Sunday, 28 December 2008

A singer friend in halo cafe

Talk about singing, who will 1st get into your mind?? is it xin tian that loves karaoke, or wei jack that sings for his girl all nite long. Guess what, the singer friend is miss LUI WAN YEN. surprised to know its her right, huai hao sure will be very very happy if he knows its her. huai hao, when are you going halo again?? soon right?? and we will be there everyday is it?? haha
so its her virgin sing & we were there to give her our fullest support. wan yen, u owe us a meal ya.. haha. will u remember us when you are famous??

wan yen in halo cafe!! on the way to become a pop star

pop star's gina post

blue drinks for the blue & green for the green shirt

ah pit!! always that beautiful

you ying with her drink..

disappointed not being there?? nvm.. nic will never let u guys reading with disappointment.. enjoy 1 song plus 1 chorus part of wan yen's virgin sing. only in fusion of diversified & bredpits

心动 by 婉妍

回家 by 婉妍

after listening to it, please drop some comments as i am going to be her manager & publish an album for her (kidding!!).. claps & support to her.. all hail wan yen!!