Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Happy Chinese New Year.

hi everyone, just want to wish everyone a happy and prosperous Happy CNY!!! its been a long time since i last posted anything on this blog. i think probaly a year plus liao kut. hav always thought of writing somthing, but nothing meaningful to say. not that this post holds any meaningful meanings, well i just felt its been time i contribute a little to the existing posts. haha.

i am going to celebrate CNY this year this weekend. starting on a friday evening with my hall mates, we going for steamboat; saturday afternoon probaly going to some UCL CNY carnival, saturday evening having reunion dinner with my CTC friends; and sunday lunch with my brother and sister. *got angpau from my parents leh* haha. Monday Che 1 go for lectures, tuesday and wednesday no school. a midweek weekend which i have been waiting for all term. so ya la. this year i celebrate and go out more with friends cos my parents are not here. cos they came last november and my bro went back in dec, so there's not muc point in them coming in january. for the past two CNY while they were here i was spending most of my time with them. so its something new celebrating CNY without them around. weird enough, come out 2 years plus already, this is the first time i am celebrating CNY more with my friends.

i also miss spending CNY with u all i guess. always wanted to go back for the CNY gathering more than all the other gatherings u all have had. i dunno why, but i really want to go back lor. jus to makan makan, hang out a bit would be enuf. but sadly i wont be able to do so for the next few years, and when i can do so, i think probaly we all will be scattered all over the world and it will be quite hard to meet up again. anyway, i also want to take this opportunity to wish everyone a prosperous year of course, happy new year(english version), merry belated christmas, all the best of luck and goodness in the year to come and in everything and anything you all were to do and will be involved in, be it work, studies, love life (this one very important), relationships, family, business, one night stands(for ah joon)... and err.. i think this is wat i can think of at the moment.

you noe, there are lots of things that can be said, and a lot of things that can be done. but staring at the screen thinking of what to say or do, i cant really think of anything. the only thoughts that come to my mind is how much i enjoyed my few years with you all, and looking back through the times, i thank you all for being such nice and good friends to me, for accepting me for who i am and putting up with my personality. and i guess i just want the best for everyone in their lives cos i tink thats the best i can hope and wish for for u all. heh. gtg.

Happy Chinese New Year again ppl!!!
Xing Nian Kuai LE,
Gong Xi Fa Cai,
Wan Shi Ru Yi,
Nian Nian You Yuu,
Cai Yuan Guang Jing,
Shen Ti Jian Kang,
Kuai Gao Zhang Da,
Xue Ye Meng Jing,
Hong Bao Duo Duo,
Fu Ruu Dong Hai,
Shou Bi Nan Shan.

dunno la simply crap.. haha.
till then. byeee..

Ah Wu :)