Thursday, 18 December 2008

photos tell everything..

woo hoo.. tomorrow i am going to kl, as we have planned it months before stpm, i should be nice tomorrow because we will busy enjoying food, shopping, girls looking and also cock-talking. haha.. food will never be the problem as we have our king of food, mr ewe. he will bring us makan round kl. balinese food, korean, japanese, chinese, indian, western, fusion are never strangers to him. no wonder his body is so strong. cos inside his body apa 'l' pun ada

king of food.. with his toast (when he was 17)

and also, we shouldn't miss out our miss pageant 2006 of keat hwa (kononnya). she just sms me while i am typing this. i think she cant wait to crap with us, tell us her 'story'. prepare for that guys. heard that she is offering her bacardi, how good is she.. whistle for her guys..

pit pit pit (not whistle) is her nickname.. peace!!

then tomorrow we may get to see some passionate kisses, as the couple below are away from each other for months. as they may meet tomorrow, hope that we can see they kiss or hug. any update please view the blog as the photographer (a.k.a me) will be updating the photos everyday of our outing this time. will we see what's higher level than photograph below??? keep updated with BREDPITS and this blog.

caught red handed kissing in public (10/12/2006 5.09pm)

text and photos are trailers of what will happen in the coming few days but today, i am going out with the girls below. finally! finally i get to see them. this jolyn, back a few days d only free to find me, is it friend so worthless????. haha kidding.. i know she always wanted to go out with friends. just some unforseen circumstances is holding her back. take a view at their photos 3 years back

when they are on the way of becoming lady

last but not the least, i received a good news and a bad news from mr khor huai hao. good news is we are going to paris together. yippie. bad news is we are asked to treat him a nice meal as accomodation expenses. wtf. as u know we are staying in a small motel, in fact squeezing. haha. maybe we can treat him gbk(gourmet burger kitchen) for his willingness to travel with us, mr gbk(great britain khor). jo, we are waiting for you to join us. will you???

it will be at somewhere else with the same people..