Saturday, 15 September 2007

commit suicide!!

ok,the latest news from malacca here..dis incident happened a week ago..
as u all kno,i stayed in an apartment named ixora beside my mmu university..not far away dat is another apartment named emerald park,but the apartment is nt dat high after all,it's jz 5th floor compare to my apartment wich got 18th floor...the indian gal is from emerald park,she used the reason wich wan 2 find her fren and had commit suicide,she jumped from 7th floor..but dey found her slipper in 18th,i tink she planned 2 go 18th floor to jump at 1st,but when looked down,it's to tall 2 jump and changed 2 7th floor...alot of the tenants here stil in trauma including my gf,da gal jumped at her area dere...sounds scary rite..any 1 kno dis news?