Saturday, 3 January 2009

Happy New Year!!!

Hei guys..... sorry for the slightly late post... =/ Busy busy.. haha

So how is everyone in the new year? we have at last touched the BIG 2-0 ald lor ppl (save for the few little pts jumpers... dun worry urs will come sooner than u tink).

We r now old old ppl ald lor.. mature d must tink mature, act mature, tok mature d... NOT!!

hahahahaha.... I'm sooo not ready to giv up playing yet. =/ So, hows the new year celebrations in msia? post some larr... i wanna see.. =(

Anyway, back here in the cold upper north.. ntg much happen, but a certain Mr.Lau came over to pay me a little visit for the last few days of last year.. At least i did not pass the new year alone this year. =D

Heres some pics as usual.. >>>

Day 1
Mr Lau arrived from Birmingham at bout 5pm, so he came over my place and rested awhile before going out for dinner.

And where else to take him out to dinner than...




(hint hint : nic & joon ;D)

The burger I ordered >>> Chicken Avocado and Bacon

Menu says : Fresh breast of chicken, avocado, streaky bacon, salad, mayonnaise and relish.

Oh god the chicken is pencil and ink also kenot describe (see! i have not lose my chinese roots yet =D). Fried to perfection i tell u. the size is 2 times the chicken they serve at the sad KFC at Jalan Stadium there one. For those who dont know, GBK burgers like this, normal people can't even open mouth big enough to fit into ur mouth.

Chia Khai's burger >>> Kiwiburger

Menu says : 100% Aberdeen-Angus Scotch Beef, beetroot, egg, pineapple, cheese, salad, mayonnaise and relish.

This burger is even larger than mine. Enough said. Dont worry, forks n knives r always supplied for those uninitiated n00bs hahahah.

The drink that we both ordered >>> Oreo milkshake.

Again, this is jz dam awesome. REAL oreos with frozen milk i tink n cream n stuff. The metal cup is twice as big as any cups u have seen before. They even froze the metal cup before serving us, so the drinks are forever cold.

We posing with our food. U guys can kind of see how huge the burgers n drinks are. And wat i meant by normal people mouth sure kenot fit the burger one. Heck, even holding it is a problem.

Our plates after we have finished with everyting. =D

Of course, good food never come cheap though. =(

But luckily, i got a voucher, we get 2 burgers for the price of one. So what was supposed to be bout 11 pounds per person ended up just bout 7 pounds per person.

I noe... u all 101% start counting in ur head ald. 7X6 = 42 ok...... So RM42 for 1 meal. But think bout it, even if u all went to places like Chilli's or TGI Fridays, it would be even more exp rite?

I rest my case.

After dinner, we just went out for a stroll. We went to a place called Canary Wharf, which is the place where all the dai-lou of the business world open their headquaters in UK. So all the buildings quite nice lah and modern.
Too bad none of us had any good cams so the pics are mostly not tat nice.

Btw, tats Barclay's Bank, the bank sponser the EPL one rite.. one of the banks here lah.. Behind it is actually HSBC HQ, but got covered.

Behind me the little building wif a dome shaped roof is actually the underground tube station here.


Oklah, Day 2 I post later... ald 2.30am I am dying ald.. ><

BTW, this is PAYBACK for posting all the food u all makan at KL for ME to SEE.