Sunday, 28 December 2008

What I enjoyed within a week in KL

talking about enjoy, food will never be neglected in this topic, so i am going to list out what i ate within a week. okay, lets start with the 1st meal. its at ss2 murni, what i ordered is the chicken maryland.

joon's lou xu fan, quite nice

my chicken maryland, stuffy after finished it
after finished eating, we went cineleisure for 'The day the earth stood still' (boring show), we bought 9 tickets & enjoy 2 ice creams for free.

free ice cream.

i'm enjoying it!!
after finish watching movie, we went 7-11 to buy kickapoo & drink it with Qing's bacardi.
what happened was Qing was drunk (refer to when she was drunk).
after that we slept & the next day went sunway for shopping.
in sunway, we had TGI friday's for lunch, i ordered a 3 course meal with sizzling chicken & cheese as entree

sizzling chicken & cheese with mr hulk
after eating we go round & round, met kang up & go to look at the cosplay forum. what happened that day was kang had to buy himself a new handphone which is the Sony Ericsson K660i as christmas present (details on out in kl)
then we went for steamboat somewhere nearby, i forgot the name, just know that there is a SOHAI waiter, his jokes are not funny.

busy steaming the boat (swt!)

thats not for me for sure.. its for hong!
then we went to enjoy carlsberg & music in coco banana.
then everyone's tired & slept till the next morning.
we headed to midvalley to continue shopping. we had sushi zanmai for brunch & shihlin's for dinner. i tried the oyster mee sua, nice!! we watched another stupid show called twilight (it is only mend for girls that dream for handsome guy)
everyone back to their places as they got class while i went back joon's house to watch alonso injured fabregas!
the next day, joon went to class & i updated my blog in his house while waiting him to fetch me out. i took microwaved lunch box, pity.. he back & brought me to fitness 1st & we had dinner in wong kok. later he send me back to setapak
the next day, we went suria klcc, i had brunch in setapak before going there, bought some nice famous amos chocs and later we get to pavillion, the girls makan in food court while me & kang try my very 1st subway

very 1st subway, the thing is cold & it sucks
later we resumed on shopping, ck & I bought a same shirt n some attires in padini & we went to MAC to buy mum her hilighter also to Guess to buy handbags as birthday & christmas present for her. Then xin tian them went for karaoke in red box while kang, me n hoi ting headed home & enjoy our supper in hawkers & old town down setapak.
the next day, we go up genting, i had marybrown as lunch & sushi king for dinner

for supper?? kfc in 1st world lobby..

cant finish it, we ta pao go back hotel..
the next day, i had bak kut teh then rushly balik kl.
i went to subang jaya. we had noodles for dinner. the noodles are nice, fantastic.
we went for the third stupid movie, the spirit (worst of all).
i dont wanna watch movie in kl anymore!!!! after the movie, every1 went back to my place & rest.
the next day, we had brunch in peppercorn & zi hong went back setapak with me.
we took lrt, monorail n taxis to get back to pack my luggage before going back to a/s.

and after reaching a/s, i rushed to as mall for movie, bt sadly, xq didn't bring her keys, so we just settled down in halo cafe & chat. that's all about what happened in a week's time