Saturday, 27 December 2008

Christmas celebration in genting

as everyone has been waiting for me to post what's going on these days, i decided to fight the sleeping god and post about the happenings. thanks shu yi for linking here. the story begins now with some wonderful pictures and story. Nic kindly presents ' DUMMIES IN GENTING"

a lot of stupid stuffs and funny stuffs happen in genting, hopefully i can recall all and file it here. there are 3 batches that went up genting that day, 1st is the morning setapak people, 2nd is the subang people a.k.a. subang-lubang. lastly is the batch full of 'tak chek kia' and a lovely couple with the bride very eng go post a lot of craps in chatbox of BREDPITS (kang ying ying in case u guys have no idea who she is)
we have some hard time after reaching genting for the 1st batch, kang and I hardly persuaded the hotel attendants to give us the room with a deposit of RM100. so we headed to sleep till the time we hang out.

time to hang out!!

after finish dinner, we went back for a rest, meanwhile, we were playing poker and mr.TLC lost RM25 for being the dealer. (thats why everyone posting of the figure 25), meanwhile, we also did a draw for the bed, pillow & blanket, i had the worst bed ever (screw u, theme park hotel!!)

girls are different, they used their time to make up and attract guys.

then we headed for some photoshoot (all time fav, kissing photo of TLC & eng)

potriat of you ying

beauties & the beast (beast is showing his hiao bin and hunger for preys)

those study in superkids before. (swt!)

all of us who went down genting.

on the way to the so called countdown.

teletubbies get tangled up!!

no countdown, so we had a meeting for where to go

its hungry & everyone wanted some food, so we went KFC

while waiting for food, everyone busy capturing photo.

we got a cute SAMI ONG.. flash blinking non stop & almost blinded everyone, everyone busy chatting, sitting, camwhoring until a monster grinned, showing his stupid face with grasses on top

why me waiting?? ("I TULAN, throw your mother's old shoes" ^in canto^)

bought KFC & mummy brought us to eat... mummy.. mummy..

guess where we took our food??? 1st world hotel lobby

while we are eating, santa claus passed by and asked us why we were there, its damn emberassing. with almost everyone sitting there got credit card. LOL. fortunately we just had no place to SIT, not SLEEP.

after finish eating, its time for a sleep.. and here the another story started,
as we were chatting in the room, suddenly the door bell rang, & mr hiao (horny), wei jack went for a look, he opened a door & suddenly he was asked whether he wanted some services (best in thailand). surprisingly, jack answered 'we can do it ourselves', but deeply we know, if its the girls who ask that, he may just pull her in, close the door and say 'i hope you could nudge me' loud, then we only get to know that it was a prank by jin xuan. anyway, her friends all pretty, anyone interested?? please leave ur contacts in comments, haha.

this lady, we must talk bout her, she is a damn joker that activates her alarm at 6am, and when the alarm sounded, she didn't know that it's hers. damn joker woke everyone up and get all the scolding the next day. she is also the 1 who slept with jian hao, in the sense, pure sleeping.

the next day, some people woke up & had cup noodles with starbucks coffee, those who didn't take cup noodles went for a nice breakfast. later we boarded back and thanks to the shitty genting bus, i felt drizzy and many vomit. At nite, we went for a stupid movie called THE SPIRIT. anyone planning to watch this movie, its better for you to donate your money to maybank A/C number 102091-065499 (Nicholas Heng).