Y-I-N-G!!!!
Yeah, exam season is upon us as thus starts the all work and no play season.

Anyway, as usual, some pictures to emphasise my point of spring being here.... Damn this is like a quarterly blog now... its like I only update whenever the season changes...

Btw, this is how an English countryside looks like. Its seriously quite like LOTR, got mountain got fields got lakes...

View from a hill called Loughrigg Fells.

Ang moh lang also got fisherman's boats!!!!

Shrooms!!! They're everywhere now that its spring.

Notice the very huge cruise ship in the middle.

The path I took. Cloudy day btw...

A lone sailing boat in the huge lake. Kinda reminds me of the Luna colour pencils.

The lake is called Lake Windermere.

More Shrooms!!!

Btw, a curious Japanese song that I found.. I'm sure everyone would be quite acquainted to the melody =)

Have fun and best of luck to all who are having exams soon!!!